Down the Rabbit Hole (Echo Falls Series #1)

Down the Rabbit Hole (Echo Falls Series #1)

by Peter Abrahams


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"My all-time favorite. Astonishing." (Stephen King)

Down the Rabbit Hole is the first book in the Echo Falls mystery series by bestselling crime novelist Peter Abrahams. Perfect for middle school readers looking for a good mystery.

Welcome to Echo Falls, home of a thousand secrets. In Down the Rabbit Hole, eighth grader Ingrid Levin-Hill is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or at least her shoes are. And getting them back will mean getting tangled up in a murder investigation as complicated as the mysteries solved by her idol, Sherlock Holmes.

With soccer practice, schoolwork, and the lead role in her town's production of Alice in Wonderland, Ingrid is swamped. But as things in Echo Falls keep getting curiouser and curiouser, Ingrid realizes she must solve the murder on her own—before it's too late.

"Deft use of literary allusions and ironic humor add further touches of class to a topnotch mystery," said School Library Journal. "Intriguing twists." Publishers Weekly agreed: "The fresh dialogue and believable small-town setting will tempt fans to visit Echo Falls again."

The next book in this Edgar Award-nominated series in Behind the Curtain, followed by Into the Dark.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780060737030
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/25/2006
Series: Echo Falls Series , #1
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 448
Sales rank: 165,791
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.60(h) x 1.30(d)
Lexile: 680L (what's this?)
Age Range: 10 - 14 Years

About the Author

Peter Abrahams is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-five books, including the Edgar Award-winning Reality Check, Bullet Point, and the Echo Falls series for middle graders. Writing as Spencer Quinn, he is also the author of the Chet and Bernie series—Dog on It, Thereby Hangs a Tail, and To Fetch a Thief. He and his wife live in Massachusetts with their dog, Audrey.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

An Echo Falls Mystery
By Peter Abrahams

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2006 Peter Abrahams
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0060737034

Chapter One

Ingrid Levin-Hill, three weeks past her thirteenth birthday, sat thinking in her orthodontist's waiting room. You're born cute. Babies are cute. Not hard to guess why -- it's so everyone will forgive them for being such a pain. You grow a little older, and people say, "What beautiful hair," or "Get a load of those baby blues," or something nice that keeps you thinking you're still on the cuteness track. Then you hit twelve or thirteen and boom, they tell you that everything needs fixing. Waiting in the wings are the orthodontist, the dermatologist, the contact lens guy, the hair-tinting guy, maybe even the nose-job guy. You look at yourself in the mirror, really look at yourself, for the first time. And what do you see? Oh my God.

Two orthodontists divided the business in Echo Falls: Dr. Lassiter, who didn't mind pulling a tooth or two to speed things along, and Dr. Binkerman, who liked to say he'd turn in his badge before sacrificing a single tooth. One kind of parents sent their kids to Dr. Lassiter. Ingrid, whose parents were of the other kind, was well into her second year with Dr. Binkerman, and behind her braces lurked the same jumble of teeth she'd come in with in the first place. And bythe way, what stupid badge was he talking about? Ingrid flipped to another page of Seventeen. The glossy paper made an angry snapping sound.

Flirting Tips:
Where the Hotties Are

In the weight room, of course. So
it's important to get down with
all that weight room terminology.
Cut, ripped, reps, lats, pecs,
curls, dips, jacked, juiced -- is this
a weird lingo or what? Let's start
with reps. Reps is simply short for --


Ingrid looked up. Mary Jane, the chairside assistant, stood in the doorway that led back to the operatories, the expression on her face a little exasperated, as though maybe she'd been calling Ingrid for some time. If so, Ingrid really hadn't heard. Reading -- it didn't matter what -- always did that to her.

"All set," said Mary Jane. Ingrid followed her. There were two chairside assistants: Mary Jane, who wore her gray hair in a bun and always had circles under her eyes, and a younger one, who changed every two months or so. Mary Jane motioned Ingrid to the chair and raised it just as Dr. Binkerman strode in, flexing his surgically gloved hands.

"And how's Ingrid today?" he said, looming into extreme close-up, his gaze locking on her teeth. Like Sherlock Holmes -- The Complete Sherlock Holmes had been sitting on her bedside table for years -- Ingrid was a habitual noticer of little things. Sherlock Holmes believed you could find out just about all you needed to know about people from little things; his method, as he told Dr. Watson more than once, was founded on the observation of trifles. Trifles were things like the single but surprisingly long white hair poking out of Dr. Binkerman's left nostril; the sleepy seed, lima bean colored, in the corner of his right eye; the pinprick-size blackhead on the end of his nose, a millimeter off-center. All these trifles added up to the glamorous Dr. Binkerman, hard-riding sheriff of the overbite range.

And what was the question? How's Ingrid today? "She's fine," said Ingrid.

"Open, please," said Dr. Binkerman. He peered inside her mouth, felt around in back, where the screws were, with his rubbery fingers. "Been wearing the appliance?" he said.

"Uh-huh," said Ingrid.

"Every night?" Dr. Binkerman drew back, looking at her whole face for the first time, fingers out of her mouth now so she could speak clearly ...


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Down the Rabbit Hole 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 110 reviews.
Xinyu Huang More than 1 year ago
Echo Falls is your ordinary suburban town. 13- year old resident, Ingrid Levin-Hill thinks her life cant get anymore duller, until one day she pays an unplanned visit to the strange 'Cracked-Up Katie'. Several days after the trip, the newspaper writes a suprising article on Cracked-Up Katie being mysteriously murdered, the assailant, unknown. Police are under the investigation, and so is Ingrid. Ingrid soon finds out much more than the police, and discovers Katherine Kovac's strange and mysterious life, and realizes there is much more to her death than the police think. Curiouser, and curiouser.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Down the Rabbit Hole is a mystery book that had me on the edge of my seat. I loved this book which is surprising because I HATE mystery's. If you want a great book that has non-stop action and that you won't want to put down then this is the book for you. The two things about this book that I did not like is that it mild language and a few boring parts. When I was reading this book I could not put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone.
GVSreading More than 1 year ago
Ingrid Levin-Hall is just a regular girl in a regular town, but on her way to soccer practice she gets her shoes in the wrong place. The ending is not predictable, it is a very good ending but Abrahams stretched it out over twenty pages it seemed like. This book is a good book, even though it can be quite confusing on some parts. I wouldn't have read this book, but my librarian recommended it and I am glad she did. This is the kind of book that if you start it, you should probably prepare to finish it in one sitting, because it keeps you wanting to find out the mystery. This is the first book I have read from this author, but now I know how good a author he is, and plan on reading more of his books. This book is a mystery book, but it's not all about the mystery. It goes from Ingrid's town production of Alice In Wonderland, to her aggressive brother, to a murder that Ingrid vies to solve. This book I think achieves what the author wanted it to be, exciting and suspenseful. If you like mysteries you should read this book. If you like to find out the mystery right away, I advise you not to read this, because it is not short, and not predictable. This book isn't the BEST mystery I have read, but it is absolutely one of my favorites. This is the first book of the Echo Falls series, and it sure is a good start!
Bookworm18 More than 1 year ago
When I saw this book on the Libary shelf I did`t really think about reading it but I was in need of a book at the time so I read the reviews and I started reading it. Once I got into it I was hooked on it I could`t put it down. This fast pace book was great!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Down the Rabbit Hole' is a story about Ingrid, a 13 year old Sherlock holmes lover, who stumbled into the house of Cracked-Up-Kaite on the day she was murdered. Afterwards, she realizes that she has left her prized soccer cleats at the scene of the crime. Afraid that she will be the one to take the blame, Ingrid has to solve the mystery before innocent people, namely her, get into trouble. We follow the 13 year old detective as she uncovers the mysteries of Echo Falls, just like her idol, Sherlock Holmes. Quickly though, Ingrid realizes that life is not always the way it looks in her favorite books. This is a great story. I love the character of Ingrid, she has a complex, fun personality that's brought out at the perfect times. Although the mystery is what we read the book for, I love how that doesn't domiate the rest of the book, and other stories and relationships can come in and out smoothly. Ingrid seems like a real person, with real problems at school and with her friends, family, and herself. You not only get to solve the crime with her, you get to see the way Ingrid views others and herself, and how that changes. I would reccommend this book to anyone who is even remotely interested in mysteries, regardless of age.
beautybabydoll More than 1 year ago
First, let me say, Ingrid is definitely one of THE most real characters I've ever read about! She gets scared when anyone else in the world would get scared! She's witty, charming, and has a crush, like lots of teen-tween girls. I remember picking this up awhile back (I was in 4th grade, I'm in 8th now) and never finishing it. I found it on the Nook, and was like, "I HAVE TO FINISH THIS!" Man, I'm SO glad I did! It's so real, Echo Falls is so amazing and warm, with dark secrets floating about. If you don't read this, SHAME ON YA!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Down the Rabbit Hole," a novel by Peter Abrahams, was thrilling, clever, and amusing. It was one of those books that cannot be put down easily! I was constantly enticed to stay up all night flipping the pages, and throwing myself deeper into the novel. The entertaining story begins, as the audience is introduced to a bright, thirteen year old girl. Her name is Ingrid Levin-Hill. She is very displeased with name her parents gave her, (originating from their favorite movie, Casablanca), which portrays her opinionated, and fiery attitude. The climax launches into effect, when Ingrid's father forgets to pick her up from their home, and take her to soccer practice. "Coach always said, "If you miss just one soccer practice there is absolutely no chance you would be allowed to play in the next game." And there is nothing worse than sitting the bench for an entire game, nothing at all" (Abrahams 17). Waiting, worriedly in her house, she decided that it would be best to run to practice. There is one thing very special element about Ingrid, she can run, and she loves to run. On her way to soccer, she meets 'Cracked- Up- Kate,' the town's psycho. Ingrid soon winds up in a tail-twisting, nail-biting mystery after Kate is murder, just hours after they meet. The situation becomes even more atrocious when Ingrid discovers she has left her favorite bright red pumas, (which happen to be her favorite color), inside of Crazy Kate's house! Ingrid finds herself uncovering the town's deep hidden secrets, learning the personal past of a misunderstood victim, and understanding even more about herself, than she ever knew possible. Ingrid is consistently reading and studying her best-loved and admired hero, Sherlock Holmes. That is where she debunks her own talent, including putting her nose where is certainly does not belong, and unmasking clues to twisting puzzles. She learns to seek then understand the obvious and search for the little details, such as Sherlock Holmes, that many people often miss. Ingrid is also inspired by acting. She loves to slip on a different personality and become someone else, someone imaginary. By doing so, see is able to see through other's eyes, which helps her relate to "Crazy Kate." The story is not just about a frightening murder, but it actually is much more profound. I feel the reader is able to grow with Ingrid, and really relate to her situations and personal difficulties. Though she may not be the ideal, mature protagonist character; she too has strong just opinions and thoughts and is an authentic thirteen-year-old. She also remains to be the hero in the end, and proves the withheld power she obtains. Through-out the book I was kept on the edge of my seat. The book is filled with non- stop action. Ingrid experiences difficulties of all pre-teens, this includes her violent, intolerable older brother, puppy love, and the meaning of true friendship. It's a fast pace read, lined with action and genuine drama.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found this book very interesting. It's similar to the movie Scoop. The plot is interesting, set in modern times and even involves a murder. The cast is well designed and the main character is designed so that in some way one can connect to her. If you haven't read this book and enjoy mysteries, then this book might be a good book that you'll enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This all happens when a neighbor reported strange sounds and Katie¿s black cat involved in strange activities as told to Chief Strade of Echo Falls police. It all started when she had an afternoon smoke... however, the murder was by strangling not by weapons hand made. The guilty came through the front door of house number 341 Packer Street. So far, there are no suspects at this time, so Echo Falls is all ears for any new information or knowledge on this crime and suspects with any questions or comments call Chief Strade at 1-525-889-9232. He¿s still out there!! In this town, there is only one who can solve this crime, the thirteen year old girl, Ingrid Levin-Hill. As all this occurs, Vincent Dunn directs the play Alice¿s Adventures in Wonderland after Jill Monteiro is hospitalized and Ingrid gets the part of Alice over Chloe Ferrand. As Phillip Prescott heads to Alaska and as Katie¿s life of chaos goes six feet under, and Morales and Stingley are accused for this crime, will Ingrid crack the case? Who will go to jail? This Edgar Award winning novel will keep your mind spinning till the end. This 5.0 novel in my mind, is one of the best books I¿ve read. I liked how he explained every detail of every action and how every person looked right down to the freckle or mole on a person¿s face. The thing I would like to change if I could, would be how the dog, Nigel, played a part in the story. He was just thrown into the story without a reason. I¿d recommend this mystery and author, Peter Abrahams to anyone because of how he created the story line of the Edgar Award winning mystery novel, ¿Down The Rabbit Hole.¿
Guest More than 1 year ago
Down the Rabbit¿s Whole A kids book review: In the book Down the Rabbit whole, by Peter Abrahams, that has 406 pages. This book is a murder mystery. If you like books that are suspenseful, and are about someone that died or was murdered and that connects to all of these other things then this is a great book for you. This story takes place in Echo Falls. This story it is about a girl Ingrid. That goes to a dentist appointment. There are two dentists that work there. One dentist loves to pull out teeth. So the kids can be in so much pain. Then there is one dentist that if he even sees a tooth bleeding then he¿ll like hide behind his desk! But when her mother and father forget to pick her up she gets tangled up in a murder mystery. She meets a girl named Katie, which is one of the craziest people in all of Echo Falls. When she is invited to go inside her house, then when she leaves she forgets her soccer cleats. Then she uncovers a whole entire mystery of how that girl Katie was murdered! She tries and tries to get her shoes back for soccer, if she thinks that getting them back will be easy, well then she if very wrong. Getting them back will be a challenge, but telling you if she got them back is a mistake. So I guess if you really want to know then you should read the book. Ingrid tries braking into Katie¿s house she realizes that she might not be the only one that wants something from Katie. When she sees two other men lurking around Katie¿s house she gets suspicious. But she notices that the two men of sort of kind and say ¿here¿s to Katie. a women that disserved better.¿ smashing to beer bottles together. When one of them gets inside the house while Katie is in there too then she realizes that these men might not be so loyal to Katie as much as she thinks. She meets a policeman named Chief Strade. He tries to figure out why Ingrid is acting so weird. But Ingrid dare not tell or she could be in massive trouble. When she realizes that the man that killed Katie is coming out to get her so she doesn¿t tell anyone, and uncover his secret. So she tries to keep it quiet! Ingrid is 13 years old. She found a dog and named it Nigel. She is very nice and likes to look between the lines. And see what is underneath everything and see the major detail of things. She isn¿t the best person in school she usually gets awesome grades, but with all about this murder she gets thrown of task a lot. Ty is her brother. He is 15 and is really nice. He is really cool because he knows when too back off and keep things a secret. Katie is really nice, but she is really crazy almost everyone calls her cracked up Katie. She smokes a lot and has a really stingy voice. Her hair is kind of grayish with blondish red hair. Her face is very wrinkly, and she looks a lot older then she really is. Probably because of the smoking. One of my favorite parts is when Ingrid is running form the dentist¿s to go to soccer because her parents forgot to pick her up. So while she was running she bumped into cracked up Katie. Katie¿s hair was all in curlers, and all frizzy. Katie was wondering why she was running so fast. So Ingrid told her she was going to soccer practice. When Katie told her that she shouldn¿t have to run and that Katie would call a cab for her. Now Ingrid knew she wasn¿t supposed to talk to strangers, but she thought that since she gas heard about her that is practically knowing her. So Ingrid went into Katie¿s house. Katie offered her a cigarette Ingrid said no and then Katie popped the cigar right in her mouth. Then when Ingrid brought up something about Prescott. And Katie got very white and opened her mouth it was like a black whole. She ran down the hall! Ingrid was just sitting there very scared. Right when she heard the taxi cab beep the horn she bolted for the door. And that was the last time she ever saw Katie. I would definitely recommend this book Down the Rabbit Whole.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to recommend the book Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams. I would also like to give it 5 stars. The genre is Murder Mystery. This book tells the story of 13 year old Ingrid who loses her shoes and gets herself caught up in the mystery as complicated as the ones her idol, Sherlock homes solves. When she gets the lead role in the town play Alice in Wonderland over the beautiful 13 year old Chloe Ferrand¿well that might just make her day and solve a mystery. My favorite part is when she is waiting in the dentists and her mom is 30 late so she decides that instead of waiting for her mom she would run to her soccer practice. But when she gets lost and doesn¿t have a cell phone she decides to stop at soon to be known Katie Kovac¿s house or as they call her¿Cracked up Katie. When she realizes that she has left her red pumas soccer cleats there she finds out that she has just gotten herself caught up in the case of Katie Kovac¿s Murder . The main character is Ingrid. She loves soccer and her favorite color is red. Her idol is Sherlock Holmes and she is 13 years old. The other main character is Katie Kovac. Even though she is murder she plays a big part in the movie. She is old and cranky but nice at the same time. I gave this book Five stars because I think that it deserves it. It is funny, mysterious, scary and suspenseful all at the same time. It is a great book and I think that everyone should have a chance to read it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to recommend the book Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams. The genre of this book would be part of the mystery category. It takes place in a town called Echo Falls, Connecticut. I don¿t think that Echo Falls is a real place, though. The book has 407 pages, so if you are not into pretty long books, you might not want to read this. The book is mainly about a girl that is about twelve years old named Ingrid. She soon finds out that her life is now wrapped around an intense mystery involving a strange woman. My favorite part is when she is sneaking in the house. This showed me that Ingrid has a lot of skills both physical and mental. I also like this part because I can relate to Ingrid, as I love to sneak around places. When I read this part, I felt like Ingrid really was determined just to get a pair of lost shoes. Ingrid is a determined girl who can do anything as long as she puts her mind to it. She got the part of Alice in their town production of ¿Alice in Wonderland¿. She meets some suspicious people that I couldn¿t even trust. She finds out that she is the only person who has enough knowledge to help solve the intense mystery. the police don¿t even know enough. This a great book for people who are into suspenseful mysteries. I loved this book, and I definitely give it 5 stars!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to recommend the book Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams. It takes place in present day Echo Falls, Connecticut, but I don¿t think that Echo Falls is a real place. The genre of this book is mystery and it is 407 pages long. The book is about a girl named Ingrid who gets caught up in a Echo Falls mystery. She soon figure out it¿s up to her and only her to solve this mystery. But little did she know trying to solve this mystery might cost her her life! Ingrid is the main character. She is a devoted brave actor who can do anything when she sets her mind to it. She is Alice in her school play. She meets a mysterious man named Vincent Dunn. She thinks he¿s a wonderful actor and he inspires her. She had no clue of what was ahead of her and what might happen. Who murdered Katie Kovack? Why did they murder her? Why do I have to solve this mystery? My favorite part of the book is at the very end but, I can¿t explain any more otherwise I would give it all away. The reason I like it is because it¿s a big surprise and answers most of your questions. It¿s the one of the most suspenseful parts of the book. It makes you want to keep reading and reading. It also one of those parts that makes you happy, because the good people won and justice was served. It also ties everything together and it doesn¿t answer all you¿re questions, but it keeps you wondering. From reading the book Down the Rabbit Hole I know what a murder mystery might really be like. I also like how the author describes every single clue she figures out so we know some important or not important information. You also can try figuring out the mystery on your own. I think this book is a little challenging for my reading level. I will always remember this book because it is my favorite Nutmeg book this year. If I could pick any Nutmeg book I liked I would pick Down the Rabbit Hole. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes murder mystery books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book had me hooked when i read the first page. I found myself up all night tryng to find out what happens next. I totaly reccomend this book.
trinityM82 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Good little mystery, though you figure it out far before the main character does. The pleasure lies in the rooting on Ingrid, a 13-year old who is just becoming aware of life - she's becoming aware of boys and why she might want a boyfriend; she's becoming aware of the evil that exists in the world; she's becoming aware of people outside of her own self. However, she is woefully ignorant to things like the problems in her parents' marriage (there is the implication of an affair); the problems between her dad and grandpa - her grandpa has lots of land her dad's boss wants, and her dad desperately wants to give it to his boss so he can make enough money to continue to afford the rather upscale life they live. Her brother is also becoming a football star - though there is an implication that he is taking steroids to achieve this status, and possibly having his dad give them to him. The fun is watching Ingrid become aware and explore her intelligence and blossom, I imagine much like you enjoy watching your kid grow up and understand.
moofy on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
"Down the Rabbit Hole", by Peter Abrahams, is about a girl named Ingrid who finds herself in the middle of a murder. Being the main suspect, she decides to solve the case herself, but later realizes that she may be risking her own life.Ingrid,the main character of the book, posseses many traits that helps her solve the mystery. She is quite smart but tends to make foolish decisions that usually get herself into trouble for example, when she sneaked out in the middle of the night. But, the most important character trait Ingrid posseses that really enabled her to solve the mystery is her dauntlessness. Most of the time, it is also what get's her into deep trouble but, combining her cleverness and courage, Ingrid always manages to overcome the obstacles."Down the Rabbit Hole" contained many suspenseful parts but, the part that was the most suspenseful would probably be towards the end, when Ingrid was fighting with the enemie. Will Ingrid die? Will the enemie die? Will the police arrive on time? These were just some of the questions going through my head when I was reading. In most books, when there is a scene similar to this one, you almost always know that the hero will win. But, in this book, the author wrote it in such a way that the reader would have no idea what was going to happen!"Down the Rabbit Hole" is an excellent mystery book that I would recommend to everyone even if you arn't a fan of mystery books!
sarahluv2sk8 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The plot is good, yet it is told very slowly at times.
MissReadsALot on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. One time I left at home while I was at school and I was really sad. LOL. I personally thought it was like my fave show, Pushing Daisies. I think everyone should read this!!
gbjefferso on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Ingrid has a leading role as Alice in the upcoming town play, "Alice in Wonderland." Just like Alice, Ingrid finds herself in a curious situation as she is befriended by the town's strange resident, Cracked-Up Katie, who later is found murdered and Ingrid could possibly be implicated. Suspense, adventure, and Sherlock Holmes-like clues are part of the story and keep a fast-pace and interest for the reader. Great read for students who like crime-solving stories.
SunnySD on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Surprisingly good. Thirteen-year-old Ingrid is a typical teenager -- one annoying older brother; two slightly disconnected parents who nevertheless, love her; and a few good friends. She's not exactly a whiz in school, but she thinks on her feet; a handy skill for an aspiring actress and soccer player. When an impulsive decision and forgotten soccer shoes drops her smack into a murder investigation, Ingrid calls on her love of Sherlock Holmes in an attempt to investigate her way out of trouble. Abrahams created a believable teen and stuck her in the middle of a great story -- now to see if he can sustain the quality of the first installment. I'll definitely be checking to see what Ingrid gets herself into next. Not to mention, finding out how Grampy's tadpole campaign goes!
loafhunter13 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
An avid reader of Sherlock Holmes, Ingrid Levin-Hill, 13, is also a fleet-footed soccer player with a knack for stage acting¿skills that come in handy when she finds herself caught in a police investigation following the murder of an eccentric woman. The deceased was associated with the Prescott Players, a local theater troupe in which Ingrid lands the title role in a production of Alice in Wonderland. Plot scenes incorporate play rehearsals, family life, middle school, and soccer games along with plenty of intriguing twists and mounting tension. Taking courage from her crusty grandfather, who refuses to sell his farm to an affluent developer, Ingrid acts with aplomb as she secretly undertakes a series of suspenseful adventures to track down the killer. She also maintains the cool-headedness to enjoy the friendship of the police chief's son, Joey Strade, while keeping the officers who'd like to question her at bay. Ingrid's poise, however, is tempered by her self-doubt and troubled dreams, making her a believable human. She and the other main characters are all solidly drawn, including the newest member of her family, a droopy-eyed dog named Nigel. An engaging book that manages to keep the pace moving forward without feeling rushed.
Readermom68 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was entertaining. I did like the main character Ingrid, but I felt like the mystery was pretty weak, in terms of who did it. I kept thinking it was so obvious there must be a twist coming but there wasn't. Even considering this is YA, I thought the author made it way too easy. Compared to a lot of YA coming out this is some what mediocre, but it certainly wasn't bad.
ewyatt on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Ingrid is not afraid to break a few rules to get to the truth. She's a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, snagged the lead role in Alice in Wonderland, busy with soccer, swamped with schoolwork, and getting involved with her first boyfriend. When she ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up at a murder scene, Ingrid realizes she might have to solve the case on her own. Although I caught on before the case was solved, it was a fun ride! There are lots of kernels here for developments in future books in the series. I'm looking forward to visiting Echo Falls again!
taramatchi on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
An interesting mystery, but there was something that just bugged me about it. The fact that she was a chronic liar and deliberately sidetracked a police investigation is one of the examples that grated on my nerves. In the end, I did not get the feeling that she truly understood how bad her choices were. I am not into soccer and at first, the immense about dialogue about this favorite game was a bit boring for me.It was a quick read, and I did enjoy it though.
mkschoen on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Very well done as a mystery. Also does a good job of portraying a middle school child's life - how she inetracts with her parents and her brother (who may or may not be on steroids). Does a *wonderful* job of portraying a crush and a developing relationship with a boy (Ingrid and Joey). Particualrly liked how there is other stuff going on in Ingrid's life that we don't really get a resolution to (is her brother actually on steroids? where was her father disappearing off to? what is the deal with the Ferrands and their money? Why do her parents want her grandfather to sell his land?) That could have been annoying and red herring-ish, but instead it just reads true to a teenage girls' life - adults have their own business going onm, and you don't always know what it is.