Concise Prosthodontics- E Book: Prep Manual for Undergraduates

Concise Prosthodontics- E Book: Prep Manual for Undergraduates

by Vijay Prakash, Ruchi Gupta

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Concise Prosthodontics is a comprehensive exam preparatory manual written in question and answer format as per the syllabus prescribed by the Dental Council of India. Tailor-made answers to the frequently asked examination questions are provided. The book has more than 332 line illustrations , numerous flowcharts and tables to make the text self-explanatory. The book is primarily meant for undergraduate students but will also be helpful to postgraduate students for reference purpose.
  • Covers the entire syllabus prescribed by the Dental Council of India in the form of questions and answer
  • Provides simple, comprehensive and complete answers to questions
  • Has Key Facts at the end of each chapter for quick recapitulation of the learnt topics
  • Includes Question Bank at the end of the book to complete the preparation for exams
  • Line diagrams are used extensively to improve understanding and reproducibility
  • Primarily for UGs but will also be useful for students preparing for PG entrance exams

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Table of Contents

Section I: Complete Dentures

1. Introduction to Edentulous State

2. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Edentulous Patients  

3. Mouth Preparation of Complete Denture Patients

4. Impressions in Complete Dentures

5. Articulators and Facebows

6. Maxillomandibular Relationship

7. Selection and Arrangement of Teeth

8. Concept of Occlusion

9. Wax Try-in and Laboratory Procedures

10. Insertion and Troubleshooting in Complete Denture Prosthesis

11. Relining and Rebasing  

12. Single Complete Dentures and Immediate Dentures

13. Overdentures

Section II: Removable Partial Dentures

14. Introduction to Removable Partial Dentures

15. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

16. Components of Removable Partial Denture

17. Principles of RPD Design

18. Mouth Preparation in RPD

19. Impression Making in Removable Partial Denture

20. Laboratory Procedures, Occlusal Relationship, and Postinsertion of Removable Partial Denture

21. Insertion, Relining and Rebasing

Section III: Fixed Partial Dentures

22. Introduction to Fixed Prosthodontics

23. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Fixed Partial Denture

24. Design of Fixed Partial Denture

25. Clinical Crown Preparation in Fixed Prosthodontics

26. Impressions in Fixed Partial Denture

27. Provisional Restoration

28. Occlusion Relationship

29. Laboratory Procedures in Fixed Prosthodontics

30. Finishing and Cementation

Section IV: Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

31. Introduction and Materials

32. Maxillofacial Defects and Prosthesis

Section V: Implant Dentistry

33. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

34. Osseointegration and Materials

35. Surgical and Prosthetic Phase

Appendix: Question Bank

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