Eternal (Shadow Falls: After Dark Series #2)

Eternal (Shadow Falls: After Dark Series #2)

by C. C. Hunter


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ISBN-13: 9781250044617
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 10/28/2014
Series: Shadow Falls: After Dark Series , #2
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 59,350
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.20(d)
Lexile: HL600L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

C. C. HUNTER is the bestselling author of the Shadow Falls series. She lives in Spring, Texas, where she's at work on her next novel.

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Chapter One

Della Tsang swung one leg outside her bedroom window. The sun had risen but hung on the eastern horizon, spilling just enough light to paint that strip of sky a blood-red. The color had her mouth watering.

Her empty stomach rumbled. She needed blood. Later.

First things first.

She knew what she had to do—hadn’t slept half the night because of it.

A blast of late-October air stirred her black hair in front of her eyes. The wind was cold on her face, but not cold like when she’d had the fever.

Since she’d woken from the two-day coma after being Reborn, which was an unusual second transition into being a vampire, all her previous flu-like symptoms had disappeared.

Pushing off the window ledge, her boots hit the wet earth with a squish. She paused right outside the cabin to see if the sound had awoken her Shadow Falls roommates, Miranda or Kylie, almost hoping for some company.

Only silence filled her ears.

They’d both stayed out late last night with their boyfriends. Della had seen Steve, too, but she’d pulled the tired card and called it an early night. She took a small step, still listening for any sign they were awake.

I don’t need them. I don’t. Della had to do this on her own.


That had been her mantra for the last week. Well, not exactly—more like: Not with Chase. The lying, conniving vamp whom she’d unwillingly become bonded to when he’d convinced Steve, Della’s almost-boyfriend, to let him mingle his blood with hers to up the odds of her surviving the so-called rebirth.

Bonded. She recalled what little information Chase had explained. It links the two vampires. They become almost a part of each other. It has been compared to the relationship shared by identical twins or perhaps soul mates.

Pushing that from her mind, she glanced again at the dark woods, sensing something waiting for her … calling her. There was no turning back.

Reaching around, she closed her bedroom window. A twig snapped from inside the woods. Della turned and faced the trees, inhaling the air to catch anyone’s scent.

Nothing but the wet, musky scent of a possum.

She started walking. As soon as she entered the woods, the night’s noise vanished. Even the trees seemed to hold their breath. A carrier of the vampire virus, she’d been turned almost a year ago. This second turn, extremely rare, meant she was stronger, faster—meant she could really kick ass and ask questions later.

She’d give the power back in a snap if it would bring Chan back.

Perhaps she should be appreciative for what Chase had done, making sure she lived, but she would’ve preferred he’d done it for her cousin Chan. Burnett, the camp leader and another Reborn, had survived his rebirth without a transfusion; she probably could have as well. Plus, Chase had done it so secretively and had lied to her until the very end.

The real pisser was—he hadn’t stopped lying.

She’d texted him the question: Who sent you to check on me and Chan?

His reply: Don’t know. Just following orders, was bullshit.

He’d messaged her last night. Five minutes … give me five minutes. I’m at the gate.

She’d replied, Until I get answers, I don’t have five minutes for you.

Not until he came clean. The guy had more secrets than a rogue werewolf had fleas.

If her suspicions were correct, and she’d bet her canines they were, he had information about her missing uncle who’d gotten turned and faked his own death as a teen. Who else would care about her? Who else would know Chan was her cousin? And if it was her uncle calling the shots, why hadn’t he cared enough to save Chan, too?

Thinking of her uncle had her automatically thinking of her father and how easily he’d turned his back on her. Adding to her heartache was the discovery that he’d been suspected of killing his own sister.

Her mind couldn’t wrap around that. Her father couldn’t, wouldn’t have done that.

She continued walking, her footsteps soggy. The night had seen its share of rain. Instead of sleeping, she’d listened to the sound of drizzle dancing on the tin roof of the cabin. But that wasn’t the only sound of water she’d heard.

The roar of the falls had echoed in the distance. There was no way, even with her vampire hearing, that she could hear the falls from her cabin. Which meant the falls were calling her.

The falls, being that magical but creepy place where the death angels—mystical beings who stood in judgment of all supernaturals—were said to hang out.

The sound of the falls echoed louder.

“Don’t worry. I’m coming.” She wouldn’t back out, and not simply because it called her—Della had never been one to come when called. She made this trip because she’d remembered something Kylie had once told her. I go to the falls to find answers.

If those death angels could answer Kylie’s questions, then by damn, they could answer Della’s. Never mind that last time she’d gone there after feeling called, someone … as in the death angels themselves … had clobbered her on the head with a rock.

A nervous tickle whispered through her, but she kept going. For the answers, she’d risk it.

But if it was the death angels that knocked her on the head, they’d best be forewarned. This time, she’d be a hell of a lot harder to take down.

*   *   *

As Della neared the falls, her tickle of unease evaporated, and a sense of well-being grew in her chest.

She stepped between the trees and caught sight of the cascading water. She turned her head side to side, wanting to take it all in. Trees circled the area. Their limbs arched above, almost hugging the area of the falls, making it feel like a special little alcove. The sun, still new to the morning, cast its first golden hue of light through the trees. The air smelled fresh, verdant, and peaceful. She’d never considered what peaceful smelled like, but she knew it now.

The ambience reminded Della of a Buddhist temple she’d visited in China when she was twelve. Without explanation, she suddenly knew the death angels hadn’t hit her on the head.

“So who was it?” She muttered the question aloud, not the least bit paranoid to be voicing her question to the empty woods.

Just because she couldn’t see them didn’t mean they weren’t there.

She wasn’t alone.

She sensed it. For the first time since she’d woken up from that coma after being Reborn, she felt … less alone. Complete.

“Who was what?” The voice blended with the rush of the falls.

Her heart leapt and her gaze shot to a spot in the curtain of water that blurred as a figure emerged.

Recognition hit and Della’s sense of peacefulness shattered.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Probably the same thing you are.” Chase’s gaze whispered over her. “I kept hearing it last night.”

“You followed me,” she accused.

He smirked. “Now you’re not even being logical. I was here first. If anyone was followed, you followed me.”

“I didn’t.” Ambivalence rumbled around inside her, and had her clenching her fist. Should she hightail it out of here and continue with her vow not to speak to him until he told her the truth about who had sent him? Or should she cross over the water and go vamp on his butt to get the truth out of him?

She knew which one she wanted to do. Oddly, kicking ass—in a place where peace flavored the air—felt wrong. Decision made, she swerved around and started walking. Hopefully he’d follow her to a less than holy place and she could kick his butt then.

“Whoa! Stop!” he called.

She ignored him. Ignored the sound of the falls. She kept walking, her focus on the ground, the way the wet earth squished around the edges of her boots. Gaze still lowered, suddenly, another pair of wet leather boots appeared in her line of vision.

She stopped, but didn’t look up. Didn’t have to. She knew they were Chase’s boots. Her heart did another tumble. His speed still awed her.

Am I that fast now?

She hadn’t really had a chance to test her limits. Not with Burnett micromanaging her powers. Not with all her pressing issues.

But those issues didn’t need her immediate attention, so she nudged those thoughts aside to deal with the problem at hand—or rather, the problem at her feet. Chase. Lifting her gaze, the visual details—Chase details—hit her at once. She stared, soaking them all in like a hungry sponge.

Details like how his wet, black hair clung to his brow. Like how his white T-shirt appeared shrink-wrapped to his upper body, showcasing every dip and curve of his muscular form. How he appeared buffer, or maybe she’d just forgotten how male-model perfect he was. She hated perfect!

“Hey.” His one soft word seemed to float through the air as he inched closer. His nearness made her skin feel extra sensitive. Maybe she didn’t hate perfect so much. Had he always had this effect on her, or was this just post-bonding crap?

She growled, annoyed at her own weakness. But for the life of her, she couldn’t seem to move back. Look but don’t touch, she gave herself one rule.

He grinned as if he could read her mind.

She growled louder.

“You are a sight for sore eyes.” He reached out as if to pull her against him. She found the strength and lurched back, leaving skid marks in the wet grass.

The look-but-don’t-touch rule would stand firm.

He stepped toward her. His scent, part musk, part mint, invaded her air. He lifted his hand.

She sucked cold oxygen between her teeth before speaking. “Your eyes aren’t the only thing that’s going to be sore if you touch me!”

He held up both of his hands, a sign of submissiveness, but his sexy smile signaled trouble. She would not, could not, give in to these crazy feelings. How could she when part of her heart belonged to someone else?

“Fine, I’ll keep my hands to myself.” He looked over her shoulder at the falls and then back at her. “But can’t you see it’s fate?”

A spray of sun shot through the trees and cast swirly shadows over his face. That’s when she noticed the purple bruise under his eye. Considering vampires didn’t bruise easily, that had to have been a hell of a lick.

“What’s fate?” she asked, trying not to care that he’d been hit. Hurt. That he could have been killed.


“This,” he said, moving his hands between them.

“What’s this?” she asked.


“Us what?”

“Us. Here.”

She glared at him. “Did you forget how to use complete sentences?” she smarted off.

He half chuckled. “Come on. Doesn’t it seem strange that we were both lured here?” He shifted slightly and the precious gold light touched his face. His hair, wet from his trip through the falls, appeared almost black, and his eyes, a light golden green, almost glowed with the sun on them. But noting the bruise again, she felt a sympathy pain under her left eye.

She had to remember not to let herself get lost in those eyes—in emotions she couldn’t explain.

“I wasn’t lured.” Her heart danced around the mistruth as the sound of the cascading water hummed in the background. “I came here for a reason.” That much was true. She stiffened her shoulders.

“What reason?” he asked.

“To find answers. Answers that you aren’t giving me.” Accusation rang in her tone. She pressed both her hands on her hips and stared up at him. Oddly, she’d forgotten how tall he was. He towered above her. She wasn’t accustomed to feeling small or feminine, but his presence did that.

He tucked his hands in his jean pockets and tipped back on his heels. “What answers?”

She raised her chin and studied him, trying not to note the bruise or worry what he’d done to get it. “Who sent you to check on me and Chan?”

For a flicker of a second, he hesitated, then spoke, “I did answer that. The Vampire Council.” But the sneaky vamp looked away as soon as the words left his mouth. And she knew he always did that when he lied.

“That’s bullshit,” she said. “You’re still keeping something from me.”

He glanced back at her. “It’s not a lie. I got my orders from the council.”

She studied him. This time he didn’t blink or turn away. Did that mean he spoke the truth?

No, she didn’t trust him. If he could learn to control his heartbeat when he lied—and he’d admitted he could do that—then he could learn to control his facial reactions. Surely by now he’d figured out why she constantly challenged his word.

“Did they also order you to let Chan die?” The moment the question left her lips, she felt her resolve strengthen. It didn’t matter that her strength came from her own guilt—she’d take it.

Chase inhaled and looked down at the ground, shifting the tip of his right boot into the wet earth. When he looked back up, she saw a flicker of emotion in his eyes.

“No. Letting Chan face the rebirth on his own was my decision. I told you, I didn’t think he would survive, and if I’d tried to save him, I wouldn’t have been able to save you.”

“Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?” Her throat tightened. To save her, he’d let Chan die.

His shoulders lowered half an inch. Refocusing on his gaze, she spotted empathy in his eyes.

She hated empathy. It ranked right up there with pity.

She turned to leave. He grabbed her. Gently.

His thumb moved in small circles over her elbow. “I’m sorry. But I’m not responsible for his death any more than you are. We didn’t make this happen. And I did what I thought was right. It wasn’t easy for me, either. I liked Chan. But he was just too weak.”

Her skin tingled where the tips of his fingers moved. Remembering her no-touch rule, she shook off his hand. “Which is exactly why you should have helped him. If two people are in a river, you save the one who can’t swim.”

“And let you drown?” he asked.

“I might have made it through the rebirth. Burnett did.” The second the words left her mouth, she worried Chase didn’t know Burnett was a Reborn, but his lack of surprise put her at ease.

A frown tightened the corners of Chase’s eyes. “Burnett’s an exception. Less than three percent of Reborns live. The odds weren’t in your favor.”

“I would have taken those odds if I’d been given a choice. But I wasn’t. You didn’t even tell me Chan was dead and you knew. You kept this whole Reborn thing and your being here to help me to yourself. And why? Because you knew I’d be opposed to it.”

He kicked at a rock on the ground. The pebble soared through the air and hit a tree with a dead thump. “So I’m the bad guy for wanting to save your life?”

She leaned in. “You’re the bad guy for not being up-front. And you’re still doing it.”

His mouth tightened, and he crossed his arms over his chest. “Okay. I didn’t tell you everything. Be mad at me for that. But you can’t just ignore me or the fact that we’re bonded. You feel it. I feel it. You can’t deny it.”

“Watch me. I’m good at denying shit!” She seethed and darted around him to start back.

“God, you’re stubborn!” he called out, then again appeared in front of her.

She came to an abrupt stop, slamming her hands on his chest to stop from falling face forward. He caught her by the waist. Gently. His touch sent her heart racing this time.

“Either tell me the truth or leave,” she said, stepping out of his embrace. It was her last ultimatum. “Who are you working with besides the Vampire Council, and don’t tell me no one, because my bullshit detector goes off every time you tell me that.”

Copyright © 2014 by Christie Craig

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Eternal (Shadow Falls: After Dark Series #2) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
StephWard More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars 'Eternal' is the second book in the young adult fantasy/paranormal Shadow Falls: After Dark series. It follows main character Della as she adjusts to life at Shadow Falls, where she finally feels like she fits in. With her new friends Miranda and Kylie, Della is determined to show the paranormal world that she's a worthy investigator. Meanwhile, she's still trying to figure out guy troubles. There are two swoon-worthy guys begging for her attention: Chase - a powerful vampire she feels a special connection with; or Steve - a hottie shapeshifter that makes her melt when he kisses her. Things turn upside down when a person from her past appears, which will help her choose which guy she wants to be with, but will also leave her questioning everything she thought she knew. I haven't had the opportunity to read the original Shadow Falls series yet, but I've read both installments in the Shadow Falls: After Dark series. After being sucked into these books and getting to know the characters and the world they live in - I know I'll have to read the original series soon. From the very beginning of the book, I was back inside the world the author created, along with characters so familiar now that I feel like I know them. It didn't take any time whatsoever to get my mind immersed back into the realm of Shadow Falls. I was hooked from the first sentence and I didn't stop reading - literally - until I had finished the entire book. You can always tell how good a book is by the habits you have while reading it. When I get so enthralled in a book that I don't stop until I finish and I may seem like a zombie to some people - I know I've found an amazing book and an author with authentic talent. It was so easy for me to slip back into Shadow Falls - it was like I never left. I loved getting to know the characters even more, especially Della - our leading lady. She's still coming to terms with her second rebirth - an incredibly rare occasion - and finally feels like she's making progress in her life. Her guy situation is a bit sticky, making her life more complicated than before. I loved the plot for the book - it felt like a natural progression from the ending of the book before it. Things picked right up where they left off like nothing had really happened, which I think made it easier for me to slip back inside the world as well. The story line was fascinating - I loved the mystery of the person from Della's past who has a dark connection with her. It was fun trying to guess who it was going to be and what problems it would cause. I really liked watching Della's relationships with both Steve and Chase develop - even though it wasn't always in a good way. The writing swept me away instantly with it's easy flow and quick yet natural pace. I was enchanted once again by the detailed world the author has created, with all the vivid descriptions and imagery making it feel like I was right there beside the characters throughout the whole book. I can't wait to see where the next book will take the story - the only hard part now is waiting! Definitely highly recommended for fans of the original Shadow Falls series as well as those who like paranormal and fantasy novels. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! That ending just killed me! I don't want to wait until july Hunter! Ugh! Ok so this book was excellent! I loved everything about it! I love the characters in this series! The plot was fantastic! Can't wait for the next book! Loved it!
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
   I wanted to read Eternal because I like C.C. Hunter's writing style as well as getting to know Della even more in the last one. She is a strong and independent young lady, and I love her snarky humor. It was neat to see Shadow Falls through new eyes, because I read the original series with Kylie, and while she is a great character, she is a different species as well as different personality types.     We get to see the side of Della that wasn't wholly apparent in the other series. She begins to crave and enjoy opening up to Miranda and Kylie as well as the hugs and contact. We also get to see her and Burnett working together and get to see her loyalty through working with FRU and also Chase, who works for the Vampire Council. There are a lot of debates with the two about being faithful to their respective agencies as well as trying to sell the good points and get the other to switch over.     Della and Chase also have a lot of time together in this one, both working together, exploring their bond as well as the growing attraction between them. It was def Chase's book as we got to see her with Steve in the last one. There were some pretty hot scenes between the two as they worked together to figure out the ghost that is trying to guide Della to save a boy and girl who is trapped and dying. Holiday and Kylie try to convince Della that Natasha, the girl in Della's vision is dead since that has been their experience but Della and Chase have the visions where they are in Natasha and Liam's heads and the ghost seems to indicate that they are alive.     Della's family is interwoven in this one in ways that I never expected. Of course, Della is mourning Chan but then she learns more about her dad, uncle, aunt as well as a family member that she never would have expected. It is hard to see Della struggling with the relationship with her dad. He is strict and thinks that Della has shamed the family but she just remembers their bond and she wants to still please him and not to be seen as a failure and shame to the family.     There was plenty of action, and I loved seeing Della's confidence and strength when its the right time to use it. She is a tough gal and being reborn, she has extra strength and its awesome seeing her kick butt. It was coupled with her growing as a character, realizing the need and how much she loves her friendships, having a mentor in Burnett and Holiday and figuring out her feelings for the two guys competing for her love and attention.     The ending killed me as usual because it ties up some aspects but then drops a bomb where I was like wait. What? Why? Dang it I am going to have to wait WAY too long to figure out if its how it looks or what possible explanation is there for stopping THERE and what was he doing. Okay. I think I am done with caps lock. Maybe.  Bottom Line: Great installment. Della starting to make some hard choices and discover things about her and her family. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Aw man this sounds great, im about to read this now
BookLoverEW More than 1 year ago
Life as a teen is rough. Life as a teen vampire is impossible. As a newly turned vampire, Della Tsang lost everything that mattered… her friends, her boyfriend, and the love and acceptance of her father. She found solace in her new life at Shadow Falls, a summer camp turned boarding school for paranormal teens. Surrounded by great friends and a special shape-shifter named Steve, Della came to embrace her new life. That changed when her strain of the vampire virus caused her to be REBORN, this time with greater powers than before. She was forced to eternally bond with Chase to survive the change… something that does not sit well with Della or Steve. Another ghost plagues Della with a very direct message: Find Natasha! But this time, Della isn’t the only one seeing things. Chase shares her visions, a result of the bond, and the two must work together to save Natasha in time. The ghost is somehow tied to her family, but Della can’t get the answers at home since her father isn’t speaking to her and her mother won’t return her calls. She needs Chase’s help to put the pieces together. Will Della be able to set aside her distrust of Chase to focus on the case? Or will Chase finally tell one half-truth too many and loose Della’s trust for good? ETERNAL is the second full-length novel in C.C. Hunter's Shadow Falls: After Dark series. The story introduces new characters while saying good-bye to a couple of favorites in one of the most touching scenes ever scripted by C. C. Hunter. Though Della’s toughness drew us in, it’s nice to see her vulnerable side as she struggles with her feelings for both Steve and Chase while searching for acceptance from her family and from herself. It’s not all hearts and flowers, though. ETERNAL provides plenty of fast paced action and butt kicking on Della’s part. And in C. C. Hunter style, ETERNAL ends with a cliff hanger that sets Della’s world on its side, forcing her to return to the one place we never thought she could go… home. Well played, Hunter. Well played.
Tishia More than 1 year ago
Eternal is the second book in the Shadow Falls: After Dark series by C.C. Hunter. This second book might even be better than the first in this spin-off series. I love that Della has her own story to be told. She is an interesting, complex character. She still has that bad-ass image that she is trying to uphold, but in this book she shows more of a vulnerable side. This book has such an intriguing plot. Between having a ghost trying to communicate to her, running out of time to save lives, weird family drama, and boy troubles – Della has a lot on her plate. It's enough to make anyone emotional. After this book, I might actually be team Chase. I'm still a fan of Steve though, and Chase is still keeping secrets... so we will have to see. I think there is still a lot about Chase that we don't know yet – but there is no doubt that he genuinely cares for Della. I really like that she is finally starting to let her guard down and allowing herself to get close to others. The ending... omg – what a cliffhanger! Things are getting really exciting. I'm dying to read the next book to see how it all ends, but I have so long to wait! I really hope that Della can tell her family that she is a vampire and work things out with them. She has felt alone for too long. Also, I would like to see Miranda get her own little spin-off series as well. I'm not ready to be done with the Shadow Falls family yet.
BellaG More than 1 year ago
She has again written a thrilling, heartwarming, heart-wrenching, mind-bending story. She continues to surprise me with everything she does with words its like magic! BTW totally Team Chase!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it. As perusual, CC has written a great novella! You will be dragged in by your head and never let go. You'll be mad, sad, and feel what Della feels. She's a great author and the other books were alluring and inspiring! Great job CC and everyone will love it! (If you know what I mean!)
KaylaEdwards More than 1 year ago
Powerful ghosts are literally trying to spell things out. Relationships are burned and new ones are forged. It's all just a bit too much for Della to deal with being freshly reborn and bonded to Chase. That bond binds them together in a race against time as both she and Chase are flung into the bodies of two starving, locked-up teenagers. To top things off, there is a ghost encouraging them to find these teens who may or may not be alive. A ghost that just might have a few personal connections to Della... I couldn't put this book down. Once again, the world of Shadow Falls kept me completely entranced with its constant action and drama. Where I was previously so certain I knew which guy Della should be with, I now have no clue. Team Steve? Team Chase? Team Dump-Em-Both-And-Move-On? I know, I know - yet another love triangle - it's been done, blah blah blah. You're right, it has. But hey, that's real life. It would be great if love worked out perfectly and there was only one person that you're ever attracted to; a person you took one look at and instantly knew it was pointless to date anyone else. But life just doesn't work that way. Dating is rough and messy. People get hurt. That's one of the things I love about these books - the characters are all so real. Real people with real problems and real flaws who just happen to be paranormal. And the ghost whispering. I am so beyond thrilled that it did not go away with the first Shadow Falls series. I love trying to figure out the ghosts' clues along with the characters. Who doesn't love a good ghost story? And oh that cliffhanger. I strongly recommend this book and it's predecessors to anyone who loves action, the paranormal, romance, drama, mysteries, thrillers, or all of the above. It has a quick and easy readability that makes it hard to put down. From preteens to seniors, this story has quite an audience range. Everyone can relate. We've all been there or are just beginning to go through it. Remember, you don't have to be a teen to love a good young adult novel. It's for the young and the young at heart.
Gabrielle90 More than 1 year ago
Eternal is the second book in the Shadow Falls: After Dark series. And as usual, C.C. Hunter does NOT disappoint. Della, on the outside, is a snarky and sarcastic person, but she is one of the nicest people (or vampire!) ever. She's loyal, passionate, and caring. After being reborn, she is able to see and communicate with ghosts. She is visited by a ghost that doesn't communicate very well and is thrown into visions. She learns of two newly turned vampires, dying and trapped. Even though everyone says they are dead, she is determined to save the two kids and prove everyone wrong. Even though everything is working against her, she never gives up. Her heart breaks, and she has many of her own problems but she shoves everything aside to focus on helping two complete strangers. Even as her heart battles between loving Steve and Chase, she never wavers in her mission. THAT is a protagonist I would want my daughter to look up to. Della is someone that I can follow and love. She's not a typical teenaged girl who will wallow in self pity over nonsense issues. She is a true hero, even if she sometimes views herself as a monster. Even though I am upset about the cliff-hanger ending (and about certain people leaving), I CAN'T wait for the next book. C.C. Hunter is very talented and knows how to weave a story that almost anyone can love. Even if you haven't read her Shadow Falls Series, you can still read Della's story, BUT I HIGHLY recommend you read Shadow Falls first. Reborn is the first book in Shadow Falls: After Dark. If you haven't read it yet, you should because Della is a protagonist worth rooting for.
Countrygirl_Kat More than 1 year ago
Like always C. C. Hunter has done it again. In Eternal, Della has more thrown at her that most people can take. She is put on another case and once again she has to work with Chase on it. As she learns more about him she is even more confused on who she wants. She learns she can't always go by what you are told about ghosts, that there is more to them then you think. For example that ghost can send you a text message.There are twist and turns in the book that made me where I once again did not want to put it down. I was kept on my toes all through it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This side of Della is just what the reader needs. The ending gave me a thirst for the rest of the story. Please hurry October 27th!
Nina Zhang More than 1 year ago
All the drama and heat within this book got me addicted. I love the way the book was written to get the reader's attention and absorb every word in this book. It is a must read if you hadn't already and don't forget to check out the other series written by CC Hunter starring Kylie and Miranda!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have a question... I read Shadow Falls: After Dark Eternal, on Amazon... I finished it, but omg, I feel like something's missing... Could someone tell me where it ends (Like, what the ending line is?)? Please!  Thanks!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
vleighwrites More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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