Encyclopedia of Birds: 400 Species from Around the World

Encyclopedia of Birds: 400 Species from Around the World

by Per Christiansen


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Believed to have evolved from dinosaurs 150 million years ago, birds are some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. They can be found in all climates, live on land or sea, and range in size from hummingbirds to ostriches. They are often social animals that flock and mob predators, that hunt together and migrate together. Organized by order, family, and species, Encyclopedia of Birds is a comprehensive reference work of more than 400 birds from all continents and climates, from the Spotted Owl to the Emperor Penguin, the Mallard duck to the Steppe Eagle, the Cuckoo to the Satin Bowerbird.
•From the Brown Pelican to the Gray Partridge, each bird’s anatomy, habitat, distribution, lifecycle, migration pattern, and diet is explained with accessible text, fact boxes, and maps.
•Each entry is illustrated with a beautifully detailed, annotated color artwork and a color photograph of the bird in its natural habitat.

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