Cry Wolf (Zoe Chambers Series #7)

Cry Wolf (Zoe Chambers Series #7)

by Annette Dashofy


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ISBN-13: 9781635113921
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication date: 09/18/2018
Series: Zoe Chambers Series , #7
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 224,771
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.58(d)

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Cry Wolf (Zoe Chambers Series #7) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Dollycas 5 months ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts We are back at the Golden Oaks Assisted Living Center again as one of its new residents is found dead in his room. With Pete’s father living there, Zoe and Pete feel the pressure to be sure his dad is safe but it also gives them the opportunity to nose around the place. When the coroner lands in the hospital Zoe gets the green light to investigate the murder. He even puts her in charge of the whole coroner’s office. Pete, down an officer, has his hands full with a couple of neighbors fighting over mowed grass. The machete one guy was wielding gets everyone’s attention. They are both thrown for a loop when a man contacts Zoe claiming to be her brother from a relationship her father had prior to marrying her mom. This book is just 276 pages and it is packed full with goodness. The pace is fast and it was impossible to put down. Ms. Dashofy has created characters in this series that grab you immediately whether this is the first story you have read or the 7th. Pete and Zoe are surrounded by a strong supporting cast, each unique, and well-drawn. Zoe’s life is already full and having a possible step brother added to the mix was a great twist. Zoe lost her father at a young age so she is excited to learn about Jason Cox. But could his appearance in her life be too good to be true? Again, the author twists some medical and social issues into a great mystery that includes a plethora of suspects and situations full of drama. Secrets, lies, and half-truths turn the story in many different directions. A second murder makes everyone take a step back and look at the case with new eyes. The realistic take on PTSD was so well done. Being a cop is hard, taking a life in order to save another is totally a life-changing moment. The strong family-like connection between Pete, Zoe and his officers have enhances the way this was handled. I totally enjoyed this story as I have enjoyed every book in this series. Small town, fantastic characters, and a great mystery. You can’t go wrong with any book written by this author.
mymissdaisy 6 months ago
I've read a few of this series and each one just seems to be better and just draws you into these characters. Even though Cry Wolf is the 7th in the series you can pick it up and belong to the story/plot and the characters. If your a cover junkie like me don't let the comical cover turn you off. For me. I wouldn't have picked this one up based on the cover. Don't let it fool you. If you decide to give it a chance I'll give you a little of a warning you'll probably want to read the rest. I did/do. If you enjoy a good cozy mystery you won't be disappointed with this series. You'll find a good 'ole mystery, some twists and turns and some characters that will have you wanting to stay awhile and and have a cozy evening of reading. I received a complimentary copy.
iiiireader 9 months ago
This is a series that I have read for a while. I find that each book adds to the continuing story and presents and different and unusual whodunnit to solve. In this story Zoe Chambers, our sleuth, is trying to solve the mystery of a murder at an assisted living facility. Her boyfriend Pete Adams, who is the chief of police, is also concerned as his father is a resident at the facility. While their investigation coincides, they don’t work side by side. The story follows each of them as they put clues together. The storyline is complex and woven well together. The characters are relatable and seem like people you just might know. I look forward to each new story in this series and, while I have read it in a series, I feel this book can also be read stand-alone. I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Edelweiss.
Anonymous 9 months ago
love this series. this one started slow but ended great. love the story line, the people and small town life .
Servedogmom 10 months ago
Cry Wolf is the seventh book in Annette Dashofy’s Zoe Chambers Mysteries series. This is the second Zoe Chambers mystery that I have read (No Way Home the 5th book in this series was the first) and this book is just as thrilling as “No Way Home”. Ms. Dashofy has penned a story that is exciting and suspenseful with take your breath away moments. Both books that I’ve read can be read as standalones. Readers will recognize marked character development reading the book series in order. Zoe Chambers is as a paramedic, and a deputy coroner. Both Zoe and her significant other, police chief, Pete Adams are essentially working two fulltime jobs. Unfortunately, much of their time together is quite limited and often involves dead or severely injured individuals. Pete’s father believes that there is some-one bumping off the residents of his home, Golden Oaks, in a deadly way. The list of potential murderers and motives is long. With the insight of other Golden Oaks residents, a bizarre mix of personalities and situations make this mystery a page turner that is difficult to set down. Intrigue rules! This superbly crafted cozy mystery has interwoven a blend of ethical, medical, social and procedural issues affecting individuals worldwide. Each set of circumstance portrayed gives the reader “food for thought” given each reader is likely to encounter one or more of the situations presented. Tough topics and situations with multiple avenues for future discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. For cozy mystery purist, be aware that it does contain some adult language. With that exception, I believe readers who appreciate a well written cozy mystery and/or the mystery genre will appreciate this great book.
LGHudson 10 months ago
WILL LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS! Annette Dashofy’s Cry Wolf (Zoe Chambers Mystery Series Book #7) will leave you breathless! This book may be read as a stand alone, but to get the full impact, the Series needs to be read in order. EMT Zoe Chambers is back and her life is more complicated than ever since she’s also having to fill in as the Deputy Coroner. Her man, Pete Adams, Chief of Police of Vance Township is busy, too, because he’s short staffed so he’s working doubles. There seems to be a rash of crime in their corner of the world. Dashofy has weaved a masterful story of neighbor vs. neighbor, secrets from the past, nursing home victims vs. murder, a woman desperately in need of the love of a family and how all these incidences are intertwined. They need to find the killer soon or Zoe or Pete may be the next victim. The ending is full of suspense and will leave you breathless! I was provided an ARC of this book by Henery Press and Edelweiss. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence. I have preordered a copy of this book for my own personal library.
Rosemary-Standeven 10 months ago
This is the second Zoe Chambers mystery that I have read, and is just as thrilling as “Uneasy Prey”. Both can be read as standalones. Zoe Chambers’ main job is as a paramedic, but she is also a deputy coroner. When the Coroner is hospitalised due to ill-health, Zoe ends up with two fulltime jobs, and precious little spare time to spend with her partner, police chief, Pete Adams. Pete is also run off his feet, working double shifts, as one of his officers is on psychological sick leave following a fatal shooting. Fortunately, their work cases often interconnect – and they do get to spend time together over maimed or dead bodies – even if their time as a couple is severely restricted. Their first joint case is a machete attack on an unarmed gentleman, or that is what is reported. The machete turns out to be corn knife – still possibly deadly – but definitely not this time. Zoe’s sympathies are completely with the knife wielder, who had been trying to stop his objectionable neighbour (Professor K) from dumping potentially toxic grass clippings into his horse paddock. Zoe, as a committed horsewoman, understood how dangerous those clippings could be. Unfortunately, Pete still has to arrest Machete Man. Professor K is universally disliked, and you quickly have him down as the most likely (and deserving) first corpse. But that honour goes to an ex-cop, who just happens to live at the same retirement home as Pete’s father, Harry. The ex-cop is another abrasive type, who – like Professor K – seems to have any number of ill-wishers. Harry has long been certain that there is someone bumping off the residents of his home, Golden Oaks, (elderly people keep leaving in body bags, never to reappear). This time it is not the Alzheimer’s talking – the murder is real. All the cases become intertwined, suspects are considered and discounted, another body, more suspects and possible motives: money, revenge, bad timing, … A number of the elderly residents of Golden Oaks are co-opted to help with Zoe’s investigations – showing that the old and disabled should never be underestimated. Meanwhile, Zoe discovers that she has a step-brother, Jason, who generously donates his time and money to help fix up her dilapidated farm, to make up for the lost years. Zoe is overjoyed to finally have a sibling – and one who reminds her so much of her dead father. Pete, being a cop, is highly suspicious (jealous?), but all checks show that Jason is above board. While the ending does not come completely out of the blue, you would be hard pressed to work it all out from the preceding story. That does not mean that the ending does not make sense – it does – in a sad way. Not all the strands are tidied up. While I might have liked a bit more closure, the presence of some loose ends does give the story a lot more realism. Apart from the excellent murder-mystery story, and the wonderful characterisation, there are also some deep philosophical issues raised. The first is what constitutes ‘family’, and the second is the role of the police force. So, you can read this book just as a very engaging, well-constructed who-dunnit, or you can also take a moment to ponder the questions posed. No answers supplied! I loved this book, would recommend it highly, and am very interested in reading more in this series. I received this copy from the author and publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Rockport_rocker 10 months ago
Cry Wolf combines the solid grit of realism with a personal warmth that make the characters and the story irresistible. From the first page, this novel pulled me into the lives of the people, most of whom I already love, and into the involved and unexpected plot. Like the earlier books, this offers not just a complex mystery but also the depth of character and relationships that despite the tears I shed, leaves me wanting the next book NOW! When Pete Adams hears that a man has called Zoe out of the blue and announced that he is her half-brother, he is highly suspicious. From the moment she spots the stranger this woman, who generally keeps her emotions tamped down, opens her heart to him and has no doubts that they are family and Pete's concern increases with every encounter. Zoe is concerned when Coroner Franklin is unexpectedly hospitalized; on the other hand, she is excited that she will have an official role in the investigation of the suspicious death of Pete’s police mentor who has just moved into the assisted living facility where Henry lives. This murder leaves both Pete and Zoe concerned for his father’s safety but in moments of clarity the elder Adams refuses to leave and insists on helping with the investigation. The on-going Alzheimer’s line will touch the hearts of readers whether or that monster is part of their lives. Amazing and complex story lines that elicit a variety of emotional responses and SUPER characters are the hallmark of Annette Dashofy’s Zoe Chambers series Thanks to Henery Press and Edelweiss for providing me with the opportunity to preview the ARC of Cry Wolf. I can not wait to share another amazing Zoe Chambers novel with my friends.
C_Fowler 10 months ago
The Zoe Chambers Mysteries have jumped to the top of my favorite series to read -- every book is engaging, well-written and a page-turner. In CRY WOLF, Police Chief Pete Adam's father, who lives in an assisted living facility due to his progressing Alzheimer's, is convinced that the residents there are being murdered. When one of the residents IS actually a victim of foul play, it's up to Pete and Paramedic/Deputy Coroner Zoe Chambers to solve the case and keep Pete's Dad safe. Add to the mix a rapidly escalating feud between neighbors, horses, and a long-lost brother, and Zoe and Pete have their hands full. CRY WOLF is fast-paced and kept me turning the pages well into the night. The plot has several twists I did not see coming, and also introduces us to some new characters in Zoe's and Pete's life. Although this book is the seventh in the Zoe Chambers series, it can easily stand on its own, but you really don't want to miss out on reading the earlier books which are just as captivating as this one. I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All thoughts and comments are solely my own.
Autumnkat54 10 months ago
Cry Wolf, the seventh in Annette Dashofy’s Zoe Chambers series, opens on a full-moon night shift. Zoe and her EMT partner Earl Kolter have a number of atypical emergency calls that seem to be strange, even for a full-moon night. Meanwhile, Vance Township Chief of Police Pete Adams finds himself running on too little sleep and too many hours because he has a staff shortage. As a rule, I like series books. But, what I generally do not like is when authors retell the prior books in a series over and over again with each new book. I think that sometimes insults the reader’s intelligence. This is NOT the case with the Zoe Chambers series. Ms Dashofy does a nice job of laying out background stories in an interesting way, reminding fans and followers of important events, and catching up new readers. In Cry Wolf, Zoe has learned that she has a half-brother Jason from an affair her father had before he married Zoes’ mother and before Zoe was born. Zoe uses conversations with Jason to catch him up on her life ( and to remind us about what Zoe has been through prior). Ms. Dashofy introduces us to a couple new characters and gives more depth to established characters. I particularly enjoy scenes between Pete and his dad Harry, a charming man whose memory is no longer dependable due to his advancing Alzheimers. Their rapport is sweet. Ms. Dashofy has created characters who are likeable, even cranky coroner Franklin Marshall. We see character growth in Zoe, moving from Deputy Coroner to Coroner, when Marshall develops health issues and must step down from his position. Ms. Dashofy’s touches of humor are well-placed. While murder isn’t funny, she creates humorous moments in the exchanges between characters. The Zoe Chambers books are not “cozy” mysteries. There are murders, which do find resolution in the end. I am from Western Pennsylvania where the books are set, so I enjoy the Pittsburgh references. Most of the settings have been fictionalized, but Ms Dashofy does tuck real Western Pennsylvania places into the stories, too. While I enjoy reading for entertainment, I do like to come away from a book having learned something. Through this series, I have learned a lot about the life of an EMT and about horses. About the only thing that bothered me about Cry Wolf was some of the dialog between Zoe and Jason. They just seemed to fall into a “big brother/little sister” relationship too quickly. While accepting a newly-found brother is consistent with Zoe’s compassionate nature, I just thought some of the dialog between them was just a little too sugary. Each of the books in this series is good enough to stand alone. If you have not read these books starting with Circle of Influence, the first book in the series, why haven’t you? Annette Dashofy tells a good story. Cry Wolf is no exception.