Exquisitely Broken

Exquisitely Broken

by M. Jay Granberry

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What happens in Vegas...

Sinclair James wasn't from my world.
She didn't have my pedigree or family money.
She was everything I never wanted,
Everything I now realize I needed.
I loved her for six years, her soul, her body, her music.

Until I threw it all away.

One decision changed everything.
One decision destroyed what we had.

She slipped from my life as quietly as she had stolen my heart
But now she's back.

Sinclair is mine, she just doesn't know it yet.
This time I'm not letting her go.

So, what happens in Vegas...?

A second chance to repair what was broken.

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BN ID: 2940161398869
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 06/11/2019
Series: A Sin City Tale , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 298,444
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

M. Jay Granberry is first and foremost an insatiable reader.
Among her favorite things are classic fairy tales, smutty books where characters have heart, old lady sweaters (preferably chunky knit), gift baskets (giving not receiving), and charcuterie trays (green olives, smoked cheese, and Genoa salami).
She is a true Las Vegas native, the one in Nevada not New Mexico, and to answer the most frequently asked questions about growing up in Sin City…
No, she doesn’t live in a hotel.
No, she has never been a stripper although she does know some.
Prostitution is absolutely illegal in Clark County (Las Vegas)!
And what happens in Vegas does indeed stay in Vegas.
M. Jay earned a degree in words and stories, and after fifteen plus years of doing everything other than writing, she penned her first novel.

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Exquisitely Broken 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
AmandaLeeC 28 days ago
This is M Jay Granberry's debut novel and it's really well written and kept me hooked from the start. It's surprisingly emotional and filled with angst. Jacob and Sinclair's story is about second chances and healing from past hurt. The characters are realistically flawed and relatable. I love the Vegas setting. I love the hope that Sin had even though she'd been hurt, she didn't let the hurt keep her down. At the beginning, I didn't care for Jake or his actions but his ability to grow and acknowledge what happened (rather than sweep it under the rug) really won me over.
Joyffree More than 1 year ago
An exquisite second chance romance. "The opposite of love is not hate. Love and hate take the same kind of time. The same devotion. It's not over until the indifference kicks in." Sin once loved him with everything she had. Her heart and soul was his. She even remade parts of herself to appease his needs. What did she get in return? Betrayal, heartache and the means to make her a star. Left broken and lost she funneled her pain into her music. Each note the reflections of a tear. Each stanza a broken piece of her once beating heart. "I won't let her down, not in this. Before, I lost my way and steered us both into shark-infested waters, and we're still in survival mode. " - Jake Jake let his jealousy and his possessive nature color his thoughts. In an unforgivable act of betrayal, he destroyed the one real thing in his world. Sinclair. Now he has been given a second chance. Can Jake atone for his past? Can Sin see beyond the betrayal? This is Granberry's debut novel. I want to start out with how much I loved the cast. The easy way they interacted with each other. The way their emotions were raw and uncensored just ... absolutely intense. (And Mom - hope you choke on the lack of oxygen up there.) I hope we get more from these characters. The story was easy to follow and easier to believe. We are presented with dual POV's which makes the 'time jumps' from past to present meld perfectly together giving the reader the perfect dose of angst, blended with some light suspense topped with a whole lot of groveling. And let us not forget how nuclear Sin and Luke are together. There were a couple of scenes that I felt a bit "Huh?" after reading. I felt that certain people, as well as a few situations, needed a bit more. More detail or closure. They were introduced into the story as possible 'problems' (IMO) but then they seemed to be forgotten. The kid? The parents? The Hotel fixer? I did read an early comp copy so these issues may have been resolved. Overall a wonderful first in what I am hoping will be a series.
Sues_Reviews More than 1 year ago
An emotional masterpiece of healing, feeling, forgiveness and love. How would you react after a devastating betrayal? A betrayal perpetrated by your soulmate, the one you planned out your forever with. Is forgiveness too much to ask? What about a second chance? Powerful and real, Exquisitely Broken tells the story of a betrayal in a relationship and a couple’s effort to move past or move on from it through tears, pain, effort and undying love. This book was raw and emotional. It hits you right in the heart and will leave its mark. I loved every heart-breaking moment of it. The world and its characters could not be more real. Their thoughts, feelings and actions are so human, so downright authentic. I ached and shed tears for and with this couple. I understood and feel like I know them. This book will resonate with those who have been betrayed, who have felt insecure and who want forgiveness or want to forgive but don’t know how. The sentiments, reactions and emotions expressed in this book are vivid which makes this book too genuine and emotional to ever forget. I received an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read, the two main characters didn’t feel fully developed. Jacob’s mother was just weird and a unresolved character. Why so much bitterness and hatred towards Sin? Why neither main character confronted the unfounded treatment. It was unnecessary in the storyline especially since the behavior was not challenged. The intimacy and sex was awesome.
AmazeballsBookAddicts-2_ More than 1 year ago
Exquisitely Broken is a great read. I loved this one. Sinclair (Sin) is a great character. She the lead lead singer of Sin City. She left Vegas but now her band is coming back to do a residence at The Hotel. Her band is important to her and I loved the guys. Her and her band-mates are like family. She doesn't know it until it's too late that the man her broke her heart four years ago is the CFO of The Hotel. Their first meeting at The Hotel doesn't go the way Jake expected but I loved they way Sin reacted. She may have acted a little childish but made me like her even more. Jake and Sin didn't have a good break up, she pretty much iced him out after finding him cheating. He wants a second chance but they need to do a lot of healing before that can happen. Jake steps up to the plate to win Sin back. I really liked this story. The story line flowed great and I got sucked into it and didn't realized how long I had been reading. I'm kind of hoping the author's next book will be about Adam but either way I'm definitely going to pick up whatever she writes next.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Exquisitely Broken is an angsty second chance romance. He is from money she is from the wrong side of the tracks. He was smitten from first glance and convinced her to give it a shot. Then he messed up and she uses it as an excuse to break away even though it breaks her heart. Now four years later she is back in town and not the foster kid he first met. Can he convince her to let the past go and create a future with him? This book will twist you up and put you through a wringer before we get the answers.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Exquisitely Broken has so much going on, it's hard to look away. Granberry creates a larger than life fantasy out of heartbreaking reality. At the heart of this emotionally stunning story is Sinclair James. Sinclair is a woman with the courage to follow her dreams, even as her heart was breaking around her. Just when she thinks she's outrun her past, fate steps into to prove her wrong. Can the one that broke her heart, put the pieces back together? Exquisitely Broken brings the heartache even as it inspires. Emotionally, exquisite story.