Fatima Shock!

Fatima Shock!

by Bob Thiel

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Fatima Shock! by Bob Thiel

Fatima Shock! What the Vatican Does Not Want You to Know About Fatima, Dogmas of Mary, and Future Apparitions.

Fatima Shock! is a surprising fact-based book explaining the truth about Fatima, Marian apparitions, dogmas of Mary, the “three secrets of Fatima,” the “fourth secret of Fatima,” and end time prophecy. The author himself was shocked by various facts he discovered. The book primarily cites Catholic sources while highlighting shocking details about Fatima and other apparitions. It contains facts that some in the Vatican would prefer were to remain unknown on what was seen in Fatima, the messages of Fatima, the truth about other Marian apparitions, and the hidden origins of many Marian dogmas.

It is must-read book for those interested in the real truth about Fatima, Mariology, our Lady of Guadalupe, our Lady of Akita, the Blessed Virgin, the Chinese Kuan Yin, the goddess Diana, the three seers (Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta), Medjugorje, Fatima in Islam, Hindus and Mary, the Lady of Lourdes, Garabandal, and more.

Fatima Shock! also contains illustrations (photographs and drawings) of the sites of the Fatima apparitions, the homes of the seers, and what was actually described as seen in Fatima as well as what most think was seen in Fatima.

Historians may find the revealed origins of the rosary, brown scapular, and similar items of keen interest. Most Catholics would be shocked to learn the real origins of the dogmas of perpetual virginity, immaculate conception, and the assumption, especially since various Marian innovations were opposed by Catholic saints.

Fatima Shock! also discusses the roles of popes and bishops played in Fatima, including Pope John-Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger). Fatima Shock! explains the applicability of Catholic and Bible prophecy in regards to a future antipope/antichrist as well as the “Great Monarch” and how the European Union seems to fit into related prophecies. How "Free Masonry:" may be considered to play a role by some is also discussed.

The book explains why everyone who survives later into the 21st century will be impacted by Fatima and related wonders whether they are Christian or not or believe anything happened in 1917 or not. There is no other Mariology book like it. Fatima Shock! is a must-read for those interested in the truth about Fatima, Marian dogmas, and end time prophecy.

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Publication date: 05/07/2012
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About the Author

Dr. Thiel was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school for a while in Michigan. He holds a Master's degree from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. from the Union Institute and University.

Dr. Thiel has been married to his wife Joyce since 1981. They have traveled extensively to places of religious and prophetic interest including, of course, Fatima (Portugal), plus Asia Minor, Greece, Asia, Africa, Constantinople, and the Vatican.

When not traveling, Dr. Thiel and his wife live and perform research with their three sons on California's beautiful central coast.

Dr. Thiel is the author of numerous scientific and theological articles and books. He has received several awards for his research.

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Fatima Shock! 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
EDGRANT More than 1 year ago
Again, we have another attack screed added to the list of anti-Fatima, anti-Roman Catholic and anti-devotional practices related to the Blessed Mother, publications. As can be typical with this genre, FATIMA SHOCK (F.S.) is thoroughly saturated with falsified, distorted and misleading statements, to name just a few proper adjectives. It is also liberally sprinkled with sensationalistic and conspiratorial components, appealing to folks who are naturally drawn to this type of blatant anti-Roman Catholic and anti-Vatican material. The author of this book is Mr. Bob Thiel, who is also known as COGWRITER and is regarded by his friends and associates as a specialist in end-time prophesies. In today's real world however, Mr. Thiel is identified from internet sources as currently being affiliated with a Sabbatarian, breakaway sect of ARMSTRONGISM called the LIVING CHURCH OF GOD. (LCG FATIMA SHOCK is slightly unusual from many of the anti-Fatima publications in that Mr. Thiel also casts derision and declares open season on many other of the most cherished traditions of the Catholic Church, throughout this volume. These attacks are on Marian apparitions in general (especially the visions at Fatima,) the role of Mary the mother of Jesus' in Catholic services and prayer life (Catholics DO NOT worship Mary, Mr. Thiel,) the Rosary, the Brown scapular, statues and Catholics' understanding of the Bible, to name a few. Reading this blasphemous material is akin to observing a virtual wrecking-ball swinging recklessly through most of the Roman Catholic Church's most revered beliefs and devotional practices. A significant portion of the book's content is actually a recycling and rehashing of earlier, similarly flawed anti-Fatima and anti-Catholic research references and materials, taken from many other writers and works of the same category, that have been published for many years now. Therefore, I question the value of the SHOCK characterization in the title, coming from someone who is obviously so familiar with and is so totally immersed in such an accumulation of anti-Catholic literature. While reading this publication with difficulty, I was barely able to turn a page without viewing something so thoroughly biased, so distorted or so misleading, that it would take more data space than Amazon would allow for one to adequately respond. However, a centerpiece focus of F.S. that stands out easily is certainly where the author employs as a principal weapon of attack on the Fatima visions' tradition, the brazen impugnment of the moral character of Fatima's historic, heavenly figure herself. This is accomplished by the author’s obsession with a "short skirt" description fixation (skirt is mentioned thirty-three times in F.S.) that is a part of current anti-Fatima literature. The origination of this calumnious material in America is a book originally written by two Portuguese authors and translated into English by others in 2006 titled CELESTIAL SECRETS: THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE FATIMA INCIDENT (C.S.) Another significant indicator of the author's focal point of intention is the back cover of F.S. that has a glossy and profane photograph of a statue identified only as "Description of witnesses," that is Mr. Thiel's version of the physical appearance of the "Lady of Fatima." This totally sacrilegious statue is a stereotype of a thigh baring floozy in a short cocktail dress, with otherwise no other attribution given
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author makes a great show of pseudoerudition and objectivity while threading anti-Catholic bigotry, fantasy, and fallacy into a badly written, convulsed narrative. If you feel ghe urge to throw your money after this thripe, don't. Give it to charity instead or buy another, better book.