Crucified on Passover

Crucified on Passover

by Tom Anthony


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Did you ever wonder how and why the date for Good Friday is selected each year? Are you aware that the very first Christians did not celebrate Good Friday? Are you aware that they commemorated the crucifixion of Christ each year on the same day that the Jewish people commemorated Passover? Are you aware that in the second century a great debate occurred as to which day of the year was the most appropriate for commemorating the crucifixion of Christ? Are you aware that this debate divided church against church?

Are you aware that immediately before the occurrence of the Passover that the Lord Himself instructed Moses to institute a Calendar? Did you know that Passover is the central day, the focal point and indeed the very cornerstone of the Calendar instituted by Moses? Do you recognize how the Lord used the day of Passover to foretell the day where He Himself would provide a Passover Lamb for the sake of the entire world?

Tom Anthony addresses these questions. He explains the basis for the Hebrew calendar based on Scripture. He explains how even though the Hebrew calendar, as instituted by Moses, is understood by very few, it nonetheless is an extremely simple concept that can be defined by two simple rules. Tom identifies other times besides the Passover when the Lord used the central in His Calendar to bless the Hebrew people. He then analyzes the ultimate significance of each of these days.

Tom Anthony is an electrical engineer. He resides with his wife and three sons in Boise, Idaho. He is not affiliated with any denomination. He greatly enjoys the opportunity to share with others what he has discovered concerning the Passover.

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