Down Solo

Down Solo

by Earl Javorsky


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Things haven't been going well for Charlie Miner. His work as a private investigator involves him with an endless roster of shady characters. His ex-wife is borderline crazy. And he hasn't been getting to spend anywhere near enough time with his teenage daughter Mindy, the one person in his life who truly matters to him.When he wakes up on a slab in the morgue with a hole in his head, though, things get even worse.Just before the shooting, Charlie was investigating a case involving fraud, gold, religious zealots, and a gorgeous woman who seemed to be at the center of everything. Even with a fatal bullet wound, Charlie can connect the dots from the case to his attack. And when his daughter is abducted by someone involved, the stakes get exponentially higher. Charlie needs to find Mindy before the criminals do the same thing to her that they did to him.After that, maybe he'll try to figure out how he's walking around dead.Irreverent, circuitous, and surprisingly touching, Down Solo introduces a crisp new voice to suspense fiction.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611881769
Publisher: Story Plant
Publication date: 12/09/2014
Pages: 202
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Earl Javorsky is a writer living in Southern California. He is currently working on his second novel, Trust Me, which The Story Plant will publish in 2015.

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New York Times bestselling author of Full Measure and The Famous and the Dead - T. Jefferson Parker

"Earl Javorsky's bold and unusual Down Solo blends the mysterious and the supernatural boldly and successfully. The novel is strong and haunting, a wonderful debut."

Author of Bright Shiny Morning - James Frey

"Another awesome mystery. Check it out."

Author of Point Doom - Dan Fante

"Don't miss Earl Javorsky's Down Solo. Kick-ass excellent writing. This guy is the real deal"

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Down Solo 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Charlie Miner is a private investigator that wakes up in the morgue. It seems someone has put a bullet in his head. He can astral project and if he concentrates really hard he can reanimate his body. He doesn’t remember much but wants to know who killed him along with getting a hit if drugs. He quickly learns that drugs don’t do anything anymore but his dealer gets him started with the first step into what happened in the last 24 hours. It seems a beautiful lady came into Charlie’s life asking him to investigate fraud and some missing gold. Clearly Charlie was getting close to the answer when his ex-wife dumps his daughter on him, she was then kidnapped, and he finds himself in the morgue. I really liked this story. Charlie is not one of the best people in the world but he is very protective of his daughter and great at following the clues. I loved how you don’t find out what was really going on until the end. I like to be kept guessing and I didn’t really expect the ending. This is a great mystery and I have to admit that Charlie did grow on me. Although the book ends like it could be a standalone I know that this is the first in the series. I can’t wait to see what trouble Charlie gets into next. I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.
walc More than 1 year ago
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Ready for a good old-fashioned gum-shoe and grit tale set in Los Angeles? Charlie Miner is a private investigator, who wakes up one day to find his life has taken a decided turn toward, Worst. Day. Ever. You see, instead of a warm and comfy bed, Charlie wakes up on an ice cold slab in the Los Angeles Morgue, so, on that note, one would think his day can only get better from there, right? Or not. Charlie gives new meaning to the phrase, “Dead man walking,” as he begins a journey that spans borders as he attempts to save his daughter from the clutches of death. Why not settle some scores on the way? Seriously, what can they do to him, kill him? Been there, done that, still struggling with hanging on to his soul until his mission is complete. Down Solo by Earl Javorsky has a fast-paced plot with a few unique flavors to savor, great dialogue and a cast of characters that run from his squirrely ex to those seedy figures that slither out of the shadows at the worst times. Mr. Javorsky has a built an edgy and unique world that will have you grabbing for your own PI kit, just to be able to run with the rather flawed pro as he races against time to save the day.
col2910 More than 1 year ago
I’m not usually one for a touch of the supernatural in my reading but this off-beat mystery about a PI waking up in a morgue with a bullet hole in his head, piqued my interest so I thought why not give it a go. Well worth the risk in my opinion, though in truth, Down Solo is not a book that has remained seared in the memory a few weeks after reading it. That’s not a criticism or a negative, books that entertain and amuse and are kind of forgotten afterwards have just as much a place in my reading as those that educate and linger and haunt afterwards. Our PI, Charlie Miner has been shot in the head, which has unsurprisingly played havoc with his memories. These gradually return to him as he endeavours to retrace his footsteps and discover who any he ended up dead. In the course of the story, an associate of Charlie’s; the mysterious dread-locked, mystic-esque Daniel pops up at convenient moments and advises Charlie on how to harness his new-found ability to exit his body and hover above and float away. A talent which obviously comes in handy when Miner is trying to unravel the mystery of what the hell is going on and his evasive employer, exits the room to take a phone call, or if he wants to scope out a rendezvous ahead of physically appearing. If all this sounds like absolute nonsense, it isn’t – it actually worked for me. Probably 90% a straightforward mystery and 10% occult-supernatural-improbable-just not happening – which to give the author his due, Earl Javorsky succeeds in making plausible and credible. We discover that Charlie Miner is divorced acrimoniously from his wife, Allison; he has a teenage daughter, Mindy who he cares about and he’s a drug addict. The case he is on concerns a missing $8 million in cash, a Mexican gold mine, geological reports – either faked or real, a speculative businessman with an evangelical bent and his psychopathic and adoptive son, Ratboy, as well as a couple of dead geologists and a few sharks eager to either recover or acquire the $8 million, including Miner’s employer, the beautiful, Tanya Peterson. Miner makes some inroads into the puzzle and reacquainting himself with his life, but then Ratboy kidnaps his daughter. Cue Mexican road-trip and all manner of mayhem. Javorsky amuses as well as thrills. At one point Miner is carted off to jail and the initial scene at processing with a hobo is absolutely hilarious. Ditto a slight diversion and delay during Charlie’s Mexican trip which sees him held captive by a couple of meth-heads. Miner’s resolution to this particular problem was funny.   A worthwhile and interesting read. Similar to a lot of chase the money, recover the girl type books but with a fresh and unique twist. Plenty of action, gun-play, drugs, a bit of sex, a fair bit about family and friendship and loyalty with some laughs thrown in. I would be happy to read more from Earl Javorsky in the future, time allowing. 4 from 5 A Net Galley read.  
MissBethBC More than 1 year ago
Yes, this story was suspenseful.   The main character went from one hot scene to another and it can be said, he can blame it all on a woman.   He is a dead man walking but he is trying to solve his last case and save his lovely daughter from the fate that has befallen him.   There was one scene in particular that was rather corny, but the story did hold my attention and I was anxious to see how it resolved.And I was somewhat mystified with the ending.    Truly it is unique and a little unbelievable, yet enjoyable
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Charlie Miner initially has a huge problem – he’s been shot in the head and is deader than dead! Initially he does the float out of the body bit but then he discovers he can reenter his body and get up and walk, talk, touch and feel, and more.  So what’s the problem with the dead guy who’s still able to act like a living person?  He can’t remember who shot him or why?  Enter the crime thriller story that’s more than a mystery! Charlie little by little begins to remember his past wife.  A former drug addict, he’s still got the urge for more drugs. In the process of getting high he begins to remember he was a private investigator and goes home to sort through his files, most of which are fairly innocent, even mundane, cases involving infidelity, insurance scams, lightweight issues more or less.  But then a name sparks a flicker of a memory – Tanya.  Later on he’ll get a call and recognize the name immediately of his ex-wife who’s about to dump his daughter Mindy on his hands. It’s summertime so he figures he can handle the latter, especially as he loves her dearly! Now begins a whirlwind of traveling, gunfights, explosions, threats, and unfortunately the abduction of his daughter. He had left her alone while he began to explore the scene that he knew led to his own mortal demise.  It’s more than a scam involving the presence or absence of gold, its link to investment (something like but not quite like a Ponzi scam), one con man ignorant of being conned by another criminal, a guy who’s like a supervising angel, oodles of slowly revealed memories of a former better life that went awry, and so much more.   If you think this novel is a predictable series of crimes, heroin addicts, violent acts, etc., you’re right – and you’re terribly wrong.  It’s got no moral lesson unless you want to analyze it and impose your own theory or theories.  It’s quite simply a story that could be so very real in this world of con jobs and crime and death! But it’s also like entering the middle of tornado after tornado, being jettisoned into even more desperation and yet attempts to set it all right – for Mindy if for no one else.  You’ll be surprised to see how it all evolves (you did want me to say ends nicely, didn’t you? LOL).  Earl Javorsky is a crime novelist who crafts a story with unique twists and turns and a refreshing change for those who love an unpredictable, even erratic mystery! Quite a novel!
Elizalisa More than 1 year ago
Unique. Fascinating. Original. Well written. I haven't seen a detective story where the dead guy solves his own case since Ghost. So many twisted players. So many twisted stories. All strung together in a fascinating pattern that keeps the reader engaged throughout