Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments from My Life

Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments from My Life

by Mae Jemison
Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments from My Life

Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments from My Life

by Mae Jemison

Hardcover(2nd ed.)

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"The writing sings" says Publisher's Weekly in this "inspiring autobiography." Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space, is truly a modern hero with a remarkable, inspirational story to tell.

Mae Jemison made history as the first woman of color in space. But she's also taken center stage as an actress, scientist, doctor, and teacher--not to mention all of the "top ten" lists she's made, including People's 50 Most Beautiful People and the 1999 White House Project's list of the seven women most likely to be elected President. The adventures of her life make for a truly compelling read. To top it all, with her charming sense of humor, Mae is a remarkable storyteller. The variety and richness of Mae Jemison's experiences will inspire every reader who picks up this book.

"One thing I was consistent about was testing limits--mine and other people's--especially adults." --Dr. Mae Jemison

This second edition contains new content as well as sixteen, beautiful, black-and-white illustrations!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781637250006
Publisher: Signal Hill Road Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/23/2021
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 238
Sales rank: 389,329
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Dr. Mae Jemison, physician, engineer, educator and entrepreneur, was the first woman of color in the world to go into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour and was a NASA astronaut for six years. Jemison joined NASA's astronaut corps in 1987 and was selected to serve for the STS-47 mission, during which she orbited the Earth for nearly eight days.
Born in Alabama and raised in Chicago, Jemison graduated from Stanford University with degrees in chemical engineering as well as African and African-American studies. She then earned her medical degree from Cornell University. Jemison was a doctor for the Peace Corps in Liberia and Sierra Leone from 1983 until 1985 and worked as a general practitioner. In pursuit of becoming an astronaut, she applied to NASA.
Jemison left NASA in 1993 and founded a technology research company. Jemison also wrote several books for children and appeared on television several times, including an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She holds several honorary doctorates and has been inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame and the International Space Hall of Fame.
Today, Dr. Mae Jemison is at the forefront of integrating the physical and social sciences with art and culture to solve problems and foster innovation.  She is a worldwide respected voice in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and is founder of the non-profit Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence. She started The Earth We Share™, a unique international science literacy curriculum and program that builds student critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they gain science knowledge and skills, and trains middle and secondary school teachers in experiential education. Jemison leads 100 Year Starship® global initiative to ensure the capabilities exist for human interstellar travel within the next 100 years while every step of the way enhancing life on Earth.

Table of Contents

Wind Currents: Who I Intended To Be 9

Whispers On The Wind 15

Wind Currents: There Is Nothing To Be-Afraid Of Except Fear Itself 31

Sirocco: A Hot Intense Wind 45

Solar Winds 55

Caught In The Eye Of A Hurricane 67

Wind Currents: An Extra Spoonful For Good Measure 76

Updraft 81

Finding A Place 104

There's A Change In The Air 119

Encounters With The Santa Ana 129

Wind Currents: The World At Large, What It Was Telling Me, And What I Heard On The Wind 153

Wafts Of Formaldehyde: Medical School 161

A Southerly Wind Blows … Africa 183

Vortex 195

Wind Currents: Reality Leads Fantasy 201

Harnessing Explosions 211

Where The Wind Goes 226

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