Dressed to Kill: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare and Armor

Dressed to Kill: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare and Armor

by Rick Renner


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Spiritual battles are just like natural battles. Nations do not engage in warfare constantly; they fight when a problem comes along. Afterwards, their soldiers return home, experience a time of peace and refreshing, and do not fight again until there's a reason to fight. This book is not designed to make you run around looking for the devil; it is designed to help equip you so that when battles do come, you will be prepared to stand against them. Battles will come, but they won't come every day. God has given us this weaponry so that when they do come, you will be prepared to maintain your victorious position over Satan.

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ISBN-13: 9781606837511
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
Publication date: 06/12/2013
Pages: 465
Sales rank: 94,525
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Rick Renner is a highly respected leader and teacher within the global Christian community. Rick first fell in love with the Greek New Testament when studying Journalism and Classical Greek as a university student. In the years that followed, he continued his extensive study of the Greek New Testament, later earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Ministry.

Rick ministered widely throughout the United States for many years before answering God's call in 1991 to move his family to the former Soviet Union and plunge into the heart of its newly emerging Church. Following an apostolic call on his life, Rick works alongside his wife Denise to see the Gospel preached, leadership trained, and the Church established throughout the world.

Today Rick's broadcast "Good News With Rick Renner" can be seen across the entire former USSR, reaching a potential audience of more than 100 million viewers. He has distributed hundreds of thousands of teaching audio and videotapes, and his best-selling books have been translated into five major languages - Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and German - as well as multiple other languages that are spoken throughout the former Soviet Union.

Rick is the founder of the Good News Association of Churches and Ministries, through which he assists and strengthens almost 700 churches in the territory of the former Soviet Union. He also pastors the fast-growing Moscow Good News Church, located in the very heart of Moscow, Russia. Rick Renner Ministries has offices in England, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. Rick, Denise, and their family live in Moscow, Russia.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 13

Chapter 1 Spiritual Warfare Mania 17

Spiritual Hostages 20

Spoiling Principalities and Powers 22

Ridiculous and Unscriptural Behavior 26

Why the Preoccupation With Spiritual Warfare? 28

Nothing New Under the Sun 30

What About Witches? 38

Biblical Spiritual Warfare 39

How Real Warfare Begins 42

Dealing With the Wind and the Waves in Your Life 46

Spiritual Warfare: A Mental Condition 50

A Warning About Spiritual Warfare 54

Chapter 2 Fleshly Weapons vs. Spiritual Weapons 59

Bloodthirsty, Daring, and Committed Men of War 61

Spiritual Weapons and Spiritual Strategies 63

The Futility of the Flesh 66

Weak and Silly Weapons of Flesh 67

What Does the Bible Say About the Purpose of Tongues? 70

Touch Not, Taste Not, Handle Not 73

Chapter 3 Resting in Our Redemption 81

Satan's Slave Market 83

Dominated by 'the Course of This World' 85

Who Is Working Behind the Scenes? 88

Demonically Energized 92

Purchased 'Out of Slavery 94

Paying the Demanded Price 96

Restored to Full Status 97

Translated Out of Satan's Kingdom 99

Chapter 4 Why Does the Battle Still Rage? 103

Spiritual Warfare and Renewing the Mind 107

A Lifelong Commitment 111

Chapter 5 A Menace From Heaven 115

An Opportune Moment for the Devil To Attack 116

Demonic Attacks That Backfire! 118

A Closed Door Does Not Mean Failure 122

If You've Been Gaining New Ground, Get Ready To Be Challenged! 125

Attacks Against Churches and Ministries 130

A Pattern of Strife and Discord 133

Heavily Dressed, Trained Killers 136

Chapter 6 An Important Message To Remember 143

Spiritually Lopsided Believers 146

Comrades in the Fight 151

Soldiers Who Are Worthy of Your Association 154

Chapter 7 Be Strong in the Lord 159

Superhuman Power for a Superhuman Task 163

Where To Get This Power 165

It's Yours for the Taking 166

Evidence of the Holy Spirit's Power 169

Kratos Power 171

God's Mighty Arm! 176

Chapter 8 The Wiles, Devices and Deception of the Devil 181

A New Set of Clothes 185

How Do You Put On the Whole Armor of God? 187

Maintaining a Strategic Position Over the Battlefield of Your Life and Mind 192

An Eyeball-to-Eyeball Confrontation! 195

Taking a Stand Against the Wiles of the Devil 196

The Devices of the Devil 198

The Deception of the Devil 201

An Example of Demonic Intimidation 204

The Hard Facts of Spiritual Warfare 209

The Flesh Counts for Nothing 211

Moving Beyond the Flesh 217

Prevailing Over the Philistines in Your Life 221

The Devil's Mode of Operation 223

Chapter 9 Wrestling With Principalities and Powers 227

The Survival of the Fittest 231

Principalities and Powers 233

The Devil's Rank-and-File Forces 235

Revealing Names, Symbols, and Types of the Devil in the Bible 239

Satan's Destructive Bent 241

Satan's Perverted Nature 242

Satan's Desire To Control 245

Satan, the Mind Manipulator 246

A Roaring Lion 248

A Prerequisite to Spiritual Warfare 251

Chapter 10 The Loinbelt of Truth 257

Paul's Expanded Version of Spiritual Armor 258

For Review 260

The Most Important Weapon 261

A Visible Piece of Armor 263

The Difference Between Logos and Rhema 264

The Only Way To Succeed Spiritually 266

How To Walk in Righteousness 268

How To Walk in Peace 269

How To Walk in Strong Faith 270

The Helmet and the Sword 271

Winning or Losing Is Your Choice 275

The Reproductive Ability of God 276

The Major Mistake Believers Make 278

The Psalmist Who Understood the Centrality of the Word 280

The Key to Victory and Success 281

The Word's Best Advice 283

The Way To Win 286

Chapter 11 The Breastplate of Righteousness 291

The Beauty of the Breastplate 293

Someone Wants To Hurt You 294

The Correct Attitude for Warfare 297

Scriptures on Righteousness 299

A New Source of Confidence 301

Powerless Religion vs. Powerful Religion 303

Righteousness: A Defensive Weapon 305

Righteousness: An Offensive Weapon 307

Chapter 12 Shoes of Peace 313

Two Kinds of Peace 317

Dominating Peace 319

Peace: A Defensive Weapon 320

How Peace Protects You 324

Protection From the Devil's Attacks 325

How To Set a Guard Around Your Heart 327

Spikes for Standing Firmly 328

How To Have Immovable Faith 332

Peace: An Offensive Weapon 333

It's Time To Do Some Walking! 336

What Does 'Shortly' Mean? 337

Chapter 13 The Shield of Faith 343

The Shield of Faith 346

How To Care for Your Shield of Faith 349

What Does 'Above All' Mean? 352

The Purpose of the Shield of Faith 355

The Fiery Darts of the Wicked 356

Fire That Stirs the Vilest Passions 358

Who Is Responsible for Failure? 359

Quenching, Extinguishing, and Ricocheting Faith 362

Corporate Faith in the Local Church 365

Does Your Shield Have Cracks? 366

If Your Faith Needs an Anointing 367

In Conclusion 368

Chapter 14 The Helmet of Salvation 373

The Helmet of Salvation 374

God's Most Gorgeous Gift 375

Armed and Dangerous 379

Playing Mind Games With the Devil 380

What Is a Stronghold? 381

Two Kinds of Strongholds 385

What Is Oppression? 389

Salvation Protects Your Mind 390

What Is a Sound Mind? 392

What Does the Word 'Salvation' Mean? 395

A Transformed Mind 396

Chapter 15 The Sword of the Spirit 403

The Swords of the Roman Soldier 404

What Is a Rhema? 406

The Sword and the Loinbelt 408

What Is a Two-Edged Sword? 415

Meditation and Confession 418

How To Hear From God 422

When Jesus Needed a Sword 425

A Sure-Fire Guarantee! 430

Chapter 16 The Lance of Prayer and Supplication 435

Various Kinds of Lances 436

Various Kinds of Prayer 439

How Often Should We Pray? 442

Six Kinds of Prayer for the Believer 443

A Final Word 462

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