Christianity: The Ultimate Urban Legend

Christianity: The Ultimate Urban Legend

by Paul John

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Christianity: The Ultimate Urban Legend is the 2nd book in a trilogy called appropriately The Misconception Trilogy. It presents a comparison between the Bible texts, writers of the time period as well as documented history of the ancient world. This book covers the time period from Herod the Great's death through the early 2nd century. The author a devoted Christian at one point in his life questions belief shown to be inaccurate though comparisons of the different oral traditions, Gospels and history. This book shows how stories from the early 1st century were distorted and presented inaccurate contradictory accounts in the four Gospels. This book is primarily an analysis and critique of the New Testament writing, errors, strange stories, out of context Biblical references, and poorly done science fiction. As a Protestant originally, the story of Jesus was presented as documented by the Apostles who had witnessed the events. Jesus was shown to be the person who developed the Christian religion. Analysis of the New Testament indicates Jesus and Paul taught two different concepts. The reader is presented with facts and knowledge that stimulate thought provoking questioning of the accepted beliefs. 2000 year-old oral traditions, legends, misconceptions, and misconstrued reality are exposed for your analysis. Intelligent people of today continue to exempt and overlook key contradictions in the story of Jesus. In reality what was it that Jesus actually taught? Did Jesus really believe he was the Messiah of the Jewish people come to usher The Kingdom of God into the world? Or was Jesus the Savior of the world come to die on the cross for you and me in order to redeem us all from our sins? These two ideas are not the same. This book should help you think and analyze the concepts for yourself so you can make your own logical conclusions. If nothing else, it will at least help you understand the misleading contradictory Gospels were in fact developed from oral traditions and are the basis for The Ultimate Urban Legend, Jesus Christ.

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ISBN-13: 9781412240390
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 02/22/2007
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About the Author

Paul John born in 1950 was raised in the Midwest in a very Christian home. He attended parochial school in the Lutheran Church for 8 years. Additionally he was involved as an altar boy, member of the church choir and attended Sunday School and Vacation Bible School from the age of 5. His mother had been a Lutheran School teacher for a number of years resulting in an intense training in Christianity through adulthood. When married he converted to the Roman Catholic faith. Mr. John has an Engineering degree as well as a graduate degree in Business from a Jesuit University. He was a design engineer and engineering manager in the computer industry for 20 years. He currently is a businessman in retail trade as well as a writer.

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