Contemporary Chinese Short-Short Stories: A Parallel Text
Contemporary Chinese Short-Short Stories: A Parallel Text

Contemporary Chinese Short-Short Stories: A Parallel Text

by Aili Mu, Mike Smith

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This book presents Chinese short-short stories in English and Chinese, integrating language learning with cultural studies for intermediate to advanced learners of Mandarin Chinese and students of contemporary Chinese literature. Each chapter begins with a critical introduction, followed by two or more stories in parallel Chinese and English texts; each story is followed by a vocabulary list, discussion questions, and a biography of the author.

The chapters are organized around central concepts in Chinese culture such as li (ritual), ren (benevolence), mianzi (face/prestige), being filial, and the dynamics of yin and yang, as well as the themes of governance, identity, love, marriage, and change. The stories selected are short-shorts by important contemporary writers ranging from the most literary to everyday voices. Specifically designed for use in upper-level Chinese language courses, Contemporary Chinese Short-Short Stories: A Parallel Text offers students a window onto China today and pathways to its traditions and past as they gain language competence and critical cultural skills.

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ISBN-13: 9780231543637
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Aili Mu is associate professor of Chinese in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Iowa State University. She is a cotranslator of Loud Sparrows: Contemporary Chinese Short-Shorts (Columbia, 2006).

Mike Smith is associate professor of English at Delta State University. He is the author of Byron in Baghdad (2012) and the translator of Faust: A Tragedy (2012).

Table of Contents

1. Li and Ren
Skull Shave, by Zhao Xin
“Star” Grandma, by Liu Zhenyun
Catharsis, by Nie Xinsen
2. Xiao
Father Makes the Lantern, by Chi Zijian
Little She, by Han Shaogong
Money Order, by Bai Xuchu
Heaven-Bound, but After Summer, by Mo Zhongbai
3. Yin-Yang
Two Minds, by Wang Qionghua
Cuilan’s Love, by Li Lingling
Forever by Your Side, by Wu Zhongzheng
4. Governance
The Stone-Paving Project, by Zhou Bo
The Clear Pond, by Cai Nan
Big Sweet Potatoes, by Zeng Ping
5. Identity
Auntie, by Yu Shengli
Brothers, by Zhou Tao
The Love of Her Life, by Shi Tiesheng
Water in the Well, by Gao Huaichang
6. Face
A Golden Rain, by Wu Nianzhen
Face, by Wei Yonggui
At the Teahouse, by Chen Yong
Chickens Hate Pecked Faces, by Liu Xinwu
7. (Romantic) Love
Little Heartaches, by Zhao Yu
Fake Love Letter, by Zou Jingzhi
A Gentleman’s Love, by Wang Kuishan
Give Him Peace, by An Shiliu
8. Marriage
Mary Zhang, by Xing Hua
The Cost of Marriage, by Zhao Yu
Missing Zhang Meili, by Ye Zhongjian
The Mint’s Invitation, by Tian Shuangling
9. Changes
Future, by Wang Meng
Unknowable Possibilities, by Ge Fei
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English Vocabulary Index
How to Use This Parallel Text to Teach Chinese Language and Culture

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