Come Back Strong: Balanced Wellness After Surgical Menopause

Come Back Strong: Balanced Wellness After Surgical Menopause

by Lori Ann King

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Forget the old concept of growing old, struggling through menopause, waiting for it to pass until you emerge on the other side, ready to enjoy life again. There is no need to wait, and every reason not to, especially at a time when life feels out of balance. Whether your goal is to maintain or lose weight, gain control over your emotions, take your focus off your symptoms, or live a more passionate life on purpose, italicCome Back Strong/italic is the blueprint. This step-by-step guide to balanced wellness teaches: • How to educate and empower yourself to have better conversations with your doctors. • How to use complementary medicine to minimize premenopause, perimenopause, and menopause symptoms. • How to make lifestyle changes with exercise, nutrition, rest, and stress reduction to feel more balanced. • Tools to change your thoughts, words, and feelings so you have more control over your emotions. • How to discover your purpose, uncover your passions, and look forward to the next chapter of your life. • How to find peace, harmony, joy, and purpose despite your symptoms of menopause. italicCome Back Strong includes: /italic • Practical tips to choose the right perspective and manage expectations. • Real-world advice to help reduce stress. • Ideas to gain support, not sabotage from your support network and realistic ways to ask for help. • Definitions and explanations of wellness, the natural progression of menopause, the suddenness of surgical menopause, and the symptoms of menopause, as well as the difference between synthetic and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies. h2Interview with the Author/h2 Q - So, what makes the emCome Back Strong/em special? A - It's a mix of things, really. When I sit down to write, it starts as a quiet, solitary journey of self-awareness and development. Inevitably, it turns from my own personal journey toward something that can inspire others to lead lives of true health, love, laughter, and freedom. I wanted to create something that mirrored the kind of books I like to read. My top picks are usually memoir, self-help, and personal development, books featuring ordinary people that become the hero of their own life. Usually with a kick-butt attitude skipping the "woe is me" nonsense about 'hanging in there." emCome Back Strong/em is a great mix of these genres. You'll find the book focuses on true health and wellness and addresses issues of weight-loss, sleep issues, sex and libido, hormone balance for women, relief from menopause, and the ultimate comeback to a setback! Overall, emCome Back Strong/em is designed to empower you toward living life more abundantly. Q - So, why should readers give these books a try? A - Because the emCome Back Strong/em is short, fast, easy-to-read, and filled with action steps you can apply immediately! And thanks for reading!

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Publisher: Gunnison Press
Publication date: 11/22/2017
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Pages: 130
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