Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

by Samael Aun Weor


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In ancient times, only the wisest were trusted with medical knowledge, for it bears power over life and death. The remedies and methods of those seers may have been abandoned by modern civilization, but they have been preserved, and retain their power.

Throughout all of our most sacred traditions, it is known that Nature is the source for all genuine medicine. The teachings of Paracelsus, Galen, Tibetan tantras, and others all agree that a properly prepared individual can use Nature to cure any illness.

Samael Aun Weor, founder of the International Gnostic Movement and author of more than sixty books, lived for many years in close contact with the mysterious natives of the Sierra Nevada of South America. He and his wife Litelantes compiled and verified the knowledge they had been given by the priests and doctors of that region, resulting in this book Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic. This practical manual gives hundreds of techniques and practices to awaken consciousness, perform healing for oneself and others, and return to the core medical knowledge of the ages. This work features treatments for an incredible variety of illnesses and conditions, such as cancer, asthma, the common cold, and leprosy.

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ISBN-13: 9781934206980
Publisher: Glorian Publishing
Publication date: 11/01/2012
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 563,362
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

The name Samael Aun Weor is Hebrew and is pronounced sam-ayel on vay-ohr. Samael Aun Weor wrote over sixty books, gave thousands of lectures, and formed the worldwide Gnostic Movement, whose members number in the millions. And yet, in spite of his wisdom and generosity towards mankind, he said: "Do not follow me. I am just a signpost. Reach your own Self-realization." His lifelong mission was to deliver to humanity the total and exact science to develop the complete human being, that mysterious and ancient wisdom long hidden in the bosom of every great religion.

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While medical science is inventing certified medications which are changing as incessantly as women's fashion, there exists a very ancient medical wisdom that has its origin based upon the first foundations of the world and that has never changed its formulae.

Divine wisdom is preserved in sanctuaries which are far away from this false, materialistic civilization. This medical wisdom is zealously guarded by the Masters of wisdom in secret places that are inaccessible to the "merchants of the temple.”

This archaic medical wisdom can cure (with exact formulae) all sicknesses, even the so-called incurable ones. Leprosy, syphilis, and cancer become as insignificant as a child's game before the tremendous power of the Gnostic doctor who commands life.

In reality, we truly have written this book for those individuals who are presently weary of the many pseudo-occultist and pseudo-esoteric theories. It is written for those who want to enter into the internal worlds immediately. It is written for those who now yearn to enter into the laboratorium of Nature.

Certainly, it is very painful for us to see people wasting their time miserably.

We want practical magicians, true occultists, and not simple charlatans. Authentic Gnostic physicians are needed, true magicians and botanists, practical people in medicine and magical matters.

Table of Contents

Note from the Editors xii

Foreword to the Reader xiii

Introduction 1

Introduction to Esoteric Medicine 11

The Faculties of Medicine 11

Medical Clinics 17

Healing Sanctuaries 19

Diagnostic System 21

The Five Causes of Illness 24

Ens Astrale 25

Ens Veneri 26

Ens Espirituale 27

Ens Naturae 31

Ens Dei 34

Genuine Powers and Inherited Powers 37

The Gnostic Church 38

Gnostic Prayer 38

Preparation and Discipline of the Gnostic Doctor 40

Rules for the Gnostic Medic 40

Meditation 41

The Kundalini 44

The Buddhic Body 46

The Path of Initiation 46

The Seven Serpents 47

The Choanes 48

Second Guardian 48

Theurgy 50

Baths with Plants to Prepare the Body for Magic 50

Esoteric Works for Our Neighbor 50

Evil Eye on Children 50

Formula in Order to Cure the Evil Eye 51

Cases of Psychic Possession 52

Conjuration of the Four 52

Sicknesses Due to Consequences of the Will of Perverse People 55

Ceferino Maravita 56

Curative Words (Mantras) 56

Sicknesses of the Mental Body 58

Secrets of Practical Magic 60

Folklore from the Sierra Nevada 60

The Snake and the Mirror 64

Secrets of the Magic Mirror 68

Clairvoyance 68

Teachings of Christ 69

A Curious Case 69

Disincarnation 70

Halls of Black Magic within Cemeteries 73

The Fourth Coordinate 75

Secret in Order to Function Within the Superior Vehicles 75

The Mental World 75

The Mind 75

Jinn Humans and Jinn Lands 77

The Master Litelantes, The Harpocranian Forces, the Orphic Egg, and the Jinn States 79

Mantra to Place the Physical Body in a jinn State 81

Another Jinn Practice 82

Conjurations and Prayers 84

Esoteric Medication and Magical Works 84

Royal Conjuration 84

Prayer for Worms 84

Prayer of Our Lady Saint Martha for the Defense of the Body 84

For the Toothache 84

For Ringworm 84

For the Evil Eye 85

To Defeat Demons 85

To Combat the Demon 85

To Perform Massages to Heal without Pain 85

Prayer to the Aloe Plant 85

The Magic Key 85

Prayer to the Gnomes 85

The Magic Wand 86

Magic Mirror 86

Magic Circle 86

Jinn States 86

Astral Projections 87

To Defend Oneself from Lightning and from Fire 87

Against Danger from Bullets, Knives, Wounds, Enemies, Ambush, etc 87

Magic from the Memories of Nature 87

The Secret Order of the Epoptae 88

Protection 89

Prayer of the Lodestone 89

Prayer of Saint Paul (for the Snake) 89

Jehovah God 89

To Enchant the Body 89

Astral Departures 89

Serpents 90

To Conjure the Demons from the Possessed Ones 90

To Drive the Snakes Away 90

To Enchant the Snakes 90

Mantras to Become Invisible in Case of Danger 90

Solar Conjuration to See Your Beloved One from a Distance 91

Magic Invocations 92

Invocation to Extinguish Blazing Fires 92

Invocation to Unleash the Air with the Purpose of Taking the Fire Away or for Other Useful Goals - Barbas de Oro (Goldenbeard) 92

Invocation to Call the Undines from the Water 92

Invocation to Make Rain 92

Invocation to Invoke the Angels 92

Clavicle of Solomon 92

Procedures for Magic Invocations 93

Regents of the Air 93

Perfumes for the Invocations 93

Perfumes 94

Saturn 94

Jupiter 94

Mars 94

Sun 94

Venus 94

Mercury 94

Moon 94

Magic Exorcisms 95

Exorcism for Monday 95

Exorcism for Wednesday 95

Exorcism for Friday 95

Exorcism for Sunday 95

Exorcism for Tuesday 96

Exorcism for Thursday 96

Exorcism for Saturday 96

Invocations 96

Fasting 97

Planetary Regents 97

Planetary Characteristics 97

Planetary Specifications 98

Matrimonial Future 99

Magical Procedure 99

The Magic Mirror 99

Indications about the Magic Mirror 100

The Magic Key of Pacts 101

Esotericism of the Laurel 101

Divination through Fire 102

Invocation of the King of the East 102

Invocation of the King of the South 103

Invocation of the King of the West 104

Invocation of the King of the North 104

Magic Secret to Travel Through the Airs of Mystery 105

Magic from the Woodlands 107

Jinn Marvels - Nahualism 107

Nahualism 107

Elementotherapy 110

Medicinal Plants 110

Anti-rheumatic Plants 110

Anti-nervous and Calmative Plants 110

Depurating Plants 111

Diuretic Plants 111

Emmenagogue Plants 111

Febrifuge Plants 112

Laxative Plants 112

Restorative Plants 112

Vermifuge Plants In order to eject intestinal parasites 112

Zodiacal Plants 113

Plants and their Planetary Influence 114

Lunar Plants 114

Mercurian Plants 114

Venusian Plants 115

Solar Plants 115

The Plants from Mars and the Elementals of Fire 116

Jupiterian Plants 117

Saturnine Plants 117

Zodiacal Perfumes 118

Elemental Magic 119

Elemental Evolution 119

Egypt Elemental 121

Masters and Disciples 122

The Elemental Instructor of the Gnostic Medic 123

Study and Exercise of Elemental Magic 127

Garlic Magic 127

Magic of the Artemisia Plant 127

Magic of the Angel's Trumpet 128

Elemental Magic of the "Jayo" (Coca) 130

Elemental Magic of the Juniper Tree 130

Maguey, Fique or Cabuya 132

Magic of the Guasimo Tree 134

Magic of the Gualanday Tree 134

Magic of the Guasguin Plant 135

Magic of the Mammee Tree 136

Elemental Magic of the Guava Tree 137

Elemental Magic of the Guarumo Tree Cecropia peltata 137

Magic of the Male Fern 138

Magic of the Jarilla Chivata Plant 139

Magic of the Cashew Tree 140

Marvels of the Pine Tree 140

Magic of the Roses 141

Magic Formula of the Rose to Heal an Emotional Pain 143

The Queen of the Flowers 144

The Roses from Sirius 144

Magic of the Sassafras 145

Magic of the Yucca Plant 146

Esoteric Medication 147

Sudorific Procedures 147

Medicinal Tea 147

Decoction 147

Maceration 147

Dosage 147

The Secret of Health: Heal Yourself by Eating and Drinking 147

General Purpose Medications 148

Powerful Antibiotic of Universal Application 148

Bath of Beauty 148

Danger of Contagion 148

Medicinal Elixir to Live a Totally Healthy, Long Life 148

The Queen of Fire 149

The Virtues of Garlic 149

Purgatives 149

Rattlesnake Medications 149

Tobacco 150

Medications 151

Abortions 151

Formula against Abortion 151

Abscess, Dental 151

For Aches and Neuralgia 151

Afflictions to the Sides of the Human Body 151

Alcohol; Against the Vice of 151

Amenorrhea, or Absence of Menstruation 152

Amenorrhea, or Suppression of Menstruation 152

Amoebas (Parasites) 152

Anemia 152

Anemia 153

Anemia, Tropical 153

Angina Pectoris 153

Angina (Sore Throat) 153

Aphthas (Canker Sores) 154

Aphthas 155

Aphtha/Thrush 155

Apoplexy, Asphyxia, Lethargic Fever, Spasmodic Colic, and Difficult Parturition 155

Appendicitis, Acute 155

Arteriosclerosis 155

Asthma 155

Asthma 156

Asthma 157

Asthma 157

Asthma 157

Against Bad Breath 157

Baldness; Danger of Becoming Bald 158

Belly, to Decrease the 158

Bladder 158

Bladder 158

Bladder Pain 158

Blood; A Great Cleanser for the 158

Blows and Contusions to the Head 159

Swollen Breasts 159

Bronchial Catarrh 159

Bruises 159

Bruises; Against Contused Wounds 159

Bums 159

Burns 159

Calculi; Remedy to Eject Stones from the Kidneys and Bladder 160

Calculi, Gall Bile 160

Calculi, Gall Bile, Another Recipe 160

Calculi; Biliary or Gallbladder Stones 160

Calculi of the Gallbladder 160

Calculi of the Gallbladder, Lack of Appetite, Sourness, and All Type of Aches Within the Digestive Tract 160

Calculi, Hepatic: Formula to Eject the Hepatic Calculi (Stones) without Surgical Operation 161

Calculi, Hepatic (Hepatic Stones) Olive oil and lemon 161

Calculi, Hepatic (Stones) 162

Calculi (Stones): Formula to Eject from the Kidneys 162

Cancer 162

Cancer, External 165

Second Procedure to Cure Cancer 165

For Cancer 166

Another formula 166

Testimony about Cancer 166

Cataract of the Eyes 167

Cataract or Fleshiness in the Eyes 167

Against Catarrh 167

Chancres 167

Chilblains 167

Children Who Lose Their Appetite and Have Fetid Defecation 167

Chlorosis (see also Dropsy) 168

Formula One 168

Formula Two 168

Cirrhosis 168

Colic (Hepatic Colic) 168

Conjunctivitis 168

Constipation 169

Constipation 169

Corns 169

Cough 169

Cough, Remedy for Various Types of Chest Coughs 169

Cough, Adult 169

Cough, Bronchial 169

Cough, Bronchitis; Chronic Asthma 169

Cough, Children 169

Cough, Children; Another Recipe 170

Croup 170

Deafness 170

Diabetes 170

Diabetes 170

Diabetes 170

Diabetes 170

Diabetes 170

Diabetes 171

Diabetes 171

Diabetes 171

Anti-diabetic Tea 171

Diabetes, Intestinal Inflammation, Gases, Indigestion, Burps, Etc 171

Diabetes, Unrestrained Urine, Pain and Swelling of the Breasts of Mothers Who Are Breast Feeding 171

Diarrhea 172

Diarrhea 172

Diarrhea 172

Diarrhea 172

Diarrhea, Very Grave 172

Against Bad Digestion 172

Bad Digestion and Intestinal Disorders 173

Bad Digestion 173

Digestion, Difficult 173

Diphtheria 173

Dropsy 173

Dropsy 173

Dysentery 173

Ear Infection (Pus) 174

Ear Itchiness 174

Eczema, Dry or Purulent Rashes on the Extremities (Limbs, Hands, Feet) or on the Body 174

Elephantiasis 174

Elephantiasis, Swellings, and Ulcers 174

Epilepsy 174

Epileptic Illness or Epilepsy of the Heart 175

Epilepsy, Nervous 175

Epilepsy; Magic Procedure in Order to Cure 176

Magic Formula 176

Erysipelas 176

Erysipelas, Sores, Damage to the Skin, Cutaneous Infections, etc.; Formula in Order to Cure 176

Erysipelas, Against; Special formula 177

Erysipelas, Nervous 177

Eye Sight 177

Eye Sight, Remedy in Order to Strengthen the Sight 177

Eye Sty 177

Fainting 177

Feet Inflammation 178

Fevers, Common 178

Fever with Mad Disposition 178

Fever; To Cut Off Any Type 178

Old Fistulas 178

Incurable Fistulas 178

Fistulas and Tinea 178

Fistulas, Rebel 178

Fistulas or Ulcers 179

Against Flatulence or Gas from the Bowels 179

Fractured Bones and Rheumatic Pains 179

Freckles or Spots on the Face 179

Against the Horrible Freckles 179

Fungi 179

Gangrene 180

Gas Pains 180

Gastralgia (Stomachache) 180

Gastritis and Stomach Ulcers 180

Gonorrhea 180

Gonorrhea, Artificial 181

Gonorrhea, Chronic 181

Gonorrhea in Women 182

Gonorrhea and Bladder Stones 182

Internal Wounds from Previous Gonorrhea 182

Goiter 182

Gout; Gentle Purgative for Those Who Suffer 182

Headaches, Chronic 182

Heartburn 183

Heartburn 183

Hemorrhoids 183

Hemorrhoids 183

Hemorrhoids 183

Hemorrhoids 183

Hemorrhoids with Flux of Blood 183

Hernias; Marvelous Remedy to Cure Hernias 184

Another Remedy for Hernias 184

Hiccups 184

Hoarseness 184

Impotence 184

Impotence, Second Formula 185

Impotence 185

Impotence and Spermatorrhea 185

Against Sexual Impotence 185

Impotence, Cerebral Weakness, Anemia 185

Inflammation 186

Inflammation of Kidneys, Urinary Tract and Bladder, Rheumatic Illness, Lumbago Arteriosclerosis, Heart Disorders 186

Influenza 186

Influenza, Grippe 186

Influenza, Grippe, Another Recipe 186

Influenza, Grippe 186

Insomnia 186

Intestinal Catarrh 187

Intestines; Against the Bowel's Flux or Intestinal Hemorrhage 187

Prayer 187

Intestinal Formula 187

Intestinal Worms 187

Intestinal Worms and Parasites 187

Jaundice 188

Jaundice 188

Kidneys 188

Kidneys 188

Kidneys, Another Recipe 188

Kidneys, Another Recipe 188

Kidneys 188

Kidneys, Affected 188

Kidneys, Irritation 189

Kidneys, Sick 189

Kidneys; For Sick Kidneys 189

Knee Injuries 189

Lactation, Deficient 190

Leprosy 190

First Formula 190

Elementotherapeutical Procedure 190

Second Formula 191

Against the Terrible Leprosy 192

Liver, For the 193

Liver and Gastric Visceras 193

Liver 193

Liver, Another Recipe 193

Liver, Kidneys, and Spleen Sicknesses; The Following Formula is Suggested 193

Liver, Sick 193

Lumbago 194

Lungs; To Prevent and Cure Their Peculiar Sicknesses (Great Panacea) 194

Lungs 194

Malaria 194

Menopause; Woman's Critical Age 195

Menopause; Woman's Irregularities in Her Critical Age 195

Menorrhagia, Incurable 195

Menstrual Delays 195

Menstrual Delays, Another Formula 195

Menstruation; Remedy in Order to Provoke Menstruation 196

Menstruation, Excessive and Dangerous 196

Menstruation, Retained 196

Delayed Menstruation, Bad Digestion, Children's Overeating, Digestive Colic 196

Mai de Madre (Mother's Illness) 196

Mai de Madre (Mother's Illness) 196

Mumps, Goiter, Scrofula 196

Nasal Hemorrhages 197

Nausea and Dizziness 197

Neuralgia 197

Nervousness 197

Nervous State 197

Nervous System, Neurasthenia, Insomnia, Depression, Etc 197

Nocturnal Pollutions (Wet Dreams) 197

Nymphomania or Uterine Furor 198

Obesity 198

Pancreas 198

Parasites 198

Parturient Women; Afterpains 199

Parturient Women; Against Afterpain 199

Parturient Women; Craziness and Epilepsy Because of Coldness in the Ovaries 199

Parturient Women, Excessive Discharge After Parturition 199

Pharyngitis 200

Pregnant Women; Recipe in Order to Stop a Blood Hemorrhage 200

Pregnant Women; Non-localized Aches 200

Prostate 200

Prostatitis (Sickness of the Prostate) 200

Pulmonary Catarrh 201

Rebel Cough 201

Respiratory System 201

Respiratory System, Rebel Cough, Flu, Bronchitis 201

Rheumatism 201

Rheumatism 201

Rheumatism, Another recipe 201

Against Rheumatism 201

Rheumatism 202

Rheumatism 202

Rheumatism from a Cold Corpse 202

Rheumatism, Lumbago, Nephritis, Urinary Calculi 202

Ringworm, Mange, Tinea 202

Roseola 202

Sciatica 202

Scrofula 203

Sinusitis or Sinuses 203

Snake Bite 204

Snake Bite, Rattlesnake 204

Snake Bite, for the Coral Snake's Bite 204

Snake and Tick Bites 204

Sorcery to the Head 204

Sores at the Edge of the Mouth 204

Spells 204

Spells Placed on Houses and Homes 204

Spells on the Skin 204

Spermatorrhea 205

Spleen, Against Pain of the 205

Spots on the Face 205

Spots, Black 205

Spots, White 205

Sterility 205

Sterility, Women's 205

Stomach 206

Stomachaches 206

Against Excessive Sweating of the Armpits, Feet, and Hands 206

Syphilis 206

Tapeworms 206

Teething Tiger 207

Tetanus 207

Tetanus in the Navel of Newborns 207

Tetters and Sores 207

Throat Damages, Children 207

Tinea 207

Tinea of the Head 207

Tonsillitis 208

Tonsillitis 208

Tonsillitis 208

Tonsils 208

Tonsils and Throat Aches 208

Toothaches, Molar Ache 208

Toothaches; Mantric Secrets in Order to Cure 208

Tuberculosis 209

Tumors, For Many Types 209

Tumors (Formula to Eject Them) 209

Typhus 209

Remedy for Typhus 210

Ulcers, Cancerous 210

Ulcers of the Stomach 210

Ulcers; Gastric, Hepatic or Duodenum 210

Urine Decomposition or Putrefaction 210

Urine Retention 210

Urine Retention 211

Formula Against the Retention of Urine 211

Irritation When Urinating 211

Lack of Sensation When Urinating 211

Urticaria 211

Uterine or Vaginal Hemorrhage 211

Uterine Hemorrhage (in Serious Cases) 211

Varicose Veins 212

Varicose Veins 212

Varicose Veins 212

Warts 212

Recipe Against Warts 212

Wasp Sting 212

Recipe for General Weakness 213

Weight; To Become Slim 213

Whooping Cough 213

Windy Colic, Abdominal 213

Women's Discharge 213

Women; Bleeding Discharge and Leukorrhea 214

Women; Leukorrhea or White Discharge 214

Women; General Aches 214

Women; Any Type of Flux 214

Women; Disinfectant 214

Women; For Ovarian Aches 214

Woman; Sexual Frigidity 214

Women; Very Effective Formula Against Female Irregularities and Against Sterility 215

Pomade Against Wrinkles 215

Yeast Infection 215

Yeast Infection 215

Healing from a Distance 216

Magical Procedures 216

Exorcism of the Fire 216

Exorcism of the Air 216

Exorcism of the Water 216

Exorcism of the Earth 216

Gnostic Medics 217

Conclusion 218

Appendix 219

Prayers 220

Hail, Mary 220

Our Father (Pater Noster) 220

Apostles' Creed 220

Glossary 221

Index 229

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