Feisty Family Values

Feisty Family Values

by BD Tharp

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Feisty Family Values by BD Tharp

When Annabelle Hubbard appears on her cousin Regina's doorstep covered in bruises, the chaos begins. Within an idyllic neighborhood of stolid, family values and century-old houses, the cousins come to grips with family secrets, the ghosts of painful memories, unruly grandchildren, a life-threatening illness, and sexual temptation. Riding through the storm in their lives, the two cousins find that faith, family, and friends are all that really matters.

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BN ID: 2940011813276
Publisher: Scribble LLC
Publication date: 10/05/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

A life-time resident of Kansas, BD Tharp graduated Magna cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in communications, womens and minority studies and fine arts. She has published a short story, an essay, and over a hundred articles for various magazines and newsletters. She has received awards on a local, state and national level for her writing. BD is married with one grown son, two grandsons and two very spoiled dogs.

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Feisty Family Values 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
SLaFantasie More than 1 year ago
Feisty Family Values is definitely a book to not judge by the cover. Though the story does center around a large Victorian style home, its the people inside it that brings the story to life! Regina is caught by surprise when her cousin Annabelle shows up at her door step badly bruised and homeless. Going against her grain, she allows Annabelle to stay with her. Regina's mother, who is haunting her, is all too quick to remind her that it is never good to take on "poor relations". Tillie, Regina's best friend of 12 years is battling breast cancer and also lives with Regina. Reading this story you get to see how these three remarkable women get second chances at love, life and happiness. The ups and downs of family always seem to bring you closer together in the end, no matter the amount of money you have.
JacquelineSeewald More than 1 year ago
“Family” is the key word in this novel. However, the family is by no means traditional. In this women’s fiction novel, there are three main characters who at times bicker, argue and insult each other and at other times lend each other support and help. The novel begins with Annabelle Hubbard, a woman who has suffered from domestic abuse. She arrives at her wealthy cousin’s home asking for a place to live. Grudgingly, Regina Morgan-Smith agrees to allow her maternal cousin to remain. Matilda (Tillie) Dawson is Regina’s housemate. Regina and Tillie are friends, drawn together after the death of Reggie’s unfaithful husband. Tillie is an excellent cook. Regina is a lonely woman. The three women each have their problems but they end up helping and supporting each other. Tillie teaches Annabelle how to cook properly while Belle brings companionship into the mix. Belle, “the poor relation,” finds a stray cat which she introduces into the family. Reggie who had a stern mother, a woman who withheld affection and approval, is initially upset by the adoption of Ms. Pickles. Reggie constantly hears her mother’s words in her mind disapproving acts of generosity. Tillie is faced with breast cancer and the suffering that entails. Belle and Reggie provide emotional and physical support. Annabelle learns to stand up for herself against physical and emotional abuse with the help of Reggie and Tillie. Belle’s father had abused her mother and Belle, now a widow, had married a man of similar nature, feeling herself unworthy and suffering low self-esteem. Her own daughter it turns out is also an abuser. Belle learns to stand up for herself and her grandchildren. There is a romance for Tillie and for Reggie as well. Each of the main characters is individualized and well-developed. Altogether, a most satisfying novel, one that deserves much more attention then it has previously received
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The subject matter is realistic and one that needs to be addressed. However, it was crudely done and did not adequately portray \the characters as ones having any class. The conversations were more like someone narrating and he whole novel didn't have a 'flow' to it. If it were rewritten with more energy and class it would be a very good novel. the story line was great.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kidztales1 More than 1 year ago
A cab stops in front of the Victorian mansion in a well-to-do neighborhood in Wichita, Kansas. The passenger fumbles through her wallet for the correct fare. Finding everything but thirty cents, she dives into her cracked vinyl purse in search of it. The passenger walks up the steps of the mansion to see if her cousin, Regina, will take her in. But why is she here? Regina, a bitter lady, a snob and born with a silver spoon in her mouth, hesitantly lets her poor relation in. After all, Annabelle is family. Regina is sure that her cousin's stay will only be temporary. It has to be temporary! What will the neighbors think and how did Annabelle get that black eye? Tillie joins Regina at the door and makes up Regina's mind for her. Tillie is Regina's best friend. She also lives in the old Victorian. Tillie is the total opposite of Regina. She's full of life, accepts people for who they are, never hesitates to tell Regina what she thinks and is also a gourmet cook. In short, she's one feisty lady! Annabelle is different from either Regina or Tillie. Life has made her a timid creature so she doesn't really speak up much. She is so eager to please her cousin that she's even willing to learn to cook the way Tillie does! Will Annabelle overcome her shyness? Will these three women be able to live together as a family unit? After all, each lady is in her 60's and life has made each totally different from the other. What's happening to Regina's perfect life? Now, there's a cat in the house not to mention the chaos of Annabelle's three grandchildren that are there periodically. What has made Regina so bitter? We don't find this out until the end of the book. To complicate matters even more, a hunk of a man moves in right across the street from the ladies. All three ladies fall for their handsome neighbor. Will he fall for one of them? I highly recommend Feisty Family Values. This is a very compelling and relatable tale that I had trouble putting down. Everyone knows people like Regina, Tillie and Annabelle. B.D. Tharp's book deals with cancer, parental abuse, child abuse, love in your 60's and more. Not only did she touch on some very real issues in her book but she wrote a very entertaining one. Feisty Family Values keeps you turning the pages!
Jlind More than 1 year ago
While reading Feisty Family Values, I ran the gamut of emotions. I laughed out loud, cried enough to use 24 kleenexes (I admit I cry easily), and was tickled to recognize local names (since I'm from Wichita, where the author lives). I enjoyed seeing how B.D. Tharp wove so many valued themes into her writing: her love of children, dogs, painting, and sewing. The characters and their life challenges made them real and lovable, even when they didn't act lovingly. I learned unexpected things from each of them, and didn't want the story to end. It was a delightful read.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
At 65, Annabelle is alone and frightened. Her daughter Liddy kicked her out after Annabelle burned one too many meals and now she has no one to turn to but Regina, her cold-hearted cousin. When Annabelle shows up at Regina's doorstep, the well-to-do Regina reluctantly allows Annabelle to stay, but only until the ragged relative can find other living arrangements. It is soon apparent that Liddy did more than just force Annabelle out, she physically and emotionally abused the lovable grandmother. When Tillie, Regina's long time housemate discovers the truth, the plucky gourmet chef takes Annabelle under her wing (along with an abandoned, adorable three-legged kitten that Annabelle rescued). Regina unenthusiastically accepts the increased noise in her once quiet house with the hope that it won't last long. Fortunately Regina has her attic studio to escape to where she can paint to her heart's delight. When a hunky new neighbor, Joe, arrives, all three ladies are smitten but it is Tillie who steals Joe's heart. All is well until Tillie has an old enemy, cancer, resurface. Everybody in the household wants to help Tillie with her battle, but each person reacts differently. While Annabelle does all she can to help Tillie, Regina retreats to her studio, unable to deal with the possible loss of her best friend. Joe too, is terrified of losing Tillie and so, instead of supporting her, makes a quick exit. Feisty Family Values is a poignant look at three middle-aged women, their fears and hopes, and day-to-day challenges. Even with a somewhat anxiety-provoking theme of a battle with cancer running through much of this book, it is far from a depressing read. Rather, it is a joyful, and sometimes funny, visit with three loving, nurturing, and caring women who are struggling to find happiness. I was drawn into the story on the very first page when Annabelle is unable to pay the taxi driver the full amount owed on her fare. Peering out of the cab at the beautiful home of her cousin, poor Annabelle, tattered and tired, looks to the taxi's back seat for loose change. Beautifully written, I could feel Annabelle's embarrassment and wanted to take her home myself. The author is a talented writer who draws fully developed characters. Tillie, an opinionated, stop-at-nothing, kind of gal, is just as likeable as Annabelle while Regina, with a cold exterior, was truly hard to like until well into the story. She was selfish and more concerned with appearances than what truly matters - family. But like the other characters in Feisty Family Values, Regina hides some secrets that account, in large part, for her cold exterior. Will she figure out the true meaning of family before it is too late? You'll have to read this wonderful story to find out. Quill says: Every woman should get a copy of Feisty Family Values, cuddle up on her favorite chair, and enjoy the ride.
NatCatPack More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed the story. The characters were incredible. It was very interesting.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In the affluent Riverside neighborhood of Wichita, Kansas, widow Regina Morgan-Smith lives like a queen with her close friend chef Tillie Dawson. Her passion is painting, which she has been successful at, but outside of that her life is run by routines. That changes when her impoverished battered frumpy cousin Annabelle Hubbard arrives seeking shelter having been thrown out of the house of her adult daughter Lydia. Whereas Tillie warmly welcomes the bruised Annabelle, Regina detests the impact on her regulated life. Adding to her troubles is her late mom begins lecturing her and Tillie's breast cancer returns. However chaos arrives in the form of Annabelle's frightened three grandchildren (thirteen years old Peggy, twelve years old Ted and ten years old Megan) with the boy having a broken arm. With Mr. Pickles the kitten and two men entering the lives of Regina and Tillie, the elegant widow wonders how her set lifestyle was nuked so quickly. Although obviously a soap opera with too many critical topics being explored like breast cancer, abused elders and children, abandonment, drug usage and sexagenarian romances, fans will still appreciate Feisty Family Values as each of the ensemble cast comes across as genuine. The story line is obviously character driven with the audience pondering whether regal Regina will kick everyone to the curb as encouraged by her mom's spirit. Harriet Klausner