Daniel's Choice

Daniel's Choice

by Frances C. Linscott

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Daniel Shepherd, a professional financial analyst and problem-solver, thrives on his work. As a self-proclaimed loner and perceived as a confirmed bachelor, getting involved in a relationship is the last thing on his mind. But when Daniel decides to visit his old service buddy, Andrew, for a rare vacation, his world is turned upside down when he finds himself unexpectedly attracted to Andrew’s sister-in-law, Clemence Brooks. Intrigued by the unusual ways Clemence perceives many issues and drawn to her generous and non-judgmental nature, Daniel decides to take an all-out risk on love and friendship, uprooting his life in Denver to move to be with Clemence. Clemence Brooks spends her time helping with the care of her invalid father while working as a bank teller. Her life is enmeshed with the joys of helping her family wherever there is a need. When she agrees to help by acting as chauffeur for her brother-in-law’s old friend, love and romance were not part of the deal. In her teen years, Clemence invited God into her heart and asked Him to help and guide her in all things. When she turned 18, she prayed He would direct the man she was destined to marry to present her with a single, red rose. That would be the sign between God and herself that she should accept that man as her husband. Determined to live her life based on faith in God and trying to follow the teachings of Jesus, when Daniel unknowing and unexpectedly fulfills the sign of The Rose, she throws herself wholeheartedly into a fully committed union with him. Joseph Palmer, Daniel’s best friend from childhood, is highly concerned about Daniel’s response to the young woman who appears to have cast a spell on his old friend. Troubled by his own pre-conceived suspicions, Joseph is determined to protect Daniel at any cost. When he arrives from Denver to act as best man for their wedding, he sets out to prove that the motives Clemence really harbors are deceitful and have nothing to do with love. Upon testing her in the only way he believes her true motives will be revealed, he is genuinely surprised by the results. When Daniel and Clemence mutually agree to gloss over secrets from their pasts, neither can anticipate the effects of those secrets, which constantly shadow and sabotage their sincere efforts toward a loving relationship. When Daniel loses his job, he decides it’s time to head back to his old job in Denver where he knows his skills are valued. Joseph generously offers to let the newlyweds stay with him until they figure out what they want to do toward making their own home. Daniel, desiring to return to work as quickly as possible, gladly accepts Joseph’s offer. An unexpected friendship begins to develop between Clemence and Joseph. He can see many unforeseen struggles between Daniel and his new wife. Working hard to be supportive of both his old and new friends, he persistently tries to identify how he can help while still remaining respectful of the boundaries that govern friendship. He watches in alarm as Daniel’s drinking gradually escalates to an out-of-control level. He observes with ever growing concern that the vibrancy Clemence exuded at the time he met her is disappearing. What are the details, he wonders, that cause her to fall deeply into the waters of despair? What is it that she constantly hides about the ever growing troubles she experiences with her husband? When Daniel’s drinking spirals far enough out of control to cause a disaster, he is forced to make choices that will affect all of them far into the future. What choices will Daniel make? Hold on tight for a roller-coaster ride as Daniel, Clemence, and Joseph face the challenges and secrets that threaten to overwhelm them in a variety of ways. Walk these intensely difficult paths with them as they work to practice the true nature of selfless love, friendship, and forgiveness as they maintain faith in God and the loyalty inherent in marriage and friendships.

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ISBN-13: 9781682227121
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 11/30/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 480
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About the Author

Frances C. Linscott lives with her husband, John, in Washington State. In 2012, Frances began working on her writing. She enjoys gardening and a variety of other hobbies. Most importantly, she tries to live her daily life better understanding and practicing the teachings of her hero, Jesus Christ.

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