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I Sell the Dead

I Sell the Dead

3.0 1
Director: Glenn McQuaid

Cast: Dominic Monaghan, Angus Scrimm


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Adventure and horror merge in this morbid tale of two 18th century grave robbers who make it their mission to hunt down the undead abominations that refuse to accept their rightful place in the ground. Arrested by towering holy man Father Duffy (Ron Perlman) and threatened with the guillotine for robbing graves with his mentor, Willie


Adventure and horror merge in this morbid tale of two 18th century grave robbers who make it their mission to hunt down the undead abominations that refuse to accept their rightful place in the ground. Arrested by towering holy man Father Duffy (Ron Perlman) and threatened with the guillotine for robbing graves with his mentor, Willie Grimes (Larry Fessenden), apprentice ghoul Arthur Blake (Dominic Monaghan) agrees to make a full confession in exchange for a steady flow of whiskey. Arthur's story begins when he was just a young boy stealing jewelry from corpses in order to eat. Later, Arthur formed a partnership with Willie, and the pair went to work ensuring the walking dead learned to rest in peace. Now, with the specter of death looming ever closer, Arthur agrees to tell his tale to the very man charged with deciding his ultimate fate.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jason Buchanan
If Sam Raimi directed a film for Hammer Studios, odds are it would look and feel a lot like director Glenn McQuaid's impressive directorial debut, I Sell the Dead. A Creepshow-flavored, period horror comedy with comic-book style to spare, it's an uncommon treat that serves up laughs and chills in equal measure, and manages the rare feat of cramming just about every genre imaginable into its brisk 85 minutes, without ever feeling bloated or overbearing. From the playful score to eerie, brumous nightscapes (fog juice alone appears to have comprised half of the film's budget), I Sell the Dead always entertains and never takes itself too seriously. Fast-paced, funny, and featuring solid performances by a talented cast, it's the kind of rare gem that isn't likely to come to a theater near you (if you live outside of New York or Los Angeles), but could well gain a cult following down the road thanks to positive word of mouth. Willie Grimes (Larry Fessenden) and Arthur Blake (Dominic Monaghan) are 19th century grave robbers. When Arthur was just a young boy, Willie took him under his wing and taught him the tricks of the trade. After years of nabbing corpses for the malevolent Dr. Vernon Quint (Angus Scrimm), they graduated to into the resurrection trade, swiping everything from demonic vampires to alien corpses, and earning more than they ever would have snatching typical corpses. But advancing in the world of ghouls doesn't come without its fair share of risks, and before long Willie and Arthur have caught the attentions of the House of Murphy, a fiendish collection of Irish ghouls led by the dreaded Samuel Murphy (aka Sam the Spider), who uses a three-clawed hook to gouge out his victim's eyes and tongue simultaneously. Unfortunately, it appears that Willie and Arthur's time has finally run out; arrested after police follow a trail of body parts straight to their doorsteps and sentenced to death by guillotine, Willie is swiftly executed. Arthur is set to meet the same fate the following morning, but before he does he will spend his last night alive making a full confession to the curious Father Duffy (Ron Perlman) in exchange for a steady flow of whisky. The emptier the bottle gets, the more colorful Arthur's tales become. By using Arthur's interviews with Father Duffy as a framing device, McQuaid gradually draws us into a world where the occult lurks just beneath the grimy veneer of reality. It's a smart move, too, because it gives us the chance to get acquainted with the characters and the setting before the more fantastical elements of the story are introduced. Watching Perlman ham it up as the occult-obsessed Irish priest is just the kind of thing fans of the Hellboy star live for, and his performance is perfectly complimented by Monaghan's flippant body snatcher. Meanwhile, out in the graveyard, Fessenden and Monaghan's rapport is equally entertaining -- their moonlit discussion about a new invention called the "sandwich" and their attempt at capturing a particularly troublesome vampire are a few of the film's comic highlights. Even before I Sell the Dead shifts into supernatural mode, McQuaid's distinct visual style (punctuated by comic-book freeze frames and clever transitions) and Richard Lopez's atmospheric cinematography are more than enough to keep our eyes glued to the screen. It's rare that a first-time director succeeds in creating a world this fully realized, but from the costumes to the settings, McQuaid gets just about everything right. I Sell the Dead is an exciting debut and a giddy love letter to the genre (horror fans will have a great time noticing nods to such favorites as The Evil Dead and Re-Animator) that signals an exciting new talent in the realm of fantastical cinema.

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Ifc Independent Film
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Special Features

Commentary with stars Dominic Monaghan & Larry Fessenden; Commentary with director Glenn McQuaid; The making of I Sell the Dead; The visual effects of I Sell the Dead; Trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Dominic Monaghan Arthur Blake
Angus Scrimm Dr. Vernon Quint
Brenda Cooney Fanny Bryers
Eileen Colgan Maisey
Daniel Manche Arthur
Joel Garland Ronnie
Aidan Redmond Jack Flood
Alasdair Stewart Bulger
Heather Bullock Valentine Kelly
James Godwin Actor

Technical Credits
Glenn McQuaid Director,Editor,Screenwriter
David Bell Production Designer
Tom Efinger Sound Mixer
Larry Fessenden Producer
Peter Gerner Makeup Special Effects
Jeff Grace Score Composer
Richard V. Lopez Cinematographer
Peter Phok Producer
Graham Reznick Sound/Sound Designer
Brian A. Spears Makeup Special Effects
Brian Spears Makeup Special Effects
David Tabbert Costumes/Costume Designer
Beck Underwood Art Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- I Sell the Dead
1. Opening Credits [4:00]
2. Time to Kill [4:25]
3. First Corpse [5:44]
4. The Good Doctor [7:31]
5. "Sandwhat?" [5:52]
6. Never Trust a Corpse [7:23]
7. Frozen Ground [4:40]
8. Circus Freak? [6:52]
9. Old Woman's Tale [6:27]
10. House of Murphy [3:20]
11. Little Murphy [7:27]
12. A Foot [6:00]
13. Valentine [5:40]
14. Mr. Murphy [5:17]
15. End Credits [4:13]


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