Dream of the Navigator

Dream of the Navigator


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ISBN-13: 9781948042536
Publisher: Seventh Star Press
Publication date: 07/04/2018
Series: Faraway Saga , #1
Pages: 398
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

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Dream of the Navigator 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Drew Graber 24 days ago
Dream of the Navigators is Stephen Zimmer at his best! The book is a triumph (and has one of the coolest book covers I have ever seen)! Slowly brewing its characters and story revealing a world that’s fresh, immersive, sometimes scary, and fantastical on every page! This book is an amazing introduction to an incredible and exciting adventure! But isn’t afraid to be more than just a story, and sheds light upon a horrifyingly possible future, but never fear, for a light always shines to bring hope and there are those who will always stand against the darkness.
SheilaDeeth 3 months ago
A dialog driven teen dystopian novel, Dream of the Navigator imagines a world where all aspects of life are watched and controlled, except for the select few who are rich enough to live in a better place. While the poor only receive health care when it’s deemed of value to society, the rich are beginning to “buy” eternal life. But cracks start to show and rebellion brews. Add worlds beyond our own, wars between unseen powers to whom humanity might just be a pawn, and that vexing question of what might really deem eternal life; stir in some hints of politics (sometimes a little heavy-handed, with that youthful equation of freedom with power) and religion (in a world where “scientists proved there’s no such thing as a soul or spirit”); include some wise argument about what can and can’t be tested, proven or believed; then intrigue the characters with honesty and deceit—oh how tempting the deceit. It’s a heady mix, gradually guiding the reader to see a danger looming behind false sympathy and advice; gradually inviting guesses at direction; and compellingly portraying the various dilemmas of disaffected youth. Occasionally slowed by language or argument, Dream of the Navigator is a wide-ranging tale with powerful themes and compelling characters, deeply intriguing questions, and vivid world-building; an enjoyable read that leaves me eager for more. Disclosure: I was given a copy and I offer my honest review.