Come What May

Come What May

by Ms Sherryl Caulfield


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The second instalment of The Iceberg Trilogy, Come What May, continues the story of Samuel and Rebecca Dalton through the lives of their children, most notably, their beautiful, troubled daughter, Evangeline - Gene to all who knew and loved her.

In 1951 - the summer of her eighteenth year - Gene embarks on a northern odyssey with her eldest brother, Jonathan. Under the northern lights they travel as part of a medical expedition to remote Cree settlements across the grand Canadian wilderness. There, she encounters people and events that will influence her life forever, including the unflappable Sonny Marlow, a young pilot not long returned from Europe where he served as part of the Allied forces in the Berlin Airlift operation.

Drawn together by love but kept apart by her fears, theirs is a tumultuous relationship that is as unpredictable as the woman Gene becomes. From the Saskatchewan prairies to the Rocky Mountains, from James Bay to Vancouver, life and love holds many surprises and trials for Gene and Sonny. Only when Gene can walk away from the devastating shadows towards the light can she and Sonny live the life that held such promise when they were young and on the edge of love.


"So much wonderfulness in this book"

Library Thing Reviewer


Descriptive, detailed and quite the page-turner, Seldom Come By focuses on the lives of Samuel and Rebecca (and their families), the beginnings of their romance, their separations, their ups and downs. A very good debut and one well worth reading for lovers of historical fiction and romantic historical fiction alike.

Romantic Historical Reviews

Seldom Come By is the beautiful story of Rebecca and Samuel. I adore historical novels and this is one of the most well written ones that I have read in a very long time. This book was just like the icebergs that the author described: beautiful, breathtaking and the story just flowed much like I imagine the icebergs do through the water. I would highly recommend this book for historical fiction lovers. I can't wait for the rest of the trilogy!

Goodreads Librarian

Seldom Come By is an exquisite tale of love and loss, forgiveness and healing. I want no NEED the next book NOW!

The Eclectic Reader

I fell in deep with the main characters and really cared about what was happening with them, but also the people around them. It sucked me in, gave me heart palpitations and made me think about them and how to get back to them when I wasn't reading. THAT was what I was looking for. The last half of the book was beautiful and heartbreaking and romantic. I'd definitely recommend this book if you like historical romance. I will definitely be reading the next two books in the series although this one stands well on its own.

The Book Bosses

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ISBN-13: 9780992375935
Publisher: Cedar Pocket Publishing
Publication date: 09/06/2014
Pages: 470
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.95(d)

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Come What May 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Come What May,  Sherryl Caulfield Review from jeannie zelos book reviews I loved the first book, something so different from what's often offered in the romance Genre. A deep, epic family story spanning generations. This follows the family further, Rebecca is grown up now and the novel focuses on family life and especially that of her second daughter Gene. Book one had me in tears, so deep was the sorrow at times, and this one also has that depth of sadness not often found. Its got happiness too, and incredibly evocative scenes surrounding the plots. I felt I was there with them, smelling the sharp antiseptic smell of the hospital, sitting at the table enjoying a family meal and conversation, or out in the snow, blinded by the reflections from every tree and bush, nostrils full of the fragrant scent of pine from the forest and hearing the cry of the dogs... We first meet Gene when she’s a young child, the then she’s growing up and the family are learning to cope with loss. That's so sad, I really felt for them all, for Rebecca withdrawing from life, for Jonathon forced to take over and for Gene who was so lost. As she grows so many things happen, there’s tears, happiness and more tears. Poor Morton, her brother, he had been in such a traumatic position when he was young and never really recovered, just learned to live with it. After Gene finishes school she helps Jonathon as part of a medical expedition and enters a new section of her life. She’s still carrying the past inside her though, and it sparks out years later when she just can’t keep it in any more, affecting her thoughts and feelings about everyone. That’s a really sad time and I was so distraught – for her, for her family and for Sonny and their family. Her actions there will have a similar effect to her children I expect, as did the things that happened to her in childhood. What happens to us in life shapes us, some people grow stronger, some just learn to live with it and cope and some go under, if only for a while. None of us are in isolations and through the first two books we’ve seen just how things that happen flow like ripples through a family, influencing and moving them around. Stars: Five. Its another very emotive book, full of wonderful descriptions of the places they are, the people within and the events. I was so saddened sometimes – but I love that in a book, one that makes events and people seem so real that I'm upset for them. Another cracking read, to savour and cherish. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.