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Experiences with Aliens and UFO's Part One

Experiences with Aliens and UFO's Part One

by Jon Peniel
Chronicles many strange experiences including traveling with a United Nations ambassador on a UFO, fascinating alien meetings with the Hopi, A secret community inside Mt. Shasta, Inner-Earth tunnels used by Atlanteans & Lemurians, and much more!


Chronicles many strange experiences including traveling with a United Nations ambassador on a UFO, fascinating alien meetings with the Hopi, A secret community inside Mt. Shasta, Inner-Earth tunnels used by Atlanteans & Lemurians, and much more!

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Sub-Chapter One--Don't Shoot Me, I'm Just the Piano Player.

First, let me say that I am just a humble spiritual teacher. My only life goal is to help people develop their spiritual natures, return to their original spiritual state of being, and return to Oneness with the Universal Spirit/God. I am not a UFO-ologist, and it is not my field of expertise. While I highly respect those who have these interests, search for the truth about them, and expose the truth about them, that is not my field, and I'm so busy with my other priorities, I don't have time for it (along with many other things. Heck, I'm lucky to make time for the bathroom!) I also don't have time for abductions, and I wish some of these darned aliens would leave us alone--I've tried bug repellant sprays and they don't work worth a damn on aliens (joke). But, for whatever reason, I seem to have more than my share of UFO and alien experiences, and I'm happy to share those with others, along with the ancient teachings from Atlantis, that I learned about such things. Also, I don't claim to be an expert, so if you disagree with what I have to say here, or you believe you can help clarify things for me, please just maintain your own opinion and don't modify it because of me--you may know far more than I, and my opinions are only from what I've personally experienced, and read in the ancient teachings. But there is no need to contact me. I'm so busy with my duties as a spiritual teacher that I can't even keep up with those alone. I do think you should share info you have though, and I think one of the best resources for sharing your comments or stories, and hearing others, is via Jeff Rense at Sightings.com.

ChapterTwo--The Ancient Atlantean Teachings on UFO and Aliens.

Before our Tibetan monastery was destroyed, I read, or had read to me, a number of ancient Atlantean and Egyptian era texts dealing with aliens. The following is just a summary. I know you'll want to hear more, I know I did when I was a novice, but I really don't have time to answer any questions, and this is not a topic related to your spiritual development, or that of helping others. However, you should hear some of these things, so just enjoy what you can, and leave it at that.

As I recall, the teachings talk about 40 or 50 different alien races that have visited the earth. Many people these days want to lump everything into what people call the "grays", or a couple of other species--but there are far more. And incomprehensibly far more that have not visited the Earth, and then many others who have visited, but are only spiritual and have no physical form as we know it. Among those who have visited, the texts speak of the great importance of the various alien races' spiritual evolution as opposed to their technological evolution. It has to do with the concept of any species evolving properly. In other words, their spiritual evolution keeping pace with their technology, or better yet, their spiritual evolution outpacing their physical technology. Carl Sagan spoke of this in "Cosmos". He offered the theory that many civilizations, like ours, might get to the stage of evolution we are at, and destroy the entire species, because their technology is more advanced than their moral, intellectual, or spiritual development. Thus the technology is used greedily, selfishly, and sometimes for war. But the ancient teachings say that many aliens got past that point in their development--BUT some just "slipped by" and remained more technologically evolved than spiritual evolved, even though they didn't destroy themselves. The texts say there is an entire spectrum of spiritual evolution among those who have learned to travel to other worlds. The spectrum of aliens varies greatly--all the way from very cruel tyrannical races, to saint or angelic-like spiritual aliens that the ancient teachings call "space brothers". The idea is, that if a race evolves spiritually, they not only become more compassionate, kind and harmless, but they eventually just evolve into existing in the spiritual realms, and have no need for machines of any kind for transportation. It reminds me of an old song from the group "The Moody Blues". It's probably called "Thinking is the best way to Travel" (I think it's on "The Search for the Lost Chord" album). In fact, the ancient prophecies say that during the "end times", the "great purification" which we are entering into now, that maybe, just maybe, "space brothers" will intervene, or help out those who deserve it during, or after the worst is over. Speaking of songs and modern prophetic music, Neil Young has a song about that, called "After the Gold Rush". Anyway, by the same token, those races that had less, or no spiritual evolution, still remained in physical bodies, and still need to use actual physical craft of some kind or another, to travel the Universe. There is a particular warning in the texts about "cigar shaped" crafts--saying that those were particularly evil beings, and warning us to beware of them. But again, the general concept is this. While it was theoretically possible for people to be a decent race, a kind race and still be in physical or semi-physical bodies, and develop physical or semi-physical technology for space travel, in general if you really wanted to clarify things and dichotomize them, the only really, really good alien beings were light beings, beings that live totally in the faster vibratory realms, the realms we call spiritual. That's some of what is seen as UFO's--when people see a ball of light speeding around--it may just be the auric field of some very evolved being. Even those beings must be careful however, because if they lower their vibratory frequency too much in order to interface with the physical realms of planet Earth, they become susceptible to the physical laws of this realm. They can even have the problem that humans had in the first place, in that if they get too enmeshed in the physical levels of vibration into the matter of Earth, they can lose conscious awareness of their spiritual state, their oneness with the Universal Spirit/God, and get trapped and stuck here like we did. So they need to stay somewhat aloof in most cases.

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