by Natasha Knight

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Persephone Abbot is in my debt. 

Exactly the way I want it. 

The sins of the father should not be inherited by the daughter. It's unfair, I know, but since when has life been fair? 

The events that brought us here began on Halloween night more than five years ago in that chapel ruin. I saved her that night. Carried her home through the storm that was the omen warning of what would come.

I didn't know it then, but I do now. 

Her father destroyed something precious. Someone innocent. 

I don't believe in an eye for an eye. I won't just balance the scales of justice, I'll tip them so far in my favor his legacy will topple. 

I'll take that which is most precious. His daughter. I'll own her. Make her mine.

But I'm not the only monster lurking in the dark corners of her world. She'll sleep in the bed of the beast but I'll keep her safe. Protect her fiercely. 

And maybe I'll keep her. 

Set in the Benedetti Mafia World, Descent is a brand new Standalone Enemies-to-Lovers Romance.

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BN ID: 2940163902804
Publisher: Natasha Knight
Publication date: 01/20/2020
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 24,188
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Descent 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
BookwormMomma 3 months ago
Descent was simply riveting! Persephone and Hayden had some amazing chemistry together, and the angsty push and pull between them lit up the pages! I wanted to know more about Hayden's past, but I loved him for Persephone. Trouble is never too far away though, and the twists and turns kept me so on edge! The dual POV told the story well, and I loved the way each revelation made my nerves tingle! A fantastic book!
fantasylandblog 3 months ago
Is there any way to go more than five-stars? I could NOT put this book down. Natasha wraps you into this world of dirty deeds, murder, mafia, and sex until you don't know who the good guys and bad guys are. All you want to do is hope that the person you are rooting for is going to end up alive and good in the end. Hayden and Persephone are characters that you want to read every time you open a book. But not only that, but Descent is a story you hope they are in. Never once did I see what was coming next, the surprises just kept coming. The chemistry is off the charts with Hades and Percy, but so are the arguments. Descent is a must-read story!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
4.25 stars--DESCENT by Natasha Knight is the second instalment in the author’s adult, contemporary, dark, erotic romance series set in the Benedetti Brothers Mafia World. This is businessman Hayden Montgomery, and Persephone Abbot’s story line. DESCENT can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. You do not have to have read the previous series to follow the story or timeline. NOTE: Due to the nature of the story line content, there may be some triggers for more sensitive readers. Told from dual first person perspectives (Hayden and Persephone) DESCENT follows in the aftermath of an accident that left Persephone’s father clinging to life. With the family business and empire crumbling and nearing foreclosure Persephone’s only option to sign over control to the enemy, a man who is hoping to destroy what’s left of the Abbot empire. Enter businessman Hayden Montgomery, and the man with whom Persephone will fall in love. What ensues is the building but acrimonious relationship between Persephone and Hayden, and the potential fall-out as sins of the past threaten to destroy them all. Persephone Abbot never knew to what extent her father had failed but a vendetta against her family finds our heroine facing a life of indentured servitude to a man who is seeking revenge- a debt owed with her life and her self-esteem; a humiliation that would continue for as long as Hayden wanted. Childhood friends with the Montgomery siblings, Persephone would be destroyed when death would take one of their own. Hayden Montgomery not only wants vengeance but he will take everything including our story line heroine in an effort to get what he wants, and done. Believing Persephone’s father betrayed the family, Hayden seeks revenge by destroying the one person that mattered –Persephone herself. The relationship between Hayden and Persephone is a contemptuous at best; a forced enemies to lovers relationship in an effort to take control of what was, and what will never be. Every aspect of Persephone’s life will be controlled by a man determined to get revenge, control that pushes the boundaries of questionable consent, and forcible $ex. The $ex scenes are aggressive and rough but I struggled with the use of a certain four-letter word in my ‘romance’ story lines. We are introduced to Persephone’s younger sister Lizzie and their father Quincy Abbot and their step-mother Irina; Hayden’s twin brother Ares, and their brother Jonas, as well as their father Jeremiah Montgomery. There is a cameo appearance by Dominic Benedetti, his wife Gia, and mobster Angus Scave. DESCENT is a story of fracture family dynamics; of secrets and lies; unforgiveable sins and retribution. The premise is dark and gritty; the characters are edgy, tragic and broken; the romance is questionable but passionate.
Jenn_R85 3 months ago
Phenomenal...Outstanding...Irresistible!!! Each time I read a book by this author I think I know excatly what to expect and each time I am amazed by her characters. Some you love from the start, some that you keep “hating” but really secretly loving *wink*. Whenever I read about these alpha males that are so arrogant, possessive, controlling, and quite honestly unbearable but also so delicious, irresistible and captivating. It’s pretty amazing how the woman of today( myself included) all want to be independent and don’t accept any manhandling but also melt under dominating touch of these dirty talking men. Natasha is the Queen of the dark-romance-maffia involved-stories. She has this magic touch that turns each book into success no matter what the storyline is. I know for sure that whenever I open any of her books there will only be craving for more. I loved Percy & Hades story so much that while reading I was picturing this on the big screen and how amazing that would be. These two were life fire and ice and I couldn’t decide who to bet my money on. Both of them were pushing and pulling and I was like a young teenager shouting “Yes, yes, keep going, don’t bend down, keep pushing those buttons.” This went by really quick and I wasn’t able to put it down, and once I was done I wondered maybe it will be another book, because this is simply too good to be over. There was a surprise visit by one of my favorite characters ever and my soul was singing and I kept wanting more and more of him/her/them ;) Absolutely recommended and I can’t wait for next fabulous story by one of my all time favorite authors. #LoveNatasha #QueenOfDarkRomance #BestMaffiaBooks
LilleyLoohLah 3 months ago
Wow! Book hangover! I could not put this book down. Hooked from the first page. Fantastic characters, so much happening, a little suspense, a lot of drama, and some oh so sexy times. I just loved Hayden Montgomery, he had the whole angry, alpha male, seeking revenge mojo down to a tee. Hades (even his nickname is hot), is used to getting what he wants, it wasn’t always like that for him though, and what he wants is Persephone Abbot, and he isn’t going to let anything stand in his way. Persephone wants to hate Hades so much, but let’s be honest, he’s very persuasive, and she’s only human after all (even though her name suggests otherwise). Lots of plot twists and turns that kept me on my toes, oh and a little Benedetti cameo that I adored. Excellent writing, an addictive story, and characters, both good and bad, that will stay with me for months to come. I just know that this is going to be one of my favourite reads this year (that’s saying a lot, seeing as were only 2 weeks in). I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest review.
DarGee 3 months ago
I love the myth of Hades and Persephone, how they are willing to do whatever it takes to be together, to be in love. So when the characters of this story had those names, the bar was set high in my mind, and that bar was met. This story had so much pain, anger, guilt, and remorse. But it also had light, love, caring, and hope. The sins committed were grave and despicable, the anguish they caused having long effects. The seeds of love planted so many years before flourished though, and no forces could destroy those roots Hades and Persephone, Hayden and Percy, no matter their names, they were meant to be together, to belong to each other, and the biggest barrier to that is within themselves. Hot and sexy, explosive and volatile, these two match each other in every way. From beginning to end, they were destined to be together, and they finally fulfil their destiny!
Joyffree 3 months ago
It was to short! Or maybe I just wanted to stay in the story forever? You ever get to 50% and begin to wonder if you can somehow make the journey a bit longer? Maybe read slower? I actually did that... or tried to. I read this or should say consumed this in one sitting From the moment a broken Hayden comforted a frightened Persephone I willingly handed over my heart and any hope of breaking free before the final scene played out Hades went about his conquest of Persephone all wrong. He was using revenge as an excuse to manipulate the situation and acquire his heart's desire- the oldest ploy in the book - and to make matters worse?? He admits his possession of Percy truly has nothing to do with his hatred of her father. He just wanted his Percy. What he fails to admit is that she is his everything. Always has been. Yeah, these two had it bad. One of the many reasons their story stole my heart. Percy knew from the moment she locked eyes with Hades she would bend to his will, but a girl has to front a little hard to get. The story line... Twisted Deadly And hot as he ll!! As the veil is lifted and the plot is exposed listen carefully to what happened. The devil is always in the details. There is a *deep inhale * revelation that explains soooo much, or it did for me. Seems Hades had a taste of Persephone long before now. You know right from the start Percy is going to capitulate to Hades and you know Hades is going to push limits .. he is a male and he is in love and he needs to bang his chest and ... well, you get the idea. I think Percy does pretty well holding her own. I do think that this should have been longer - No, it is not just my greed for more from this couple. There are some events that I felt needed more backstory. Like Hade's childhood, his dad's deals, his adopted sister's actions ... IDK maybe I did just want more. I know I want Ares's story. He seems a bit more level headed than his brother. Maybe?