Family Portraits: Character Studies in 1 and 2 Samuel

Family Portraits: Character Studies in 1 and 2 Samuel

by Randy McCracken


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King David I know, but who are you? What does the average Bible reader know about Amasa or Rizpah, and why does it matter? Family Portraits is an intimate look at the lesser-known members of the four main families of 1&2 Samuel (Samuel, Eli, Saul, and David) and the important lessons they can teach us. The books of Samuel are about how family life and national interests affect one another. The current state of the family and the national crises that constantly confront our world make 1&2 Samuel very relevant for our times. Find out:

  • how Michal goes from loving to despising David
  • what Eli's eating habits have to say about his spiritual condition
  • whether Bathsheba is a conniving or naïve young woman
  • why Absalom rebels against his father and divides a nation

Discover what all of this has to say about our own family, nation, and personal relationship with God.

Family Portraits concentrates on the themes of the books of Samuel as a guide to understanding each character. You will not only gain an understanding of lesser-known characters but a richer understanding of God's message in 1&2 Samuel. Filled with practical insights based on sound scholarship, the truths discussed in Family Portraits will at times convict and challenge, while seeking to encourage a deeper relationship with God.

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ISBN-13: 9781490811741
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 12/04/2013
Pages: 458
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