Dead Cold Brew (Coffeehouse Mystery Series #16)

Dead Cold Brew (Coffeehouse Mystery Series #16)

by Cleo Coyle

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The perfect proposal leads to a chilling cold case in this novel in the New York Times bestselling Coffeehouse Mystery series.

After everything Clare and her NYPD detective boyfriend have been through, they deserve a little bit of happily ever after. But while Mike's marriage proposal to Clare is steeped in perfection, the celebration of their engagement is not long lived.

First, a grim-faced attorney interrupts their party with a mysterious letter bequeathing a hidden treasure to Clare's daughter. Next, the world-famous jeweler who designed Clare's ring is found poisoned in his shop. Both events appear to be connected to a cold case murder involving a sunken ship, an Italian curse, a charming jewel thief, and a shocking family secret. With deadly trouble brewing, Clare must track down clues in some of New York's most secret places before an old vendetta produces fresh corpses.

With recipes to die for, including how to make cold-brew coffee at home!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780698167407
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/10/2017
Series: Coffeehouse Mystery Series , #16
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 6,071
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Cleo Coyle is a pseudonym for Alice Alfonsi, writing in collaboration with her husband, Marc Cerasini. Both are New York Times bestselling authors of the Coffeehouse Mysteries (Dead to the Last Drop, Once Upon a Grind, Billionaire Blend)—now celebrating more than ten years in print. As Alice Kimberly, they also write the nationally bestselling Haunted Bookshop Mysteries. Alice has worked as a journalist in Washington, D.C., and New York, and has written popular fiction for adults and children. A former magazine editor, Marc has authored espionage thrillers and nonfiction for adults and children. Alice and Marc are also bestselling media tie-in writers who have penned properties for Lucasfilm, NBC, Fox, Disney, Imagine, and MGM. They live and work in New York City, where they write independently and together.

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Sixty years later . . .

A pelting rain transformed the Village Blend's French windows into tiny, wood-framed waterfalls. I pulled my sweater tight against the autumn chill and considered the predawn clouds.

Sure, the weather was lousy, and it was the first day of another long workweek, but (all due respect to the Carpenters) I utterly refused to let rainy days or Mondays get me down.

Why should they? I was back home in New York, once again managing my beloved Greenwich Village coffeehouse and living in the same city as the man I loved. Everything felt so right, what could possibly go wrong-other than my opening team calling in late?

Hey, an easy enough problem to handle.

Switching tunes, I swayed across the restored plank floor to the "Rhythm of the Rain." Humming the old Cascades hit, I pulled upside-down chairs from the cafŽ tabletops, setting things right as I went.

Next I calibrated the espresso machine, restocked our dairy products, and accepted the pastry delivery. I was about to kindle a blaze in the brick hearth to dispel the dampness when my phone buzzed.

"Madame? I'm surprised you're awake. It's only-"

"Six fifteen am. I'm well aware of the time, dear."

"Is everything all right?"

"That's the question I have for you."

"Excuse me?"

"Something's not right with Matteo."

I almost laughed. "And you just figured that out?"

"Don't crack wise at this hour, Clare. Withstanding wit takes at least two pots of coffee, and I'm only on my first."

"That's not wit. It's crankiness. I haven't had any coffee yet."

"Then you have my sympathy, but not my surrender."

"What makes you think there's a problem with our intrepid coffee hunter?"

"I'm his mother. I can sense these things. Didn't you-with Joy?"

"Plenty. But mostly in her teen years . . ."

Which made me reconsider my employer's concern, given my ex-husband's penchant for acting like an overgrown adolescent (seeking thrills and shunning consequences).

"Okay, you got me. How can I help?"

"If you wouldn't mind using that snooping sense of yours to fact find for me, I'd appreciate it."

How could I say no? Matteo Allegro and I were no longer partners in marriage, but thanks to his mother, we were now coupled in business.

Not that it happened overnight.

After Matt and I split, I spent ten years in the quiet suburbs of New Jersey, raising my young daughter through grade school and high school, Girl Scouts and girlfriends, broken toys and broken hearts-until she headed back to the city on her own, a confident young woman, ready for Manhattan's crowded streets and one of the country's best culinary schools.

I'd hardly had time to mourn my empty nest before Matt's mother called with a generous arrangement. She hired me back into the Allegro family firm, not only as a manager and master roaster, but also as a partner and heir.

Now my ex-husband and I had good reasons to put the past behind us. Not just for ourselves, but for Joy, because it was our deepest wish to leave this thriving coffee business as a legacy to our daughter.

Once again, the Village Blend was the center of my life, along with its diverse blend of customers-from young hipsters to senior hippies; aspiring actors to investment bankers; NYU students to nearly every badge working the Sixth Precinct of the NYPD.

We all depended on Matt to source the best coffees in the world. So if he had a problem, it had the potential to hurt our entire business.

"I'll see what I can find out, Madame. I promise."


I stifled a yawn.

"You sound tired. Are you getting enough sleep?"

"That community board meeting last night went on forever, and the official from Sanitation refused to move the Dumpsters from that vacant building down the block. He says the property is private and it's the owner's responsibility, but the owner halted renovations and left the country. Now partying kids are using the Dumpsters to boost themselves onto the fire escape and up to the roof. The police can't waste officers babysitting a Dumpster 24/7. But the city should do something before someone gets hurt . . ."

Madame listened until I was tired of hearing myself vent. She then reminded me that bureaucracies were like bus routes: "Wait a little while and a better driver will come along . . ."

Shifting subjects, her voice suddenly dropped an octave-a tone I only heard when she felt grave concern.

"Clare . . . have you seen the newspapers this morning?"

"No. I just came down to open when you called."

"Well, when you do, I'm here for you."

"You're there for me? Why? What's in the papers?"

When she demurred on saying anything more (except a hasty good-bye), I gritted my teeth and gazed longingly at the espresso machine. A double wouldn't be enough. I could tell already-

This was going to be a triple-shot day.


Fifteen minutes later, my ex-husband buzzed for entry.

Matt was drenched and shivering from the chilly downpour, an irony considering his tropical tan and the designer sunglasses dangling from his T-shirt's neckline.

I opened the door with one hand while closing my mouth around a buttermilk-tender sample of our new Farmhouse Apple Cake Muffins, my own recipe with the baker's addition of Cinnamon-Vanilla Glaze. (The perfect kiss of spice and sweetness; the very description I'd used for Matt's smooches, once upon a time. If not for his compulsive need to spread them around the globe-the kisses, not the glaze-we still might be husband and wife.)

"Your mother and I were just talking about you," I informed him while licking my fingers clean.

"And this is news? Now are you going to let me in or let me drown?"

I stepped aside, and he moved through the doorway, dripping Niagara.

"I thought you were still in Costa Rica for the harvest."

"I was, and I'm going back. Urgent business forced me to take a red-eye from Juan Santamaria to JFK . . ."

As he spoke, he shrugged out of his hooded Windbreaker and hand-combed his disheveled, dark hair. That's when I smelled something far less appealing than apples and cinnamon.

"Well that explains it."

"Explains what?"

"Why you're so . . . shall we say pungent? You're suffering from jet lag."

"I've been back for two days."

"Is there a plumbing problem at Casa Breanne?" (That seemed doubtful. Matt's fashionable wife ran her personal life with the same zealous efficiency as she ran her fashionable magazine.) "The Queen of Trend usually keeps you pampered with the latest fancy soap and designer cologne."

Matt sniffed his shirt and frowned. "I'll shower at the health club later."

"I'd suggest sooner. Unless the hot new trend is eau de body odor."

"Very funny. Now thank me. I brought over your consignment in the van."

"From the warehouse? Why were you in Red Hook at the crack of dawn?"

"I told you I had business to take care of. And so do you." He draped his sopping Windbreaker over a chair near the now-crackling fireplace and waved me over to the coffee bar. "Sit. And brace yourself for another reason to thank me, because I have news. Big news."

I resisted the temptation to roll my eyes. The last time Matt had "big news" it involved his honorary judgeship at a Panamanian beauty contest.

While Matt pulled us fresh shots, I checked my watch. "Will you please get on with it? My morning baristas are late, I still have to mop up that ocean you dripped, and we open in twenty minutes-"

"I know that. Who do you think managed this place while you were playing footsie with the flatfoot in DC?"

"You now have ten seconds to tell me-"

"Okay!" He slid my espresso across the bar. "Drink up and listen. The Village Blend has been asked to create an exclusive signature coffee blend for a brand-new luxury cruise liner."

I blinked. "You're right. That is huge."

"It's huger than huge . . ." He took the stool next to mine, dark eyes gleaming. "Think of it, Clare. A luxury cruise liner carrying thousands of passengers every year, all of them drinking our coffee. Think of what it will do for our brand. All we need to do is come up with an affordable version of your Billionaire Blend . . ."

Creating the world's finest (and most expensive) coffee blend had thrust this century-old business into an international spotlight, so I shouldn't have been all that surprised at this chance to supply a luxury cruise liner. In terms of volume, however, that rarefied "Billionaire" roast was a Lilliputian part of our bottom line, available to a select group of elite clientele, only a few times a year.

Matt was clearly proposing a broader opportunity. I could already imagine contented travelers sipping an exclusive Village Blend espresso while gazing out at the Atlantic-or was it the Pacific?

"When and where will this ship sail?"

"There's a shakedown cruise next week, she goes from New York to Nova Scotia and back, staff only to work out the kinks. Then she tests passengers on short hops before embarking on ports of call in the Med and United Arab Emirates, where the real money is."

"I'll need some inspiration for this blend. What's the ship called?"

"The Andrea Doria."

I stared at my ex long enough to comprehend his reply. Then I punched him.

"Ouch!" He rubbed his arm. "What was that for?!"

"I'm barely awake. We're about to open. And you waste my time with a stupid joke?"

"It's no joke!"

I blinked at the man, wondering when he'd switched from caffeine to crack. "You want me to come up with a boffo coffee blend to serve on a ship sitting two hundred feet below the Atlantic?"

"Clare, are you nuts?"

"Me?" I clamped my hands on his muscular shoulders. "The Andrea Doria hasn't carried passengers since before we were born. She was struck on her way to New York and sank to the bottom of the ocean!"


With the patience of a professor explaining thermodynamics to a chimpanzee, Matt informed me that he was not talking about the sunken flagship of the Italia Line.

"This will be a brand-new replica of the Andrea Doria. Get it now?"

"A replica?" I sat back, appalled. "Why rebuild a sunken ship? That's bad luck!"

"Oh, please. That's your nonna talking. Don't be so Old World."

"Excuse me, but I'll take Old World charm over New World smarm any day."

"Fine, then create the coffee as a matter of honor. The original Andrea Doria was the pride of Italy."

"That's your argument? The same come-on as every restaurant in Esquilino. 'Prego, prego. Our pasta is the pride of Italy!'"

"You can't compare the tourist traps of Rome to the Andrea Doria! That ship was a jewel on the ocean. Gourmet food. Top-notch service. Celebrity passengers, even royalty. Her decks were decorated with original art and sculpture, all of it lost when she went down. She was a beauty that deserves resurrection-and a loaded investor decided to do just that."

Matt waved his smartphone. "I want you to see something."

A few taps, and we were watching a prospectus documentary with a smooth storyteller talking up his dream come true, a new, ultramodern Andrea Doria that closely resembled the original-but with Wi-Fi, spa, fitness facilities, and other amenities today's travelers expected.

"Who is this narrator?"

"That's Victor Fontana, head of the consortium that built the ship. He's some kind of investor with a playboy reputation in Europe. You'll meet him soon, but we've already made an impression. Fontana is one of our regular Billionaire Blend customers-it's how we got this opportunity."

Matt froze the screen. "That's him."

Dressed with casual elegance, Victor Fontana's impressive appearance matched his reputation. Fortyish with an aquiline nose and direct chin, the man projected relaxed confidence and sharp intelligence, an attractive combination I'd seen often, in my recent brushes with the upper echelons of high tech.

Intense purpose shined in his aquamarine eyes, an aggressive energy nicely softened by boyish, Harry Potter glasses, shaggy brown "surfer" hair, and a crookedly enthusiastic grin.

"Fontana announced this plan last July," Matt continued. "He timed the replica's launch to coincide with the sixtieth anniversary of the original Andrea Doria's sinking. They're a few months behind schedule, but the superstructure of the new ship is finally completed. Now she's outfitted, and he's preparing to unveil her to the world."

"I don't know . . . It still feels wrong."

"This is a lucrative opportunity. Once in a lifetime. Are you going to let superstition drive your business decisions?"

"Don't put it like that."

"It is like that. You can use logic or cast runes and visit a palm reader. Which is it going to be?"

I hated to admit it, but I was out of arguments. No matter what I thought of the project, it was a tempting offer. Someone was going to supply the coffee to that ship. Why not the Village Blend?

At my reluctant thumbs-up, Matt clapped his hands. "Good decision!"

"Not so fast." I grabbed his damp tee as he tried to dash away. "I still have questions. For starters, if this is a true replica, the ship's galley may be re-creating the original menus. What kind of coffee did the Andrea Doria serve?"

Matt sat back down. "As far as I know, the surviving menu lists 'Italian and American coffees.'"

"That's it? No other details?"

He shrugged.

"Then I'll have to do research."

"We don't have time for that! Look, it's a luxury cruise liner, filled with sophisticated travelers who know quality when they taste it. Just create a versatile, premium blend that brews up rich, sweet espressos, magnificently complex cups of French press, and a smooth, clean cold brew."

"And while I'm at it, I'll cure the common cold and compose a thesis on the meaning of life."

"It's a tall order, I admit. But you have two weeks."

"Two weeks?!"

"Or we forfeit to the other roasters."

"Other roasters?!"

"Did I forget to mention this is a competition? There are five roasters in all, four of them European. We're the only Americans invited to participate, so it's double the honor."

"Oh, Matt, you made this sound like a sure thing."

"It is a sure thing. All you have to do is come up with an Andrea Doria blend that will blow those investors away, present it to the judges, and we're in."

"I don't know . . ."

"You can do it. Come on. Remember, I went along with that whole Billionaire Blend project, despite the fact that it took up too much of my time and failed to deliver nearly as much profit as we'd hoped. Now I'm asking you to come through for me. I need the revenue. We need the revenue."

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Dead Cold Brew (Coffeehouse Mystery Series #16) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Nanc-e More than 1 year ago
csrsvivr More than 1 year ago
I have read every book in this series and I have to say this one is the best! I was a tad bit confused in the first chapter or so, but quickly fell into step. I am never disappointed by the direction the storyline goes when dealing with Claire Cosi and her boyfriend, Mike Quinn. I always laugh at how Claire’s ex-husband and business partner somehow goes along for the ride; whether asked or not. So many twists and turns in this installment that I was second guessing myself throughout the book. Must buy!
ethel55 More than 1 year ago
Although I have heard of the Andrea Doria disaster, I didn't really know much about it, and liked the way the action from the past wove into the plot right away. With many short chapters, I found that I was quickly swept up into a story that had an interesting historical angle, coffee making and jewelry info galore. I was expecting the same sort of cozy I have come to expect from covers such as these, but Coyle really takes the narrative beyond that cozy genre into something fans of 'regular' mysteries should be checking out. Clare Cosi has such a good relationship with her ex, Matt, and her ex mother in law, that it is easy to see why they would help one another almost without question. Don't let the fact that this is a long running series stop you from picking up this well written, grown up mystery. Coyle does such a wonderful job of keeping her characters and storylines current.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Great read
Anonymous 11 months ago
Would read it just for the recipes. Good story.
stickerooniDM More than 1 year ago
I had gotten on the band wagon for a different mystery series that revolved around coffee and I thought it only fair to check out this series, which has clearly been around for a lot longer as this book, Dead Cold Brew, is the sixteenth in the series. Clare Cosi is the owner of a hip New York coffeehouse. Clare's boyfriend, Mike, is a New York police detective. Right now that's disconcerting because someone is shooting at NYPD officers. But the police have an eye-witness at the first shooting - Clare. But when Clare gives the sketch artist her description, things don't go too well. Clare describes a popular comic book superhero, complete with cape. Clare's description makes a laughing-stock of the PD, so she's determined to get to the bottom of this by herself. But not all is going wrong. Clare's boyfriend, Mike, finally proposes to her and her employer promises a coffee-colored diamond for the wedding ring. But the ring's designer is found killed and an attorney appears with a strange letter promising a hidden treasure to Clare's daughter (from a first marriage). Clare has to come up with a special blend for a brew to be served on a cruise ship that is a rebuild of the Andrea Doria. Is it wise to remake a ship that was part of one of the most famous maritime disasters in American history? One of the things that really surprised me about this book is how involved the story was. This was not a simple story with a character moving from point 'A' to point 'B' with an obstacle or two in the way. This was a story that changed, evolved, and wound its way around the central characters. There are two or three different stories going on here, which is quite a task to control given that the story is told in the first person from Clare's point of view. I enjoyed the history that worked its way into this story. When the idea of the Andrea Doria was first brought up I know that I rolled my eyes, anticipating a rather cheesy connection, but author Cleo Coyle works this angle in quite well. I haven't been a fan of a lot of 'cozy' mysteries, typically finding them to be much to 'simple' and lacking some bite, but Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery series (based on this, volume 16) shows that a cozy can be an engaging, exciting, and even educational read. I look forward to checking out more from this series. Looking for a good book? Dead Cold Brew, by Cleo Coyle, is a cozy mystery that steps up to deliver an engaging mystery with a coffee-theme. I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
Editing_Pen More than 1 year ago
Details. I love the details in Cleo Coyle’s books. Not just how good the hot, cheese-covered ziti smells or how smooth the dark espresso is, but unobtrusive moments of character details: from Clare quietly squeezing Madam’s hand in reassurance, showing us it’s Clare’s turn to be in charge, to Sophia’s always well-manicured nails, showing us her affluent lifestyle and concern for appearances, to the way a minor character dabs his mouth with a dinner napkin, showing us his state of mind. Those moments give us information and insight into character and draw in the reader to connect to the characters. And these characters are intriguing, fun, and worth getting to know. From Clare to Matt to Madam to Tucker to Quinn – everyone has a place, everyone is necessary, and there are plenty of well-placed lines that will elicit a chuckle, a gasp, and an outright hoot or two. The plot is always sound in these books, and the mystery itself is a good challenge of piecing together clues and enjoying the turns through “pay attention” alley. I also appreciate the mouth-watering descriptions of treats, and those recipes are gifted to us at the back of the book. A few times I quickly flipped to the back pages just to make sure the recipe was there after all the yummy teasing in the chapter. And finally, along with the details and delights of these books, the authors themselves are a special reward. They are attentive to fans, responsive and open to feedback and conversation, and offer a newsletter filled with giveaways, videos, coffee info, NYC posts, and recipe sheets. Maybe that’s why I read every word in these books. For the connection. Not just to the well-rounded, engaging characters within the story… but to the truly kind, warmhearted authors holding the pen.
YogiSam More than 1 year ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Although just posting the review now, I got this directly after it came out because I had been counting down the days until it was released. This has to be my favorite series I've ever read/listened to. There were a few parts towards the end of the book where the narrator could be heard making comments to the director so that could have been fixed but honestly to me, that did not ruin or really effect my view of the book. I can not wait until the next book. I am so excited for wedding and hope that it can happen in the next book. I really don't know what else to say about this book except that I thought it was amazing!!!! I hope they're are many more to come still.
MasonCanyon More than 1 year ago
A coffeehouse setting takes on fact and fiction when author Cleo Coyle’s protagonist Clare Cosi uncovers old family secrets and brews up a delicious pot of coffee. The characters in the coffeehouse mystery series are well-developed, likable, and realistic. The author gives the characters traits and faults readers can relate to. Returning fans of the series will see the characters continue to grow and evolve. New readers of the series can easily keep up with the background knowledge provided. The New York backdrop for the story adds depth and draws the read in. With an eye for details, the author enhances the story with real morsels of history, lore, and landmarks. Moving at a steady pace, the story offers suspense, mystery, murder, romance, humor, and the bonds of family and friends. While you may be able to glimpse a few directions, the story is going in, you’ll find there are still numerous surprises and twists in store before the end. Blending a fascinating murder mystery with tidbits of coffee facts and instructions makes for a well-balanced adventure. You don’t have to be a coffee lover to appreciate this intriguing tale. A bonus at the end will tempt your taste buds as the author shares several of the recipes mentioned throughout the story. COLD DEAD BREW is a captivating mystery that combines history with fiction as you’re drawn into a warm, friendly coffeehouse atmosphere with zany characters you wish were real people. FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher and the author. However, receiving the complimentary copies did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts This series just keeps getting better and better! In this installment the authors take us back in time to connect a present mystery to a very old mystery. A jeweler is found unconscious and a letter is delivered that brings family secrets to light. What does a sunken ship and a precious jewel that supposedly went down with it have to do with the happenings today? All this just as Mike finally pops to question to Clare. Congratulations are definitely in order but first Clare is on the trail trying to determine what it all means before more people end up dead. Dead Cold Brew is the 16th installment in this long running series and it is still brewing at a fevered pitch. These characters are so strong, current and real. The drama starts with an event that could be ripped from real life headlines. There is a sniper gunning down cops, thankfully only wounding them, but Mike’s unit is one of the group’s being targeted. Clare is also working with her ex Matt find on who targeted his godfather after he is found poisoned in his home. Clare fears the cases may be related. The story is very fast paced, so many things are happening but these authors are pros, the drama does not overwhelm the reader. We are drawn in a clues are solved and twists take us in different directions. I loved the way the history of Matt’s family is integral the the story. Clare is so close to her ex mother in law and the woman has been so generous to Clare it was wonderful to get some of her back story. There is also part of the story the reminds me of my son and that made the book extra special for me. All this together makes this an extremely hard book to put down. I now have a new book that is my favorite in this series. The special thing is that the authors give us plenty of details so no matter whether you have read this series from the start, or missed a couple in the middle or if this is your first time visiting with Clare and her friends you won’t be lost or feel like you have missed something. I can’t promise that you won’t want to go back and read this series from the start after reading this one. In fact I am almost positive you will. I think you will love these characters and want to read everything that you can about them. Oh and don’t forget the recipes. The fantastic recipes. Brew yourself a nice cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy Dead Cold Brew.
Miccox99 More than 1 year ago
Another mystery to unwind with the Coffeehouse gang this one involving a sordid past involving a sunken ship and the treasure that went down with it or so it was thought! As the mystery of the sunken ship and it's secrets gets untwisted, the crew is also on the lookout for a cop shooter dressed as a super hero! The humor continues with the plots melding and the characters enhancing the story at each step along the way. If you are looking for a fun cozy mystery that also weaves the coffee culture into the story then you won't want to miss this one!
CozyMarie More than 1 year ago
Fast paced, fun, and full of adventure, this book was over far too quickly. Which is saying something because at 349 pages, it is already longer than many cozy mystery books. The author does a nice job weaving multiple story lines together and keeping you hooked until the very end. There is a massive section of recipes in the back of this book. I can’t wait to get into the kitchen and try them out (especially Clare’s Cannoli Cream Cupcakes!)
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Dead Cold Brew is the sixteenth book in the A Coffeehouse Mystery series. This is one of the most exciting books that I have read in quite a while. The book is loaded with exciting dialogue, action scenes, and many surprising revelations. Matteo Allergo, Clair’s ex-husband and finder of the world’s best coffee beans, has asked Claire to mix coffee blend to be served on a replica of the Andrea Doria. A sniper has been targeting the police department and at one of these incidents, Claire sees the sniper the sniper get away. The most she can give the police is that the sniper was dressed in a superhero costume. Claire also gets to visit with a survivor of the original Andrea Doria who says he will help, if he can, learn who might be behind the police assaults. Clair also gets involved in the search for a valuable necklace that was possibly not lost when the Andrea Doria sunk. Delicious sounding recipes are also included, in fact, 50 some pages. I will be looking forward to reading the next book.
bluegreen91 More than 1 year ago
I look forward to a new Coffeehouse Mystery all year and they never disappoint! There's a lot going on in this book, but not so much that it's hard to keep track. A 60-year-old mystery, a present-day mystery, attempted murders, kidnappings, romance... this book has it all! It moves along at a good pace, without boring lags or chaotic confusion. As usual, I found myself trying to guess who was behind all the wrongdoing, and suspecting nearly everyone at one point or another, but I didn't find out who until it was revealed. Cleo Coyle is great at writing mysteries that pepper in clues and offering up alternative suspects and alibis, without making anything too obvious. This is the kind of book I read more than once, not only because I enjoy the story and the characters, but also to pick up on the hints and clues after I already know how the story turns out. I can't attest to how well this book stands on its own, without reading the previous books in the series, because I've read them all in order. I feel like the necessary background details are explained, without giving away too much from previous mysteries. But I can say that if this is the first Coffeehouse Mystery you read, I think you'll be intrigued to read more! Another great story from Cleo Coyle!
Anonymous 11 months ago
Story went from one tense situation to next, each more unbelievable than the last. Just food talk in between.....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it as always
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Dead Cold Brew by Cleo Coyle is the sixteenth book in A Coffeehouse Mystery series. Clare Cosi is the manager and master roaster at Village Blend in Greenwich Village, New York. Clare loves the job despite the contact with her ex-husband, Matteo “Matt” Allegro. Matt visits to tell Clare about a great opportunity. Victor Fontana is the head of a consortium that has built a new ship that is a re-creation of the S.S. Andrea Doria. The original ship sank sixty years ago in 1956. Village Blend is one of five companies competing to be the exclusive supplier of coffee for the ship. Clare needs to come up with a unique blend for the competition. Clare is thrilled until she reads the morning paper. Someone is going around shooting cops. Clare’s boyfriend is Lt. Michael “Mike” Quinn and he is the head of the OD Squad for the NYPD. Mike stops by Village Blend with Detective Sully Sullivan to reassure Clare. Sully leaves and they hear a gunshot. Sully has been shot and Clare sees someone resembling Panther Man leaving the area (this does not go over well with the police). Matt receives a visit from an attorney. It seems a special inheritance has been left for Matt and Sophia Campana (and their children). Upon opening the lockbox, the discover a letter and the Occhio del Gatto (Eye of the Cat). This gem was supposedly sunk with the Andrea Doria. The one person who may have answers is Gustavo Campana. He was on board the Andrea Doria. When the group goes to visit Gus, they discover him unconscious in his apartment. Gus was poisoned and Clare sees someone fleeing the scene. Someone is after the diamond. Clare wants to find out what happened sixty years ago on that ship, but she is also worried about the safety of Mike with a cop killer on the loose in New York. Will Clare be able to unravel this mystery before the killer strikes again? Dead Cold Brew is nicely written and full of action. The novel is packed with characters and activities (I did not tell you everything that occurred in this book). I found it difficult to keep track of the various people and their plot lines. The pace of the novel is slow (the book seemed to go on forever). The author is very descriptive and includes details of drinks, scenery, food items, etc. Some information is repeated throughout the book. I give Dead Cold Brew 3 out of 5 stars (it is okay). I wish the author had picked just one storyline for this book (either the sunken ship along with the gem or the cop killer). I do, though, like how she ended up tying the events together. While both mysteries may seem complicated, the solution is simple. I was able to solve the mysteries early in the book. The clues might as well have been neon arrows pointing to the perpetrator. While Dead Cold Brew is the sixteenth book in the series, it is the first book in the series that I have read (I was hoping to discover a new cozy mystery series). Dead Cold Brew can be read alone (you will be a little confused in the beginning). The author provides the needed background details on the main characters.