Does God Love All or Some?

Does God Love All or Some?


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The term "extensivism" describes my position regarding the doctrine of salvation. Specifically, extensivism believes that man was created in the image of God with otherwise choice; God's salvation plan involves an all-inclusive unconditional offer of salvation to every person, reception of which is conditioned upon grace-enabled faith rather than Calvinism's exclusive plan of a limited actual offer of salvation to only the unconditionally elected. Generally, it replaces the term "non-Calvinism."

These are the five primary objectives of the book: First, my considerations would result in a deeper understanding of God. Second, I will demonstrate that God salvationally loves every single person. Third, I intend to offer a precise and respectful critique of Calvinism's internal and biblical inconsistencies (these are largely due to its commitment to compatibilism and unconditional election). Fourth, I will demonstrate that God's free choice to endow man with libertarian freedom is a more biblical perspective. Fifth, because a significant percentage of people who become Calvinists do not actually understand Calvinism, I seek to present Calvinism and extensivism in language that is precisely and consistently reflective of the commitments of each perspective regarding God's sovereignty, salvific love, foreknowledge, and man's freedom; this so a person can make an informed choice about Calvinism.

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ISBN-13: 9781532681776
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 04/19/2019
Pages: 316
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About the Author

Ronnie W. Rogers is the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma. He has presented at the Oxford International Round Table Symposiums and has authored five other books. He has also served as president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention; chairman of the Board of Trustees at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; and chairman of the Nominating Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. He interacts with current events at He is married with two married daughters and five grandsons.

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“From the pen of a seasoned pastor and thoughtful former Calvinist—this book peels back the layers of obfuscation that often encrust the hard realities of what is entailed in Calvinistic theology. This is probably the most penetrating summary critique of the biblical, theological, logical, and practical incongruences inherent in Calvinistic theology I have read. Rogers goes beyond the surface level of criticism to the deeper layers of contradictions, exposing the soft underbelly of much of Reformed theology. Irenic, respectful, yet thoroughly probing, this is a must read for all who want to understand the issues more deeply.”

—David L. Allen, Dean, School of Preaching, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Does God Love All or Some? should be required reading for all students preparing for ministry. Ronnie Rogers covers an array of topics that, unfortunately, are all-too-often neglected in theological education and personal conversations. From persuasively correcting the mythical narrative that one must be either an Arminian or a Calvinist to tackling the illogical fallacy of compatibilism, the author, with wit and balance, shares his personal theological journey and works through the maze of biblical complexities. I wish such a volume was available when I attended seminary years ago.”

—Emir Caner, President, Truett McConnell University, Professor of History and Christian Studies

“I highly recommend this latest work by Ronnie Rogers to you. The ministry the Lord has worked through this man (his church, his other writings, and most obvious to me in my work at Criswell College, the people he has influenced) is truly remarkable and itself merits paying attention to his writings. But his treatment of the extensive nature of the atonement also deserves attention because he has written it as a person formerly ensconced in the doctrines of grace. His familiarity with the issues relevant to those who really are trying to work their way through Scripture, theology, and ministry is apparent in individual chapters dealing with so many of the nuances involved in addressing the question. I am grateful he has shared the gleanings of his own journey with the Christian community.”

—Barry Creamer, President, Criswell College

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