Corryn's Stone

Corryn's Stone

by T. L. Howard


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ISBN-13: 9781478733362
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 05/17/2014
Pages: 534
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.19(d)

About the Author

T. L. Howard has been fascinated with the "what-ifs" all her life, sometimes to the point of distraction. She is now well into adulthood and still can't stop asking that question. She was born and educated in the state of Nebraska and currently resides there where she is employed at the university. Corryn's Stone is the long awaited sequel to her first novel, The Crystal Key. When not writing, which is seldom as demonstrated by her bad housekeeping, she enjoys needlework, walking, and a good movie.

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Corryn's Stone 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Sarah Lowry for Readers' Favorite In Corryn’s Stone by T.L. Howard, Mirah is the Chosen of the goddess Deceris and has finally begun to bring peace to her land. Rasmun is the Chosen of the god Belamon, but his land is split between those of the Expurgo Gregis and those of the Custodia Gregis doctrines. Faldyn accepts the position of High Chancellor under Rasmun, but his intentions are not pure. When he discovers that he will be unable to persuade Rasmun to accept the doctrine of Expurgo Gregis, he devises a plan to take over the land by retrieving an ancient book that contains untold power. Faldyn sets out to release the souls of a long dead race, remaking the world with himself as a god. Mirah and Rasmun must work together on a dangerous mission to uncover a second ancient book of power and ensure the books are returned to their Source so they can never touch humanity again. Corryn’s Stone by T.L. Howard is an enjoyable fantasy novel with a complex and intriguing plot line. The author did a fantastic job of creating a world and a system of magic and hierarchy that drew me into the story. The only real downfalls to the story were the numerous character titles that were sometimes confusing and tedious to read, and I thought some of the dialogue was unrealistic because it was too polite and artificial. However, the plot had plenty of twists that kept me riveted, and the world was complex and captivating. I loved the imagery throughout the story; I was easily able to visualize the world and the magical beings as I was reading it. I really enjoyed the world T.L. Howard created, and I would recommend Corryn’s Stone for a good fantasy read.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Corryn's Stone is an epic fantasy written by T.L. Howard. The land is quiet after the last major war caused by the maddened Rasmun whose mind had been overwhelmed by the occupants of the Tome of Antistes, the Aeyrebis, the lost souls. Rasmun was healed and became the High Priest of Orsa, and the Tome was safely stored away. Rasmun sought to unite the fundamentalist branch of his faith, the Expurgo Grega, with the more mainstream Custodia sect and had invited the scholar Faldyn to become Lord High Chancellor as part of that unifying plan. Rasmun was unaware of Faldyn's continued zealotry and determination to unleash the destructive power of the Aeyrebis to cleanse the world of the stench of the infidel. Mirah is the Chosen One and leader of the province of Arus. She, her husband, the Lord Commander, and their allies must find a way to stop Faldyn and the Aeyrebis from destroying their world. T.L. Howard's epic fantasy, Corryn's Stone, is original and compelling. The author creates a world with a complex mythological base and a society that is guided by leaders chosen by gods and goddesses. Corryn's Stone takes the reader on a fantastical journey as the forces of light race against time and evil, and encounter hostile forces and supernatural beings at every turn. Howard paints vivid descriptions of the lands both in their prime and as they decay under the influence of the Aeyrebis. Her characters are tortured and very human, both the evil Faldyn and the gallant companions on Mirah's quest to save the world. While epic fantasy fans who enjoy action and adventure tales filled with swords and sorcery may find Corryn's Stone a bit ethereal for their tastes, this inspirational quest fantasy should please many readers.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Valerie Rouse for Readers' Favorite Corryn’s Stone by T.L. Howard is an entertaining fantasy novel. The main character, Mirah, leader of Decera, was given the responsibility of saving the world. To her dismay, she was informed by Rasmun that the mythical box containing evil souls - called the Aeyrebis - was actually stolen from a monastery. The thief was Rasmun’s trusted friend, Lord Faldyn. This Aeyrebis has the capacity to totally annihilate the world with its magical powers. Unfortunately, it could also make the owner insane over a period of time. This occurred previously when Rasmun, High Priest of Orsa, was in control of the Aeyrebis. Due to the extensive powers it wielded, Rasmun had sealed it in the monastery. Mirah - also called the Chosen of Deceris - set out with her husband Roenin and her entourage to hunt down Lord Faldyn. Accompanied by Rasmun, Mirah began the long journey. Along the way, Mirah discovered that a second box existed, called the Aetheryal. This contained good spirits. The two boxes now had to be secured and taken to the Holy Mountain and the souls released into the Captus Lapis or Corryn’s Stone. Corryn’s Stone is an interesting book. It thoroughly examines the theme of good versus evil. The many references to darkness and light serve to enhance this relevant theme. The language used is semi-formal to reflect the status of the main characters. I love the descriptive detail applied to the cities in the novel. I also love the fact that the author chose a female as the heroine. Most books of this genre usually have males as the outright leaders. I love the way in which author T.L. Howard fully developed the main character. Her thirst for knowledge was identified as well as her morality. She was humble enough to bow to a higher power.  Her feminine side was also highlighted along with her battle-ready acumen. The contrast between the main characters is very enthralling. It encourages the reader to continue reading at full speed. The author has done an excellent job in making the storyline engaging and inspiring.  The pace was a bit slow at the beginning of the book, but it picked up as the action unfolded. Corryn’s Stone is a very good novel and I recommend it to all readers.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite Corryn’s Stone is a fantasy by T.L. Howard. Mankind will suffer if Lord Faldyn controls the Caudex Anima (Book of Souls - Eyrebis and Etheryal). Eyrebis holds the dark souls of Delnos and their evil spells, and Etheryal contains the light souls of Delni. Their powerful spells will give Faldyn the dominance he yearns over humans. Mirah and Rasmun are selected by The Chosen to retrieve the Caudex Anima and Corryn’s Stone, the key which is needed to stop Faldyn, who possesses Eyrebis. When Mirah and her group follow leads to locate the items, they are constantly attacked and she realizes there’s an unknown spy in the group. If they don’t stop Faldyn before the solstice begins, he will continue to destroy crops and lives. Corryn’s Stone is a wonderful mystical story by T.L. Howard. It’s difficult to put this book aside once you've started reading. The author writes very well and knows how to captivate an audience. I was introduced to another realm of magic through its unique plot and setting. It is nicely descriptive and the characters displayed varying strengths and emotional conflicts which I found interesting. The special powers that some possessed reminded me of those in Lord of the Rings, and T.L. Howard created the right atmosphere to make me visualize everything which occurred. When I had guessed what was coming next, the author surprised me with a few twists which I would not have thought possible, so that made the book more entertaining.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite The eternal battle between good and evil is played out through the characters on the side of Deceris, goddess of the Light and those of Belamon, god of the Dark. They join forces against Lord Faldyn, the pawn of the damned souls of Aeyrebis, and his followers, the Partisans. Corryn's Stone by T.L. Howard is an exciting epic that incorporates creation stories, the lure of power and the folly of greed across millennia and different races of people. After years of distrust, Orsans and the citizens of Edos are both subjected to the threat of annihilation through the dark powers of Faldyn. The ‘Chosen’, the human representatives of Deceris and Belamon, Mirah and Rasmun, must put aside their differences to fight the growing menace set to destroy the world within months. Tasked with carrying out a quest to complete the mission of the ancient cleric Corryn, the Chosen must destroy the books containing the condemned souls of the Delni and Delnos who lost the favor of ‘The One’, the original ‘Creator’. This partnership is fragile, given the former adversarial relationship between the commanders of the opposing sides, and fear of deceit and trickery keep everyone on edge. Through patience and total faith in their respective gods, along with help from a vast support network, the quest proceeds. Will truth win out or will the forces of hate and revenge manage to finally bring about the end of the world? Corryn's Stone by T.L. Howard is, without a doubt, a terrific book with a riveting storyline that combines excellent characters, exciting action, tremendous imagination, vivid descriptions and a wide range of emotions. Deep faith is a key theme throughout the book as is the concept of universal balance and respect for nature, but both are treated matter-of-factly and in harmony with the overall plot. This is a wonderful book that stokes the reader’s interest and portrays a world of incredible options.