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Conspiracy Theories & Various Myth

Conspiracy Theories & Various Myth

by Tj Day

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<u>How to spot a conspiracy theory
Expert guide to conspiracy theories, we explore why people believe in conspiracy theories, how they spread and how dangerous they are.
PART 1 : Conspiracy Theories
Chapter 1. The JFK Assassination
Chapter 2. 9/11 Cover-Up
Chapter 3. Area 51
Chapter 4. Paul Is Dead
Chapter 5. Secret Societies Control the World
Chapter 6. The Moon Landings Were Faked
Chapter 7. Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Chapter 8. Holocaust Revisionism
Chapter 9. The CIA and AIDS
Chapter 10. The Reptilian Elite
Chapter 11. The Nazis Came From Middle Earth
chapter 12. Harry Truman ,This Alien Cover-up
Chapter 13. Denver Airport is a Hub for the Illuminati
Chapter 14. Frozen: The Movie or Cryogenics?
Chapter 15. CERN Created a Portal to Hell
Chapter 16. Hollow Earth
Chapter 17. Bigfoot Is Real
Chapter 18. We're Living in the Matrix
Chapter 19. The Moon Doesn't Exist
Chapter 20. Chemicals In The Water
Chapter 21. Avril Lavigne Was Replaced
Chapter 22. Hillary's Campaign Logo
Chapter 23. Poisonous Government Snow
Chapter 24. April Is The Blood Sacrifice Season
Chapter 25. Prince Charles Is A Vampire
Chapter 26. Stonehenge Was Built By Aliens
Chapter 27. Phantom Time Hypothesis
Chapter 28. Barack Obama Control The Weather
Chapter 29. Elvis Presley Is Still Alive
Chapter 30. Obama Is Malcolm X's Son
Chapter 31. Nigeria's President Is A Clone
Chapter 32. American Pie & Communist Takeover
Chapter 33. Overtraining Myth
Chapter 34. Overlearning Myth
Chapter 35. Overworking Myth
Chapter 36. Mythological tales
Chapter 37. Mythology, MEANING & ORDER


Chapter 38. What is a Legend?
Chapter 39. Superstitions
Chapter 40. Folklore
Chapter 41. Traditions
Chapter 42. Fairy Tale
Chapter 43. Science Fiction
Chapter 44. Fantasy
Chapter 45. Characterization
Chapter 46. Plot Twist
Chapter 47. Phobias
PART 4 : Dark Side of HUMANS
Chapter 48. False Humility
Chapter 49. False Generosity
Chapter 50. Fake Rich
Chapter 51. Humblebragging
Chapter 52. Gossip

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