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Doing the Work: Healing Our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self

Doing the Work: Healing Our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self

by Jill Loree, Scott Wisler
Doing the Work: Healing Our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self

Doing the Work: Healing Our Body, Mind & Spirit by Getting to Know the Self

by Jill Loree, Scott Wisler

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Many of us have an inkling there can be more to life: that more meaningful moments are possible, more satisfying experiences are attainable. Well, we’re right.

And fortunately, the tools for bringing this about are not really a secret. They’re just not obvious. Herein lies the crux of the problem. We must come to realize what we have not been willing or able to see before.

When we do this, we’ll come to know this truth: we are capable of enjoying life far more abundantly than we currently do.

Step, Together, Step | THE PROCESS
Living in a 100-Story House | THE SETUP
Building Castles in the Sky | REALITY
I’m Totally Fine, I Feel Nothing | NUMBNESS
Would I Rather be Right or Happy? | DUALITY
Praying for a Toehold | TRUTH
So You’re the Rubber and I’m the Glue? | OUR WORK
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are | HIDING
I Spy with My Little Eye | LITTLE-L LOWER SELF
What are we Fighting For? | BIG-L LOWER SELF
Taking the Long Way Home | DOING THE WORK
It’s Time for a Break | CRISIS
There’s a Hole in my Bucket | TRUST
Emptying Out the Well | TEARS
Making Space for Not Knowing | UNITY

Truth be told, no one gets out of planet Earth alive. But we can come out ahead by learning to make the best use of our time here. And that starts the day we begin doing the work. So let’s get at it.

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Publisher: Jill Loree
Publication date: 06/18/2017
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About the Author

A neatnik with a ready sense of humor, Jill Loree’s first job as a root-beer-stand carhop in northern Wisconsin was an early sign that things could only get better.

She would go on to throw pizzas and bartend while in college, before discovering that the sweet spot of her 30-year sales-and-marketing career would be in business-to-business advertising. A true Gemini, she has a degree in chemistry and a flair for writing. Her brain fires on both the left and right sides.

That said, her real passion in life has been her spiritual path. Raised in the Lutheran faith, she became a more deeply spiritual person in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, a spiritual recovery program, starting in 1989. In 1997, she was introduced to the wisdom of the Pathwork, which she describes as “having walked through the doorway of a fourth step and found the whole library.”

She completed four years of Pathwork Helpership training in 2007 followed by four years of apprenticing and discernment before stepping into her full Helpership in 2011. She has been a teacher in the Transformation Program offered at Sevenoaks Retreat Center in Madison, Virginia, operated by Mid-Atlantic Pathwork, where she also led marketing activities for over two years and served on the Board of Trustees.

In 2012, Jill completed four years of kabbalah training in a course called the Soul’s Journey, achieving certification for hands-on healing using the energies embodied in the tree of life.

Not bad for a former pom-pom squad captain who once played Dolly in Hello Dolly! She is now the proud mom of two adult children, Charlie and Jackson, who were born and raised in Atlanta. Jill Loree is delighted to be married to Scott Wisler, but continues to use her middle name as her last (it’s pronounced loh-REE). In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, yoga, golf, skiing and hiking, especially in the mountains.

In 2014, she consciously decoupled from the corporate world and is now dedicating her life to writing and teaching about spirituality, personal healing and self-discovery.

Catch up with Jill at

Scott Wisler is a man of many words, a hopeful romantic, and a lover of the everyday pleasures in living a good life. Raised in Ohio with Midwest manners and a healthy dose of neighborly kindness, he’s seldom shy and typically quick to find a way to connect with others. He once yelled “O-H” loudly in the Dubai airport, and was gratified to hear a distant echo of “I-O” called back to him.

Educated with masters degrees in both mechanical and aerospace engineering, he has spent his career building engines that run well. Lately, he prefers to work on the kind that also run clean, hoping to contribute to the environmental healing of the planet.

Scott is a spiritual seeker who embraces the teachings of the Pathwork Guide along with many other spiritual luminaries, and embodies what it means to walk straight in the world. He carries light with him wherever he goes—whether to a drum circle or a high-level business meeting—and is forever searching to find new ways to help light emerge more fully into corporate environments.

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