Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy of Silence

by Gledé Browne Kabongo

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"I will make you pay—for everything."

On the surface, Nina Kasai has it all—a glittering career as chief marketing officer of a multi-billion dollar high-tech company, a happy marriage, and after a heart-breaking struggle with infertility, her dream of motherhood is within her grasp. 

But Nina has been living a lie and soon everything she's worked hard to build will come crashing down like a house of cards.

Phillip Copeland is a cool liar and master manipulator who conceals his dark side behind a veneer of charm and his status as a wealthy philanthropist. He wants nothing more than to realize his lofty political ambition, but Nina stands in his way—harboring a devastating secret that could utterly destroy him.

How far are they willing to go to protect their secrets, and how many lives will be shattered in the process?

Conspiracy of Silence weaves a chilling web of deception, sabotage, and betrayal as it races toward its stunning conclusion. In the vein of Behind Closed Doors and The Girl Before, Gledé Browne Kabongo spins an "emotional thriller of the best kind" that doesn't let up until the final jaw-dropping twist.

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BN ID: 2940155746645
Publisher: BrowneStar Media
Publication date: 08/20/2018
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 669,775
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About the Author

Gledé Browne Kabongo writes gripping psychological thrillers—unflinching tales of deception, secrecy, danger and family.  She is the author of the Fearless SeriesSwan DeceptionConspiracy of Silence, and Mark of Deceit

Gledé holds a Master’s degree in Communications, and was a featured speaker at the 2016 Boston Book Festival

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Conspiracy of Silence: A Novel 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers' Favorite Whoa! What a heart-pounding thrill ride of a read! That's what I thought when I finished reading Conspiracy of Silence, the first book published by author Glede Browne Kabongo. Follow the story of successful Boston businesswoman Nina Kasai as she lives a seemingly perfect life. But what no one in her life knows is that Nina hides a secret, one that she's done everything she could to keep hidden. But when she appears on the cover of a business magazine, she opens herself up to people from her past, and it seems likely that her secret will be discovered. Nina realizes that the only thing for her to do might be to tell the truth, but she's also not likely to be able to prove what happened. Will Nina ever be free from the secrets of her past? I loved this book. Loved it. Conspiracy of Silence is faced-paced, exciting, suspenseful and just a heck of a read. I was hooked from the very first page and read straight through to the end, long after I had intended to go to sleep. Author Glede Browne Kabongo is an extremely gifted writer, deft at creating vivid and realistic characters as well as describing surroundings and situations in a way that makes the reader feel that they are right there in the moment. Any reader who enjoys a suspenseful read, strong female characters, mysteries or just a great work of fiction would love Conspiracy of Silence. I highly recommend Glede Browne Kabongo's book, and am also very much looking forward to reading more from this extremely promising author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From the beginning, Gledé Browne Kabongo’s Conspiracy of Silence grips you with a big question: What is Nina Kasai hiding? Why would this beautiful, successful executive—an Ivy League graduate—deceive her loving husband and her best friend? And what is the real identity of the blackmailer who threatens to upend Nina’s life if she defies his will? Kabongo takes us deep into Nina’s world as one by one the pillars of deceit Nina has spent much of her life building come crashing down. Through skillful writing, the reader is kept wondering whether Nina is a lying sociopath, or if there is method to her deceit. Through masterful pacing, the essence of Nina’s internal and external conflict is revealed, one heart-rending detail at a time. Will Nina have the courage to face her demons, or will she let her fear of the truth continue to rob her of happiness and peace of mind? Conspiracy of Silence is a satisfying read on multiple levels. A story about justice and what happens to those who flout it, and about the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and making restitution to others and to oneself, when appropriate. I recommend this gripping suspense novel to readers who want to lose themselves in an emotional story that is impeccably written, with deeply drawn characters entangled in a major conflict. A cautionary tale of devastation wrought when one hides from the truth.
Romance500 More than 1 year ago
The author does a good job in the beginning of the story making the reader wonder what is the secret that is so important for Nina to keep even from her husband? Because of the author's choice to write this novel as somewhat of a suspense/mystery novel, instead of straight women's fiction, I had a hard time with the first 60 pages or so. It was around that time that the secret was obvious to me though it is not revealed until much later. On the one hand, the topic is deeply emotional and just the thought of it tugs at my heart. However, the character of Nina--though emotionally scared--was not very emotional. In fact, she was the opposite--controlled to the point where she could not afford anything to go wrong with the careful persona she had constructed not only for herself but for everyone around her. This duality of her personality had me sometimes wanting to throw my e-reader against the wall out of frustration. I wanted her to tell somebody, anybody, the truth. But she steadfastly refused until her carefully constructed world was falling apart. At the same time I was frustrated, I was simultaneously clutching the book to my heart and rooting for Nina to get it together in time. What more can an author ask but for that type of conflicted emotional reaction from a reader? The author also does a very good job of portraying the antagonist in a realistic way. Having personally worked with victims of child abuse and heard the rationalizations from their abusers, I believe she hit the nail on the head with this one. Though the extent the antagonist goes to cover up what happened is beyond anything I've personally experienced, I believe it enhances the story to have his point-of-view and it does increase the tension and suspense. I definitely applaud the author for taking on this difficult topic and presenting it in an accessible way where the reader can get a sense of why victims remain silent for so long--sometimes even forever. It is something that happens too often and the devastation it wreaks often lasts a lifetime. The author did a good job of bringing that out, and of showing how easy it is for people all around the victim to turn away from the truth--refuse to see it--because it is simply too hard to comprehend or believe. For that reason, I had to stick with Nina until the very end to make sure she won both physical and psychological freedom for herself and her family. Two authorial style choices in the construction of the narrative didn't work for me. The therapist scenes seemed to have too much narrative and summarization of the process, as opposed to experiencing the difficult emotional engagement that Nina must have had to undertake. The second was the court trial, which in many ways is the denoument. Although the trial depiction was true to life, and certainly a necessary part of the story, I felt it went on too long. There were sections where I felt it could have been summarized and others where I felt more emotions could have been displayed. Again, I think this is an authorial choice and may have also been a way to represent exactly how Nina felt too--the exhaustion of enduring everything once more in so public a forum. I would recommend this book because it depicts the duplicitous life abuse victims learn to lead in order to protect themselves, and the difficult path of finding a way to be free of one's past enough to move on in life and to find happiness. Maggie's Meanderings Review Blog rating 3.5.