Fingerless Gloves: A Story About Best Friends And Mistakes

Fingerless Gloves: A Story About Best Friends And Mistakes

by Nick Orsini

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Tonight will be the most difficult night in 25-year-old Anton Duchamp’s life.

When his best friend James Squire is mysteriously rushed to hospital, Anton begins a night-long journey that takes him from shady, marijuana-smoke-filled apartments to ex-girlfriends’ bedrooms, and eventually back to his childhood home.

As the night unfolds, so do new revelations about Anton’s recreational drug use and his past failures. And as Friday night drags into Saturday morning, he learns of James’s deteriorating health. In a universe that has seemingly left him without a specific function, it takes a single night for Anton to realize that no one will ever hand him a meaning or a purpose.

Fingerless Gloves, which won the Fiction Fast-Track prize for new writing, is a story about best friends and the mistakes we never knew we were making. It is a story about remembering – by any means necessary.

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ISBN-13: 9781908556400
Publisher: Apostrophe Books Ltd
Publication date: 01/21/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Nick Orsini claims not to be a writer. After graduating from college in the heart of the Great Recession in 2008, unable to find work, he set out to tell one great story. Armed with a background in Film History and Criticism, and after spending his formative years analysing everything from Blade Runner to pro-wrestling, he started to write. Nick has self-published two books, one collection of poetry, and maintains a blog of over 2,000 original poems and short stories. He has written for The Projection List and Thought Catalog. His poetry spanned topics from the Occupy Wall Street protests to the senselessness of coming-of-age. His first self-published novel, Two Wrongs Make a Vice, has been shipped to over 40 countries and all 50 US states. His second novel, Fingerless Gloves, is a story centering on the fragility of friendship and the ways we come to terms with ourselves and our past failures. In August 2012, it won Apostrophe Book’s Fiction Fast-Track new writing competition.

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Excerpt: “Solo dolo is defined on Urban Dictionary as “to do things by yourself (solo) and on the down low (dolo). Tonight, I’m pretty sure I have the first half of the definition down, but I’m not sure what I’m doing is on the “down low.” In fact, I’m out in public…and as far from low as anyone has ever been. I think people give being alone this bad rap, like it’s something to pushers and freaks…and any normal person should have at least one friend, one accomplice, one tagalong. Fact is, on some nights, during your most formative times, you often find yourself alone, whether it’s intentional or not. There you are, solo…trying to hide something. Trying to justify some nasty, developing habit that the world has written off as lawless and wrong.”

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“Written in a style that keeps the reader wondering what happens next. The story starts with James dying and ends with James dying, but what comes in between is a madcap adventure of two young men who have what a lot of people want…genuine friendship. I enjoyed reading this book!!” Celtic Lady’s Reviews

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