Christianity with an Asian Face: Asian-American Theology in the Making

Christianity with an Asian Face: Asian-American Theology in the Making

by Peter C Phan Ph.D., STD, DD


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Drawing on the twin themes of liberation and inculturation, Peter Phan explicates a new theology forged in the cauldron of the encounter between two vastly different cultures. He devotes particular attention to the meaning of Christ for Asian Americans and the emergence of new christological titles -- Jesus as Eldest Son and Ancestor. Phan also explores his personal roots to sketch the contours of Vietnamese American theology, an expression of faith caught between the Dragon and the Eagle.

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ISBN-13: 9781570754661
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 06/28/2003
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Liberation and Theology: Methodological Issues
1.The Experience of Migration as Source of Intercultural Theology in the United States3
A New Wave of Immigrants and Their Existential Condition5
An Intercultural Theology from the Immigrants' Experience of Cultures as a Ground of Contest in Relations10
Pulling the Resources Together for an Intercultural Theology22
2.A Common Journey, Different Paths, the Same Destination: Method in Liberation Theologies26
A Variety of Grist to the Theological Mill: The Socio-Analytic Mediation28
"Do You Understand What You Are Reading?" (Acts 8:30): The Hermeneutical Mediation35
"Doing the Truth" (John 3:21): The Practical Mediation40
"New Wine into Fresh Wineskins" (Matthew 9:17): A New Theology in a New Method?44
3.Inculturation of the Christian Faith in Asian through Philosophy: A Dialogue with John Paul Il's Fides et Ratio47
Faith and Reason according to Fides et Ratio48
Philosophy and Inculturation of the Christian Faith in Asia55
Fides et Ratio and the Inculturation of the Christian Faith in Confucianist Asia64
Part 2Inculturation: Toward an Asian American Theology
4.Kingdom of God: A Theological Symbol for Asians?75
Kingdom of God as a Theological Symbol: Challenges from Asia77
The Kingdom of God in Asian Theology80
Basileia Tou Theou, Still a Meaningful Symbol for Asians?90
5.Jesus the Christ with an Asian Face98
Context and Method99
Asian Portraits of Jesus104
Adequacy and Appropriateness117
6.Jesus as the Eldest Son and Ancestor125
The Eldest Son and Ancestor Veneration126
Jesus as the Eldest Son and Ancestor135
Ancestor Christology and Feminist Liberation Theology143
7.Jesus with a Chinese Face: Choan-Seng Song's Jesus-Oriented Christology146
From Application of Western Theology to Story Theology147
A Jesus-Oriented Christology154
A Christology for Asians?164
8.Ecclesia in Asia: Challenges for Asian Christianity171
The Asian Synod in Context172
The Church Not in But of Asia: The Asianness of Christianity173
A New Way of Being Church176
Discovering Their Own Identity182
9.Human Development and Evangelization: The First to the Sixth Plenary Assembly of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences184
Human Development and Evangelization185
The Method of Social Action for Human Development189
Human Development in Asia: Challenges and Responses191
A New Way of Being Church199
10.Catechesis and Catechism as Inculturation of the Christian Faith: Lessons from Asia202
Faith, Catechesis, Inculturation202
Alexandre de Rhodes's Cathechismus (1651)213
Catechism for Filipino Catholics (1997)221
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Learning from the Past223
11.The Dragon and the Eagle: Toward a Vietnamese American Theology228
Vietnamese American Catholics228
Dwelling in the Interstice between Two Cultures and Two Churches234
Toward a Vietnamese American Theology241

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