Edna's Gift: How My Broken Sister Taught Me to Be Whole

Edna's Gift: How My Broken Sister Taught Me to Be Whole

by Susan Rudnick


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When they were young, Susan and Edna, children of Holocaust refugee parents, were inseparable; Edna was Susan’s first love and constant companion. But as they grew up and Edna’s physical, and mental challenges altered the ways she could develop, a gulf formed between them. Susan’s life became even more complicated when, just short of her sixteenth birthday, she learned that she’d been born without a uterus and would never menstruate or give birth to children. As she coped with this trauma, Edna continued loving her unconditionally, as she always had.

In her adult years Edna lived a life of dignity in a spiritual community, becoming a model for how Susan could live hers. In her forties, Susan realized her dream of motherhood when she adopted a daughter. Throughout, Edna remained a teacher and loving presence in her sister’s life.

Encompassing Susan and Edna’s lifelong, complex, intertwining relationship, Edna’s Gift has a powerful message: life may be unpredictable, even traumatic—but if you remain open, strength and wisdom will come to you from surprising and unexpected sources.

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ISBN-13: 9781631525155
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication date: 06/04/2019
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 221,711
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About the Author

For over forty years Susan Rudnick, LCSW, has been listening to people tell their stories in her Manhattan practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. In Edna’s Gift, she tells hers. The seed for her memoir was “Coming Home to Wholeness,” a chapter she contributed to Into the Mountain Stream, a book of personal reflections on psychotherapy and Buddhist Experience. Rudnick, a Zen practitioner, has published haikus as well as articles about psychotherapy in professional journals. Culled from thousands of submissions, one of her haikus appears in New York City Haiku: From the Readers of The New York Times. She and her husband live in Westchester NY, but also love to spend time at their cabin in the Catskills. Being a parent is her greatest joy.

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Edna's Gift: How My Broken Sister Taught Me to Be Whole 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
LeslieLindsay 3 months ago
Moving memoir about two sisters--both of whom are struggling with a loss--connect and remain whole. When they were young, Susan and Edna, were inseparable. Growing up in the 1950s-1960s New York, they were the children of Nazi refugee parents, and became one another's first friend. Fiercely dedicated and loyal, they protected one another. Both girls were operating on some sort of deficit--that is, Susan had no uterus (though she didn't know this until she was nearly 16) and Edna struggled with physical and mental challenges. When Edna is sent to live at a community for other like-minded individuals, Susan began grappling with the fact that she would never menstruate, never give birth. Yet, through their intertwining relationship, Edna became Susan's biggest advocate, her best teacher --reminding her sister, that if you just remain open to opportunities, strength, joy, and wisdom just might be the end result. EDNA'S GIFT (She Writes Press, June 4 2019) is about living a life without regrets. A touching, profound memoir about the affectionate bond of sisters, but also about dealing with challenges --those one could never predict. There are failed relationships, adoption, self-acceptance, death and loss, and unconditional love. Susan's writing style is on-point and at times, I found it hard to set down. I was absolutely intrigued with her condition--MRKH--in which a woman is born without a uterus, something that happens to 1 of 4,000. I did want to know more about that--it's not all covered in the book, but that might not have been the aim. EDNA'S GIFT is honest, insightful, and deeply moving. I found some similarities between this and Lanette Cornell Bloom's book, MEMORIES IN DRAGONFLIES and also some cross-over with the times and topics presented in CALL THE MIDWIFE. L.Lindsaty | Always with a Book