Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal

Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal

by Peter McLoughlin
Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal

Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal

by Peter McLoughlin


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Peter McLoughlin spent years believing the Leftist narrative, namely it was 'a racist myth' that organised Muslim groups in Britain and the Netherlands ('grooming gangs') were luring white schoolgirls into a life of prostitution. But in 2009 he first encountered people who said their children had been groomed like this. These informants had non-white people in their immediate and extended family, and were thus unlikely to be racists. So McLoughlin dug deeper and what he found shocked him: there were mounds of evidence that social workers, police officers, Muslim organisations, journalists and even some Members of Parliament must have known about these grooming gangs for decades, and they had turned a blind-eye to these crimes. He also came across references to incidents where any proof had since vanished. McLoughlin spent several years uncovering everything he could and documenting this scandal before the evidence disappeared. He demonstrates that the true nature of this grooming phenomenon was known about more than 20 years ago. While he was writing this book, Parliament was forced by rising anger in Britain to conduct its own low-key investigation. The eventual report concluded the grooming problem was basically in one town: Rotherham. Official reports finally admitted there were more than 1400 victims in this otherwise unremarkable town. McLoughlin argues the authorities will continue their cover-up of this scandal, with many thousands of new victims across the country every year. The criminal indicators in Rotherham are to be found in scores of towns across Britain. McLoughlin's book is an attempt to get the public to wake up, for them to demand civilised solutions, because if the social contract breaks down, people may turn to vigilante justice as the prostituting of schoolgirls continues unabated. The book documents the hidden abuse of Sikh victims by grooming gangs, and how Sikhs in Britain have already resorted to vigilante justice. The book exposes how political correctness was used to silence potential whistle-blowers, and how this grooming phenomenon demonstrates that multiculturalism does not work. Every layer of authority in the British state comes under detailed examination to expose their part in the scandal. McLoughlin leaves no stone unturned, and at 130,000 words in length, it is likely to be the most detailed critique of this scandal for years to come.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781943003068
Publisher: New English Review Press dba Wrld Encounter Inst
Publication date: 02/08/2016
Pages: 328
Sales rank: 650,658
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Preface xiii

Introduction 15

1 - The Grooming Gang Phenomenon 26

1.1 Defining the Problem 33

1.2 Tip of the Iceberg 38

1.3 Invisible Victims 39

1.4 National Dimensions 42

1.5 International Dimensions 43

1.6 Counting the Victims 46

1.7 Realising the Damage 48

2 - Sikh Victims of Grooming Gangs 53

3 - Chronology: Cover-up to Collapse 59

3.1 1988 Sikh/Muslim violence 62

3.2 1989 Sikhs convicted 63

3.3 1991 "The earliest case..." 64

3.4 1995 Bradford: Streets and Lanes 66

3.5 1996 Rotherham 68

3.6 1998 Sikh Awareness Society starts 70

3.7 2001 Derby and 'Real Caliphate' 72

3.8 2003 Bradford/Keighley 72

3.9 2004 Edge of the City 75

3.10 2005 Radio 5 programme 78

3.11 2005 Luton and 'Real Caliphate' 80

3.12 2007 Julie Bindel: a lone voice 81

3.13 2008 My Dangerous Loverboy 82

3.14 2008 BBC Panorama: Teenage Sex For Sale 86

3.15 2009 Rise of English Defence League 91

3.16 2011 Andrew Norfolk's pivotal article 92

4 - Rotherham: Designated Scapegoat 95

5 - Systemic Institutional Failure 115

5.1 Schools 117

5.2 Local Councils 121

5.3 Police 130

5.4 Criminal Justice System 135

5.5 Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre 142

5.6 Serious Organised Crime Agency 153

5.7 Children's Commissioner 158

5.8 Home Affairs Select Committee 171

5.9 Barnardo's 177

5.10 Academic Experts 185

6 - Abuse of the Narrative of Racism 194

6.1 Political Correctness 194

6.2 Muslims, not 'Asians' 207

6.3 'Racism' Protected the Rapists 209

6.4 Racist Aspects of Grooming 215

7 - Islamic Cultural Background 225

7.1 'Asian gang': racist duplicity 226

7.2 Islamic Morality, Muslim Culture 233

7.3 Koranic Instructions 235

7.4 Stories from the Hadith 246

7.5 The Life of Mohammed (Sira) 247

7.6 Sharia Law: Child Marriage 249

7.7 Sharia Law: Legality of Slavery 253

7.8 Sermon against Localised Grooming 264

8 - Victims of Multiculturalism 272

9 - Victorian Values 288

Conclusion 296

Appendix 1: Grooming Gang Convictions 305

Appendix 2: Grooming Gang Chronology 310

Appendix 3: Name Distribution of Convicts (to 2013) 311

Appendix 4: Leeds School Warning 312

Appendix 5: Sheffield School Warning 313

Appendix 6: Real Khilafah Letter to Moslem Youth 314

Appendix 7: Luton Article on Real Khilafah 317

Appendix 8: Children's Commissioner Charts 318

Appendix 9: Victims to Perpetrators 319

Appendix 10: Police Report on EDL 320

Appendix 11: Map of Grooming Gang Convictions 321

Appendix 12: Excerpt from Election Pamphlet (2010) 322

Appendix 13: Key Organisations 323

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