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Christ in Crisis?: Reclaiming Jesus in a Time of Fear, Hate, and Violence

Christ in Crisis?: Reclaiming Jesus in a Time of Fear, Hate, and Violence

by Jim Wallis


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Writing in response to our current “constitutional crisis,” New York Times bestselling author and Christian activist Jim Wallis urges America to return to the tenets of Jesus once again as the means to save us from the polarizing bitterness and anger of our tribal nation.

In Christ in Crisis? Jim Wallis provides a path of spiritual healing and solidarity to help us heal the divide separating Americans today. Building on “Reclaiming Jesus”—the declaration he and other church leaders wrote in May 2018 to address America’s current crisis—Wallis argues that Christians have become disconnected from Jesus and need to revisit their spiritual foundations. By pointing to eight questions Jesus asked or is asked, Wallis provides a means to measure whether we are truly aligned with the moral and spiritual foundations of our Christian faith.

“Christians have often remembered, re-discovered, and returned to their obedient discipleship of Jesus Christ—both personal and public—in times of trouble. It’s called coming home,” Wallis reminds us. While he addresses the dividing lines and dangers facing our nation, the religious and cultural commentator’s focus isn’t politics; it’s faith.

As he has done throughout his career, Wallis offers comfort, empathy, and a practical roadmap. Christ in Crisis is a constructive field guide for all those involved in resistance and renewal initiatives in faith communities in the post-2016 political context.

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ISBN-13: 9780062914774
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/08/2020
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 421,841
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About the Author

Jim Wallis is the author of the New York Times bestseller God's Politics, which electrified Americans disenchanted with how the Right had co-opted all talk about integrating religious values into our politics by offering an alternative voice. Wallis is a leading figure at the crossroads of religion and politics in America today, the author of eight books, and the founder of Sojourners, a global faith and justice network. He is a public theologian, an internationally renowned speaker and preacher, a faith-based activist, husband, and father to two young boys, and a Little League baseball coach.

Table of Contents

Foreword Bishop Michael Curry vii

Introduction for the Paperback Edition: Two Disclosures, Two Revelations xiii

Prologue: Reclaiming Jesus 1

1 What About Jesus? 5

2 The Neighbor Question 23

3 The Image Question 45

4 The Truth Question 87

5 The Power Question 113

6 The Fear Question 135

7 The Caesar Question 159

8 The Peacemaker Question 187

8 The Discipleship Question 211

10 Becoming Salt, Light, and Hope 245

Epilogue: The Light of the World 273

The "Reclaiming Jesus" Declaration 283

Acknowledgments 293

Notes 295

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