Divine Interpretation

Divine Interpretation


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By publishing these essays together for the first time, this collection widens access to a number of T. F. Torrance's illuminating studies on the history of biblical hermeneutics. Moreover, by detailing Torrance's extensive engagement with primary sources, which generally appear only in summary form across his writings, this collection reveals to readers how Torrance's own theological hermeneutics were forged through deep fellowship with the communion of the saints.

""An invaluable resource for any serious student of Torrance, bringing together a rich and rewarding collection of his essays. Highly recommended.""
--Alister McGrath, University of Oxford

""It is not too much to say that without a proper hermeneutics shaped by the unique nature of its object, theology would be lost. This impressive collection of essays from Thomas F. Torrance helpfully gathers together many of his most important writings on the subject displaying an amazing grasp of history and theology. Familiar themes emerge: the important connection between the incarnation and atonement, the nature of scientific knowledge of God as knowledge grounded in God and personally conveyed through his Word and Spirit by grace through faith, and more. But the really important impression that this book will convey to its readers is the way Torrance's own thinking is not only shaped by Scripture but by the early church Fathers, and especially by Calvin and Barth. There are contextual discussions of just how Calvin related experience and knowledge of God that will illuminate Torrance's own important discussions of the Trinity and Christology. This is a book that Torrance scholars and theologians interested in Reformation history, as it relates to Augustine and Mediaeval theology generally, will want to read.""
--Paul Molnar, St. John's University, Queens, New York

""T. F. Torrance's extensive studies on the history of hermeneutics deserve to remain important reading for students of theology and scriptural interpretation. This volume presents a very valuable collection of some of Torrance's most significant texts in the field, set out somewhat after the fashion of the ambitious general history of hermeneutics which he originally envisioned as corollary to his work on theological epistemology and Christian doctrine. For all who wish to gain an understanding of Torrance's provocative ways of reading historical theology and its legacies, this book is an essential asset.""
--Ivor J. Davidson, University of Aberdeen

""One might think a work on hermeneutics would be mired in stodgy prose and consumed with literary and secular hermeneutical theory. This volume exhibits neither tendency. Hermeneutics for Torrance is Christology in another key, and that means his hermeneutics is distinctly Christian. As we have come to expect from Torrance, the tradition is examined (here especially significant late medieval thinkers, Reformers, and of course Karl Barth) not merely for its own sake but for the cause of following the mind of the catholic Church in order to make clear what it means for Christ to be the Truth and the one who fully reveals God. Gathered together in one accessible volume, the editors have done a service to the church with these carefully chosen essays which form a companion volume of sorts to Torrance's earlier study in hermeneutics, Divine Meaning, which explored the patristic consensus.""
--Myk Habets, Carey Baptist College

""T. F. Torrance's writings on the history of biblical hermeneutics deserve to be much more widely known than they presently are, for they have a great deal to teach both academic theologians and members of the church. These collected essays put some important texts within easy reach and provide all who care about biblical interpretation with a great deal of food for thought.""
--Darren Sarisky, Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford

Adam Nigh (University of Aberdeen), Bible and Theology Faculty, Valley Christian High School (San Jose, CA), wro

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