Coming Out Can Be Murder

Coming Out Can Be Murder

by Renee James

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First he wants her… then he wants her dead.

Bobbi Logan’s life and career begin to spiral downward when she comes out as a transgendered woman. But the gutsy hairdresser is determined to live her “new” life authentically, even as she is drawn into the investigation of her brutally murdered friend.

The Chicago police have all but said they’re not interested in the death of a “tranny” and the media has failed to report it. As she follows a trail of evidence through the shadowy underground of the Windy City, Bobbi is led to John Strand, a seductive powerbroker. Coming face-to-face with the number-one suspect can only lead to one thing… murder. But who will it be?

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ISBN-13: 9781935766292
Publisher: Windy City Publishers
Publication date: 05/31/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 276
File size: 958 KB

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Coming Out Can Be Murder 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
CelticGoddess More than 1 year ago
Sure, it's a great thriller, on a part with the best of Patricia Cornwell.  More importantly, Coming Out Can Be Murder is a deeply moving portrait of a transgendered woman's journey.  Bobbie Logan's voice is complex, compelling and deeply compassionate.  Hopefully, we'll hear from her again!
Samantha_Renae More than 1 year ago
I love this book it give some insight about the trans world and what we have to put up with but with a "who done it" twist. The main character, "Bobbie" is some one I can kind of relate to as she struggles through life as a trans woman. I highly recommend this book to others because it is well written and something you won't want to put down. Love to see more from Author Renee James.
SandraHeptinstall More than 1 year ago
Coming Out Can be Murder “I have no idea of why I said I would review this book. The genre is something I would normally never choose. It is so far out of my comfort zone. That being said, I have to tell you that the author is really good. I felt I would just read a few chapters and then return the book saying I can’t read this. It goes against all of my beliefs. My problem was the characters seem to draw me into the story. I loved Bobbi and hated what all she went through. I thought I was so smart that I had everything already worked out. I was really surprised when I found out I was wrong. This book is not for everyone. It has to do with transgender people, lesbians and gays. Plus, some things I had no knowledge of. It was a learning experience for me. Would I like to read this genre again? I don’t think so but not for the reasons most may think. The writing was interesting and revealing. I am sorry for anyone who is treated like trash. There is an old saying and it is, “God Don’t Make No Junk.” There are a lot of people and kids out there that could be helped by this book. Some that may be thinking about suicide. While this book is a very good mystery, it could be saving someone’s life. “ Rated PG 18 Posted by Whispering Winds Book Reviews at 3:03 PM
shelleyrae More than 1 year ago
Coming Out Can Be Murder is set in and around Boystown, Chicago, a district recognized as a cultural center for the LGBT community. Bobbi Logan is in a period of transition, working as a male hairdresser by day, on her own time she prefers to dress and identify as a woman. Considering gender reassignment surgery, but still uncertain about her such a radical change, the first step for Bobbi involves coming out at work. It's a difficult transition and between her insecurities about her looks, hormones and more than a few nasty reactions, Bobbi can't help but question her burgeoning identity. James realistically portrays Bobbi and her emotional and mental turmoil as she begins her life as a full time transgender woman considering gender reassignment. Much of the novel focuses on the individual challenges Bobbi faces as she tries to become comfortable with who she is and I couldn't help but sympathise with the difficult journey she undertakes. James approach to Bobbi's character is a holistic one with the author careful to ensure that Bobbi is a well developed multifaceted character. When one of Bobbi's clients, Mandy, a young transgender woman, is brutally murdered, and the local cops seem indifferent, Bobbi finds herself drawn into finding the man responsible. In her emotionally vulnerable state however she finds herself in a dangerous situation, targeted by the sociopathic man who is protected by wealth, power and status. I think Coming Out Can be Murder is more properly a psychological thriller than a mystery. The tension is generated by the author's decision to give us insight into the man's perspective. The reader witnesses his sadistic personality and fears for Bobbi's safety while Bobbi largely remains oblivious to the situation she has created. While I thought the suspense aspect of the plot was well developed, I have to admit I wasn't satisfied with its cold blooded conclusion. Though I can see what the author was aiming for, it didn't sit well with me and as a result there is a sense of imbalance overall. Coming Out Can be Murder also explores the social challenges members of the transgender community face. The responses of family members and friends, many of whom choose to exorcise the transgender person from their lives in shock and disgust, leaving the person vulnerable with few resources. Having to endure the attitudes of strangers, ranging from the uncomfortably curious to violent anger and hatred. The apathetic political, legal and justice systems whom discriminate against the community because of individual prejudices. There are some confronting scenes in the novel, including a brutal rape and assault on Bobbi, but I found the less violent slights, snubs and reactions of Bobbi's clients similarly disturbing. I have to admit I have never met a transgender person but I like to think I would not be bothered by an encounter. My personal philosophy is along the lines of "live and let love". While I enjoyed the thriller aspect of Coming Out Can be Murder it is the insight into a lifestyle and a community I am not familiar with that I found to be the most fascinating element of the novel. I am glad I took a chance on this small press title and I would recommend it to anyone whose curiosity is piqued by the premise.
TdeV More than 1 year ago
COMING OUT CAN BE MURDER is a mind-blowing story. Whatever your feelings about transgenders at the beginning, you will come to care for Bobbi and root for her survival. Author Renee James weaves such a great story, I’m fascinated to learn about this community. Bobbi has some odd friends, some sweet ones, and some acquaintances who are downright horrific. The writing is tight and clean. The pace of the story keeps the tension high. COMING OUT CAN BE MURDER tells a personal story which I never could have imagined and which I never knew I was interested in. And it’s a great, satisfying story.
Vanessa1 More than 1 year ago
This is a great page-turner! The heroine in this book is like none I’ve met before. She taught me things about the transgender experience by showing me the world through her eyes. Rather than watching the story unfold as an outsider, you get to be part of the inner workings of the character and feel her joy, pain, fear and triumph. I feel like a better person for having read this book and it was a great way to turn off the stresses of the day and dive into another world!
TaurusAA More than 1 year ago
Wow!! Renee James' new book "Coming Out Can Be Murder" is high on the list of the best murder mysteries I've read. The heroine is a Trans woman hairstylist who inadvertently finds herself caught up in the harrowing murder of a friend. Renee's descriptions were so vivid I could almost feel the horror. Being a stylist myself, I could easily relate to much of "Bobbie's," personal and professional angst. Once I started, I found it difficult to put down... reading at night, between clients and at lunch. I can't wait for the sequel, as I hear its may be an ongoing series!!