by Chandra Prasad


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ISBN-13: 9780545907927
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 03/27/2018
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 352,686
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Chandra Prasad is the originator and editor of Mixed, an anthology of short stories on the multiracial experience. She is also the author of several critically acclaimed novels for adults, including On Borrowed Wings. Damselfly is her YA debut. A graduate of Yale, Chandra lives and works in Connecticut. To find out more, visit her online at chandraprasad.com.

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Looking around, I didn't know where my old world had gone. The brick, slate, and stone of Drake Rosemont Preparatory Academy were nowhere to be found.I was in what looked to be a jungle. The vegetation was thick, lush, impenetrable as a wall. I pushed away vines, mossy branches, and leaves the size of manhole covers. I closed my eyes against prickers and thorns, but when the branches snapped back like clawed hands, I opened them again.Desperately, I looked in all directions. My brown school oxfords made sucking sounds as I walked. I felt as if I were being pulled down, like the jungle might consume me.When my foot landed ankle-deep in mud, I was forced to stop and try to pull myself together. What I needed was some water. I reached for my bottle in a side compartment of my backpack. Then realized I wasn't carrying anything. I had nothing but the clothes I was wearing. This fact panicked me even more. I didn't even know how to function without my cell, my iPad, and my laptop. They were as much a part of my everyday life as my toothbrush.

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Damselfly 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chandra is a nice storyteller, Loved the flow of the story and play of the characters smooth. Still, I even have to admit that I had a tough time stepping into Damselfly. There have been some things actually likeable concerning it – just like the ending Prasad explores the capability the dynamics among the kids victimization interaction of assorted influences like wealth, upbringing, coolness, looks, talent, and assurance. She additionally provides a contemporary perspective on problems with racism; category. This is one book that is both a story and also the real truth. All in all, the book was simply fine – if you prefer teenaged survival stories, its value a read
YoungMensanBookParade 10 months ago
Mysterious and packed with adventure, Damselfly is a modern classic. Sam and Mel, both girls, are instant heroes who navigate their tragic situation as relatable teenagers. Fans of the Hunger Games, Survivor, Lord of the Flies and Lost will be enthralled and unable to put this one down. I read it all in one day, anxiously waiting for the mystery to unravel and for the culmination of this well written story. Teenagers stranded on an island fighting each other for survival doesn’t get any better than this! Readers will be surprised to discover the source of fear for these teens. A must read for today’s teens but readers under 15 beware as some of the content is mature including racial and sexual undertones. Review by Mason H, age 16 Denver Mensa
Tilli68 More than 1 year ago
One word: fantastic! I have absolutely loved this book from the very beginning. The setting is that of Lord of the Flies, only with a fresh, contemporary cut. A group of teens, forming the fencing team of the private school Drake Rosemond, find themselves stranded on an island after a plane crash. The small island is mostly covered by the thick vegetation of a jungle, an overwhelming environment to which the youths must adapt quickly, just as they must immediately deal with the loss of some of their companions. Thanks to Mel, a capable and pragmatic young woman, having extensive knowledge about plants and natural things, they manage to settle down to an acceptable routine, while finding their way around the island, hoping they will soon be rescued. Nonetheless, help doesn’t come; instead they are faced with a new problem: they are not alone on the island, and whoever lives there wants them out without delay. As time goes by, difficulties and fear bring out each person’s true personality, for good and for bad. Some find they perfectly fit with this new, wild environment, others find a purpose in their life. This does not apply to Mel and Sam though, they have someone to get back to, and they can see beyond the idyll of the moment. The relationships between the members of the group have already been put to the test many times, on the long run things could degenerate dangerously as the balances of power switch rapidly. This book is a perfect balance of pace and exploration of the circumstances and behaviours of the characters. Details of each person’s history trickle throughout the narration, forming a background allowing the reader to understand the character’s actions. However, you can also perceive how each youth evolves from that background, drawing on the new circumstances to bring out aspects of their personality that their former situation had not allowed to emerge. The author makes a truly masterly job out of portraying her characters; with fairness and realism she shows both the positive qualities and the hidden dark corners in the souls of all her protagonists. They are so well depicted that the whole of mankind is reflected in them. I personally found myself very close to Sam’s personality, I even found myself loathing the way some among the characters behave, but then I stopped to think. I asked myself whether I was so sure I would have been able to stick to all of my convictions so strongly and unyieldingly in such a situation. I couldn’t give myself an answer, so I came to the conclusion that most of us contain most of the good and bad shown by each of those youths, and until you’re tested you can only hope you’ll be able to remain the righteous person you are in your usual circumstances. Yes, I do believe there are personalities more inclined to compassion and others to selfishness. I do believe the concepts of justice, right and wrong, remain the same even in extreme conditions. What can be debated, instead, is whether most of us would still be able to elaborate those concepts keeping the same coordinates that guide us in daily life. This book offers plenty of food for thoughts on many issues, including the hypocrisy hidden behind many ordinary conventions, and how even the best of people can be superficial or naive in certain instances. This novel would be a great choice for an open discussion at the library. Also, the narration is gritty but never gruesome, and when it is delicate, it is never quixotic.
atfsrab More than 1 year ago
If I were, to be very honest, I thought when I saw the genre of this novel that it would be like other romance novels that are enthusiastically read worldwide. I had not a clue about what was actually in the book and it would be unfair to say that it didn’t catch me off guard. From the very first pages, I was hooked. I would look forward to when I’d finish other work and continue reading. I was anxious to know what might happen next in the book and what will happen in the end. The book started with the main character, Samantha Mishra, being conscious of her surroundings. We got to know that she, along with other students of Drake Rosemont High School, had been the unfortunate victims of a plane crash. Stranded in a forest, away from the luxuries available at home and with not any means of contacting someone for help, this book walks the readers through the unpredictable table-turning of fate. This book reminded me of the novel, ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Goulding. Although this book had a bit of similar setting, it had its own essence and was a guide in itself. I got to know about so many things that can come in handy in grave situations when one doesn’t have the regular luxuries that in cities have become basic necessities of life. This wasn’t just a story about a group of people falling into bad luck. No, this book was so much more and left me agape. How wonderful it feels when one reads a book that is so well written that time after time, the heart continues to praise the author. As I read further and came across the first ‘note’, it thrilled me beyond limits. I became much more eager to know what that thick forest held, what was going to happen and what was the mystery behind the lunatic on loose who always knew when and where to hide. The suspense in this book was just ‘wow’. This book also reminded me of ‘And Then There Were None’ by Agatha Christie because the threats and suspense in this book looked as if the author had been friends with Agatha Christie and discussed with her, how to thrill the readers of Damselfly. Such a wonderful book, it is! My favourite character in this book was, Amelia Sharpe (Mel). She fascinated me at whatever she did or said. If there was someone who was not insane and did not succumb to the viciousness of the forest; it was Mel. She was brave and did not give up, for, she knew that ‘Winners never give up’. Mel was a born genius and a perfect leader. Although some of her plans did not work the way they should have, she was the only person who knew and set up priorities. The way she led others and focused on what was important was absolutely marvellous. Mel’s character was inspiring and gives the message that in the gravest situations; one must keep calm and use his/her brain to figure out what needs to be done. Samantha Mishra was my second favourite character and I liked how she chose to stay with Mel through everything. She wasn’t flawless but she did stand with her best friend in the end and I think, that is what matters the most. Reading about her life at home, though, was something really sad. I don’t want to go deeper and spoil it for new readers so, I’ll just say, ‘Life is life and that’s how it is’. I want all readers to take a minute or two and appreciate the writing style and vocabulary in this book. Seldom do I come across books that are written so well with a good vocabulary. I loved this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Damselfly was a good quick read. Ms. Chandra Prasad is definitely the author that I would look forward to for more of her works. Her style of writing is amazing. She wrote about the setting like she was painting the jungle, the ocean, the biodiversity, the Sharpe greenhouse, and Mr. Sharpe’s workshop room. They were easily imaginable. I loved all the characters because they were made as real people whose decisions and perspective you would love and hate sometimes but know that that would make sense in their point of view because that’s how they were built by the author to think and act. Reading this book was a thrill. Having questions and having them answered and then unanswered again, making you confused. The guessing of what will happen next, who the enemy is, why this book is called Damselfly. Please just read this book already if you haven’t yet.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An utterly wonderful book! This is one of my best reads in a while and the author clearly knows what she is doing. The language, vivid imagery and dialogues are compelling and well-written. This book is guaranteed to hook you from the cover itself down to every single page. It's a coming-of-age story of survival, instinct and guts, in a strange place without any adult supervision. The teens slowly learn how to fend for themselves and take care of their own. As with any survival story, it's human nature to be bound by rules, doubt and treachery. People change when lives are on stake. This is one of those stories. It's an absolute gem that is highly recommendable to readers of all ages. I especially love how well-rounded all the characters are. Each of them have a fascinating personality. My favorite is Mel, but overall, every character is great on their own.