Divine Time Management: The Joy of Trusting God's Loving Plans for You

Divine Time Management: The Joy of Trusting God's Loving Plans for You

by Elizabeth Grace Saunders


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Time is a precious gift. When you invest it well, it's marked with meaning and unforgettable moments of joy. But if you're like so many, you feel rushed. Overwhelmed. Pressured by your daily obligations and others' expectations. The need to please, to succeed, and to make a difference wears away at your joy and leaves you feeling empty or exhausted.

Elizabeth Grace Saunders, internationally recognized time management expert, has helped everyone from busy moms to small business owners to corporate clients reorder their lives for success. She knows there are endless apps, books, and useful methods for becoming self-disciplined, organized, and more successful, but these tools alone aren't enough to provide true freedom from the stress of how to best manage time.

Yet when Elizabeth's longtime faith intersected with her work, it unlocked the power of DIVINE TIME MANAGEMENT. After a season of unusually high stress, where traditional time management methods fell short, she found a transformative sense of peace by surrendering her plans to God. Pursuing God's wisdom in time management, Elizabeth discovered that by trusting Him she could achieve the happy, prosperous, confident life He lovingly planned for her. Now she shares how you can find purpose, joy, and the peace that comes from letting God guide your actions.

DIVINE TIME MANAGEMENT offers you: a path to deeper intimacy with God centered on trust in Him; an understanding of what God wants for your life, to inform how you set priorities; biblical and personal encouragement to embrace your God-given desires; effective ways to faithfully navigate major decisions; and proven time-saving methods.

God delights in His children experiencing His best. DIVINE TIME MANAGEMENT will help you align your life with God's best for you, for lasting joy with Christ at the center of your world.

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ISBN-13: 9781478974369
Publisher: FaithWords
Publication date: 11/14/2017
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 1,238,746
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Grace Saunders is the founder of Real Life E Time Coaching and Speaking. She's been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. She contributes to Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, and Fast Company. Elizabeth is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and the Forbes Coaches Council. Though she's the author of two previous books, her first Christian inspirational work is Divine Time Management (FaithWords, 2017).

Table of Contents

Letter to You xiii

Preface xix

Section 1 Trust in God at the Center

Chapter 1 Control Is Not the Goal 3

Find More than Enough at the End of Yourself

Turning Your World Upside Down 7

The Wrong Goals for Time Management (That Seem So Right): 10

Control: I've Got This 12

Pleasure: What Will Put Me at a 10? 15

Achievement: Getting Things Done 18

Being the Super ___: Always Being There for People 21

The Right Aim for Divine Time Management: 24

Trust in God at the Center 26

Love for Your True Identity 28

Alignment with God 30

Reflection Exercise: Being Clay 32

Chapter 2 Learning to Trust God 35

Want More Abundance? Try Obedience.

The Trust Cycle (God's Word Style) 39

Trust-Strengthening Exercises: 43

Decluttering Your Schedule 43

Investing in Your Relationship with God 48

Building Enough Faith to Rest in Him 55

Loving People So Much You Let Go 58

Trust Is Enough 60

Reflection Exercise: ENOUGH TIME 60

Section 2 Love for Your True Identity

Chapter 3 Images We Create to Earn Love 65

No More Plastic Princess

Why Identity Is Critical 68

False Identities: 70

Molds You Try to Fit 70

Labels You Wear 74

Positions You Point to as Validation of Worth 77

Possessions You Cling to for Security 80

Generational Patterns You Think You Need to Follow 87

Reflection Exercise: Be You Tiful 88

Chapter 4 Challenging False Beliefs 90

Being Loved "Just Because"

Why We Need to Live from Identity Not for Identity 93

The Essential Paradigm Shifts: 96

Uncertain vs. Certain 96

External vs. Internal 100

Relative vs. Absolute 107

Reflection Exercise: Stop Pushing 111

Chapter 5 Discovering Your True Identity 114

What Does It Mean to Be Me?

The Magnificent Unveiling 116

Sources of Insight: 119

The Word 119

The Spirit 123

The Body 125

The Anointing 127

Reflection Exercise: Loving the True You 132

Section 3 Alignment with God

Chapter 6 Right Relationship with God 135

One Thing I Have Desired

Relationship and Rules 136

Entering into Relationship with God 137

Staying in Communion with God 139

Growing Love: 141

No gods before God 141

Worship 143

Word 145

Prayer 148

Protecting Love: 150

Acknowledge Sin 151

Be Aware of Negative Influences 154

Forgive Others 156

Reflection Exercise: He Notices 158

Chapter 7 Right Relationship with Others 159

Learning to Love without Fear

Real Connections with Real People 162

Cultivating Love: 164

By Giving 164

By Peacemaking 169

By Intentionality 173

By Vulnerability 176

Guarding Your Heart: 179

Pray More, Worry Las 180

Point the Finger…At Yourself 184

Be Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves 188

Use the Jesus Shield 190

Reflection Exercise: Giving Up Control 193

Chapter 8 Right Relationship with Ourselves 196

Love Your Story Line

Self-Love without Self-Centeredness 198

Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion 200

Not Controlling Yourself, Loving Yourself: 206

Spiritual Self-Care 207

Physical Self-Care 211

Emotional Self-Care 216

Mental Self-Care 220

Not Controlling Your Life, Loving Your Life 224

Reflection Exercise: Embracing Our Limits 239

Epilogue: A Few Pinal Thoughts 242

In Gratitude 245

About the Author 247

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