Elfs in a Conquered Realm

Elfs in a Conquered Realm

by Anna del C. Dye


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On their visit to the vanquished Kingdom of Menarm the elfs face many uncertainties. However, they are strong in numbers and sure of their purpose. Zyrthal, the young elf strategist, is given the task of finding the kingdom's hidden treasures; but instead the elfs encounter ruthless highwaymen.

Meanwhile, the two half-elf princes play among the ruins of Menarm to their hearts' content while their parents attend to their work cleaning and repairing the houses around the castle, in an effort to revive the city. It is a hard job and they could run short on time. In the midst of all this commotion the boys disappear from the dead kingdom.

Brigands want riches and they will let the boys go if the city of Menarm gives up its treasures to them. They allow only one person to go to verify that the boys are alive and the elfs confide in the most harmless figure among them: The Menarm Princess. The outlaws have no clue as to the hidden shadow that will accompany her, the Silent Warrior.

Yet Adren's warrior has been battling demons of his own and finds himself in great doubts concerning his performance as the champion of the last Princess of Menarm. These shadows in his heart double with the disappearance of the two half-elf princes and he harbors misgivings that he won't succeed in rescuing the young boys and thwarting the mercenaries. The Silent Warrior fears that he has fallen from Adren's graces forever.

Elfs in a Conquered Realm is the outstanding finale to The Silent Warrior Trilogy. Anna has answered all the open questions in the continuing saga of this beautiful race. A masterpiece of storytelling, The Silent Warrior Trilogy will leave you with a sense of peace, love, and great accomplishment and take you on a journey you will not soon forget.

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ISBN-13: 9781499576597
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/17/2014
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

Anna was born in the extreme South along some famous beaches. She is the third child and twins with her sister Elena. She grew up with four other siblings being placed in the middle. Her mother died when she was six years old and her father never married again.
The green eyed, brown haired author found a mother in her husband's mother and loves her dearly. She accredits her mother-in-law with teaching her many things in life.

The author loves reading, but had few opportunities to do so while growing up. Once married she was introduced to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books that she admits to having collected, which collections she still retains. They were the ones who wet her appetite. A few years ago she was introduced to Tolkien's Lord of the Ring's and to J. K. Rowling's writings, which she loves. She also loves romantic music that she listens to every day, plays that she attends at least six times a year, and cats (when they are not shedding.) She likes her clothes to be very feminine, with lace being one of her favorites. "I am afraid that I do not follow fashions," she was heard to say. "I wear what I like."

Early on in her life she showed an affinity for sewing and took classes that rewarded her with the opportunities of taking care of the costumes for the cast of four different plays, which she enjoyed immensely. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and understands Portuguese.

At twenty-one she moved north to marry Rodney and has resided in Utah since then. Her husband, a native of Idaho, met her in her hometown. They fell in love and she came to Utah on Christmas Eve to be married two weeks later. They are the parents of three princes and a princess.

With her husband and his family she has have the opportunity of traveling to many of the states in USA, most of them camping, and to three other countries, something she enjoys very much. Soon, she would like to visit the castles in Germany and other European countries.

Anna possesses a great mind and imagination, which, with the encouragement of her husband, she set to writing. The creation of her two series of books The Elf Series and her Medieval Romance series; are the result of many years of daydreaming and now, her own laptop. You can fallow Anna in her website at: http://www.annadelc.com

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Elfs In A Conquered Realm 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
24girl More than 1 year ago
In this third and final installment of The Silent Warrior trilogy, Anna del C. Dye completes the story of Adren, her women warriors and her family told in three different parts covering many years. The story begins with Paletin's kingdom of Renil in trouble financially. He approaches Adren and Dellin about the possibility of securing the riches of the long deserted city of Menarm where Adren grew up and a new quest is planned for the elfs to help Paletin. Once the mission is complete Adren and her family visit the Woodland elfs and meet Dellin's paternal family for the first time and once again adventures ensue with some very near potential disasters. Finally back in Menarm, Paletin has decided to reestablish the lost city of Menarm and Adren, Dellin and many others return to provide the assistance needed to bring Menarm back as a thriving sister city of Renil. But greed brings out the worst in mankind and soon Adren and her family are in danger again. My brief synopsis makes the book seem like it was a tale about non-stop trouble for Adren and others but that is not case. Throughout the book there are conflicts and resolutions but each one is integrated with the revolving storylines. There are so many wonderful components to the book. Elfs in a Conquered Realm is action, adventure, fantasy, romance and family loyalty all rolled up into one incredible story. Adren is up to her match making tricks again and in this book a few more children are introduced to the elf population which is a very rare occurrence. Similar to my thoughts on going from book one to book two, Anna del C. Dye has progressed in character development and dialogue. The interactions flow much better in this third book and I sincerely hope to read more from this author. The entire trilogy is a must read for fantasy lovers.
frontstreetreviewer More than 1 year ago
Wrapping up the elf trilogy, Anna del C. Dye has created yet another magical story for young and old alike. You are not left with any cliff hangers at the end but instead are left with a sense of peace and tranquility. Adren and Dellin continue their lives in Lothia, the elf city. Adren gives birth to their son and their little family begins. A few times throughout the story trouble ensues and Adren finds herself needing to call upon the Silent Warrior and 'his' students to help save the day. The greed of men for shiny treasures that the elfs are using to help save a once lost kingdom causes the men to do foolish things which end up costing them much. Love is in the air in this third book as well. Many elfs find their life companions. One couple in particular goes through years of hurt and confusion before they decide if they are right for each other. This situation is unusual for the elfs who are used to knowing who they want to be with upon first glance or touch. Instead, for both Franelee and Siamuel it is a constant flow of emotional turmoil. They appear to always be on the wrong page when it comes to matters of the heart. You don't find out until the very end if the two are able to reconcile. Anna del C. Dye once again offers some very good life lessons in her trilogy ending story. To name a few, she teaches her readers the importance of respecting not only yourself, but your family and significant other. She also teaches that greed never ends well and that all of the riches in the world will not make you as happy as your loved ones will. The elfs in her stories are perfect examples of what we as humans should strive to be. Anna del C. Dye's writing is fluid and flawless and it should come as no surprise that one will find this story as fulfilling as the first two in the trilogy. Her talent for writing fantasy will leave her name forever entrenched in our memories as we hope to read more of her stories long into the future. I would recommend this trilogy to young and old alike. Anna del C. Dye's immense talent allows her fans to be of any age and able to completely understand her magnificent stories. In a world so full of bad influences from the TV and the media, parents especially will view this book as a breath of fresh air and gladly encourage their children to read it in the hopes of instilling in them some positive values and life lessons.
Sprout01 More than 1 year ago
This is a great book for anyone who likes Tolkien or fantasy books in that genre. The characters are well liked and their lives well-lived. It's a family saga that will enthrall you from the beginning. An entrancing read. The story of the last princess of Menarm is finished when she returns with the elfs to repair her kingdom and instead finds ruffians who want to have the riches of Menarm for themselves . This is a great finale for this trilogy. The beauty of it is that you could read any of the books in any order you like. They are stand-alone... of course if you want to get the most out of them, you may want to start at the beginning. Each book has small details from the book before to give you some background
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite Elfs in a Conquered Realm by Anna Del C. Dye is an impressive tome amongst her collection of stories from the Elf world. Elfs in a Conquered Realm covers many years, and reintroduces some of the characters from Dye’s prior works. The epilogue covers centuries, filling us in on happenings yet to come, and leaving us with that feeling of satisfaction that comes when you realize everything is going to turn out just fine. Dye’s elfs are so authentically described and characterized it is hard to disbelieve they really exist somewhere. Their emotions, concerns, worries, even the ennui of their daily lives could not be more faithfully expressed for the reader.  Anna Del C. Dye knows elfs. Any author, anywhere, who might consider writing a book which includes elfs, would do well to solicit her advice and pick her brains, for she has demonstrated a depth of knowledge that places her among Earth’s most prominent experts on the life of elfs. Elfs in a Conquered Realm is, of necessity, a large volume, approaching 600 pages. There are so many different characters – both human and elf – in this story that it literally requires a play-list to keep track of who is who. Fortunately, Anna had the wisdom to include that very thing at the beginning of the book. All the major characters’ names are listed, along with a pronunciation guide and a description of whom or what they are. The inclusion of this information is an invaluable aid to readers, because without it, it would be very difficult to keep track of the players. There is no way to adequately tell you everything about a 600 page book in just a few hundred words, so I will not attempt to do so. Briefly I will say the two kingdoms – human and elf – come together in cooperation to accomplish much between the covers of this book. Young people of both races fall in love, get married, and have children. Battles are fought and won, cities are rebuilt, legends are created, and countless lifelong friendships are formed. In many respects, Elfs in a Conquered Realm describes a Utopian society one can only dream of. I strongly recommend you read Elfs in a Conquered Realm for yourself; my attempt to provide a “review” of it is a pitiful one indeed. You need to read this wonderful story for yourself. You will be happy that you did.
oldreader72 More than 1 year ago
The finale for this book is really good. I enjoyed Anna's writing and have to come to know her style. She a clean author and haven't let me down. The story of this ending book for the trilogy is in two parts. In the first part, Adren gives birth to her baby in dire circumstances which change her life for a long time. The second part is where the silent warrior doubt his place at Adren's side and worsened when he must help her safe her son. It has the romance between a couple that have struggle for years to get together. In this book you will find out, if this is to be there future, or not. Great writing and no place for another sequel. I enjoyed the ride.
Sire More than 1 year ago
Paletin want to go to the devastated city of Menarm and Adren, Dellin and many others elfs agree to follow them. In a wagon train and on horse back they go to bring Menarm back as the thriving city once was. To do this they will need the hidden treasures of the deserted city. Zyrthal the young elf that help the elfs in the last book, is back with his talent to discover the where about of the loot. Soon enough greedy mankind put them all in danger. Two young kids are kidnap and the Silent Warrior goes to their rescue. The Silent Warrior, once Adren's most faithful, loyal friend has let self-doughts enter his heart and if he can't perform his duty to her, it could cause the dead of the young boys. Throughout the book there are conflicts and resolutions, each beautifully braided in the revolving stories. You will find Elfs in a Conquered Realm full of action, adventure, and romance to the last page. Anna has tie every loose end and you will find it a most gratifying ending. She has also used great morals in the telling of her stories which make this book a great read for the whole family.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Elfs in a Conquered Realm" is the perfect conclusion to the Silent Warrior Trilogy! Anna del C. Dye has imagined a beautiful Elf tale and brought it to life for all of us who love to to snuggle up with a good fantasy book. "Elfs in a Conquered Realm" is full of the romance and adventure we have come to expect from Anna del C., and she has impressively integrated values, character, and good moral attributes into her tale. Family relationships, honor, and trust are prevalent themes. The entire Silent Warrior Trilogy is a great choice for readers of ALL ages, and I recommend this book as "family friendly." Anna del C. Dye is an imaginative writer of amazing fantastic tales, and our beloved Adren of the Silent Warrior Trilogy will never be forgotten!!!
Kevinboy More than 1 year ago
This book is easy to read and very entertaining. It reads well in my nook. It has nice pictures in every chapter page. The story is well presented. I enjoyed the battles and warriors scene in the book. This book is also a clean book if you want it for your family's reading list.