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CIA covert operator Savannah James is after intel on a potential coup in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but she needs a partner fluent in Lingala to infiltrate the organization. 

Sergeant First Class Cassius Callahan is the perfect choice, except he doesn't like her very much. He doesn't trust her, either, despite the sparks that flare between them, fierce and hot. Still, he accepts the assignment, even though their cover requires Savvy to pose as his mistress.   

They enter battle-worn Congo to expose the financing for the coup. A trail of cobalt, gold, and diamonds leads them into the heart of darkness, a jungle in which everyone is desperate to find the mother lode of ore and gems. Betrayal stalks them as they follow the money, but Savvy will stop at nothing to bring down the would-be dictator before he can ignite a firestorm that will engulf all of Africa.  

Deep in the sultry rain forest, spy and Green Beret forge a relationship more precious than diamonds, but Cal knows Savvy is willing to sacrifice anything - or anyone - to complete her mission. As they near the flash point, Cal will have to save her from the greatest threat of all: herself.

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ISBN-13: 9781721313020
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 10/02/2018
Series: Flashpoint Series , #3
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Four-time Golden Heart® finalist Rachel Grant worked for over a decade as a professional archaeologist and mines her experiences for storylines and settings, which are as diverse as excavating a cemetery underneath an historic art museum in San Francisco, survey and excavation of many prehistoric Native American sites in the Pacific Northwest, researching an historic concrete house in Virginia, and mapping a seventeenth century Spanish and Dutch fort on the island of Sint Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children and can be found on the web at

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Firestorm 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the series!
SugarNSpice1 More than 1 year ago
Firestorm finally ignites the heat that has been burning between CIA covert operative Savannah James and Sergeant Cassius Callahan in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. CIA operatives are always bit of a pet peeve for me in romances.. They are shady, their lives are all about lying and completing the mission at any cost. Even though I was looking forward to finally getting Savvy's story I was a bit apprehensive going in as Cassius was such a good, honorable man to be paired up with a CIA operative. But from the first chapter my fears were put to rest as we get Savvy's backstory and see that even though she is a highly trained, deadly operative she also has vulnerabilities and traumatic past. Cassius was as great as I knew he'd be.. Such a good guy. Honorable yet also willing to do what it takes to keep Savvy safe. These two have to go undercover as lovers to prevent an overthrow of the current government in the Congo. As with every book in this series the author manages to show the reader both the beauty and the beast side of Africa. Another enjoyable and informative read. Can't wait to see what is next..
ValerieStuckInBooks More than 1 year ago
I continue to be obsessed with this series. I love this world. Dragon Kings who are really protecting human and human who would do them harm. Yeah, right. Good luck with that. These kings are so strong and they love so deeply that I am completely taken by them all. For this book, it was Dimitri that had my heart. He returns to the isle of his birth to protect the secret of the Kings. But he finds an archaeologist that seems to have a reverence for the bones she has discovered. Her tender care of them and her absent-minded manner has him paying her more attention than other humans. What is it about her that has him so wound up? And when a large secret erupts in the night, Dimitri has to decide what to tell her. I so love how deeply these Kings feel and Dimitri is no exception. They may have a King of Kings but they are each a King in their own right. They make their own decisions. And I'm always cheering for them. I was so happy with Dimitri's choices. I wanted to cheer him on. As for Faith, I loved her. She was deeply effected by the bones she unearthed. There was a connection for her. She is meant to find them. Meant to find Dimitri. And here is my wondering. I keep wondering if this is playing into the hands of their enemies or it's the strength they will need to defeat them. Because there is a bigger story here. Each book unfolds a couple but muddies the water further on those that would expose and destroy the Kings. I haven't decided on which the mates end up being but I am hoping they are the strength that will be the deciding factor to the Kings success. I've slowed down on reading these books. Not because I don't want to devour them, I so do. It's just that I'm nearing the end of the books that are available. New ones are scheduled for NEXT year. Oh yes, I know that's sooner at this time of year but it's just not soon enough. I need them ALL. I want to stack them up next to me and go from one to the next until I know all their secrets and then I want to start again. If you haven't got stuck in this series, you need to get on that as soon as possible. Any shifter lover will love this book and this series.
Chelon More than 1 year ago
This is a good read and my first in this series. This book shifts from multiple viewpoints and locations during the same period of time. However you're not confused, the author does an excellent job bringing the reader up to date without having the characters spending most of the book recapping as filler. The character development is interesting because you really don't know where many of the characters stand and what and who they will choose in the end. I don't know if I could have started from the beginning of the series and stuck with it, considering there are so many books. But I will be continuing now that I have started.
Chelon More than 1 year ago
This is a good read and my first in this series. This book shifts from multiple viewpoints and locations during the same period of time. However you're not confused, the author does an excellent job bringing the reader up to date without having the characters spending most of the book recapping as filler. The character development is interesting because you really don't know where many of the characters stand and what and who they will choose in the end. I don't know if I could have started from the beginning of the series and stuck with it, considering there are so many books. But I will be continuing now that I have started.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
Firestorm is the tenth book in Donna Grant’s incredible Dark Kings’ series. I would suggest reading this series in order, but, this story works well as a stand-alone, if that is your preference, because the romantic relationship is fully contained within this novel. That said, there are seriously addictive plot lines that have been building since the very first installment in this series. Devoted fans literally spend hours and hours debating the whos, whats, whens and wheres of each development – so, if you jump right into this book and are hooked, you will have some fun catching up to do. Firestorm is, on the surface, the tale of dragon shapeshifter Dimitri, King of the white dragons, and Dr. Faith Reynold, an archeologist. The story is told from multiple points of view bringing an added dimension to the characters and their interactions. A recent discovery of a dragon skeleton at Faith’s dig could spell big trouble for the Kings so Dimitri has been dispatched to the site tasked with destroying the bones. However, when he falls for Faith, her passion for what she does and the reverence she shows to the bones makes his job all the more difficult. As the storyline progresses, it becomes evident that the bones actually hold the answer to a painful secret long buried. My heart went out to Dimitri when he discovered what was hidden in that mountain. Donna writes titillating romances with plenty of heat and, ooh la la, Firestorm is no exception. Talk about feeling the burn! I couldn’t get enough of Dimitri and he and Faith were great together. Dimitri and Faith are great characters, but I loved the appearances by Rhi and Con and other favorites from the series. I especially liked the lengthy conversation between Con and Rhi. OMG! Then, there’s Balladyn and more Rhi. I’m not a fan of Balladyn’s and, unfortunately, Balladyn appears to have Rhi where we wants her. But, will Rhi’s shadow Reaper have a say in that? The suspense leading up to Con's and Ulrik's showdown - which just has to be getting close - is well-orchestrated perfection! Ulrik is up to his normal nefarious behind-the scenes shenanigans, but he’s actually having to watch his own back now. And that’s not all… When you delve into a Donna Grant novel, you can be assured that you are in for a treat. I was thrilled with the disclosures about the history of the Dark Kings that Donna infused throughout this story. It seemed to be a natural fit that in a book featuring an archaeologist and historical digs, Donna would disclose much about the heartbreaking past of the Dark Kings. Now, I can’t wait to dive into Blaze which is nestled next to me as I write this review. If you enjoy captivating sweet and hot romances with plenty of intense action sequences and twisty turns featuring dragons who happen to be highlanders too, I highly recommend that you check out Donna’s Dark Kings. My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Please check it out there!
histgirl More than 1 year ago
Dimitri doesn’t trust humans and after what happened to Dragons centuries ago you can’t blame the guy. It’s for that reason Dimitri understands why any Dragon would wish humans wiped from existence. In some ways he wishes the same thing but he took an oath and he will stand by his word, doing the job his King asks of him which means watching over the humans and protecting them as well as keeping them from knowing the truth about the existence of Dragons. When an archeologist named Faith Reynolds discovers the skeletal remains of what she believes is a Dragon, it is Dimitri’s job to go in and make sure that her recent discovery is erased from reality to prevent the truth of the existence of Dragons from getting out but there is something off about the situation. The Dragon remains belong to one of Dimitri’s Silvers and he’s unsure of how one of his Dragons could have been left behind during the exodus. He needs to unravel the mystery of what killed his Silver in order to figure out why it was left behind and that requires relying upon Faith and her expertise to examine the remains. Unraveling the mystery will lead to dangerous discoveries and much more than Dimitri could have imagined, a chance at true love, with a human but is he willing to take that risk when he stills hold so much anger toward humans? Grant perfectly layers romance with mystery and dark suspense. Dimitri and Faith’s story is no exception to that and the two sizzle but like most of the other Dragon couples their romance has to endure a bumpy road filled with danger but it’s that intense danger which makes the romance that much more compelling. It will be interesting to see just how things proceed further in the series concerning the couples now that some dark truths have been revealed especially concerning Con. I’m still not a fan of the Kings of Kings, mostly because of how he treated my girl, Rhi, but something is going on that he’s hiding and with each book that something is starting to place even more strain on him and at some point things are going to explode with Con. I just hope that explosion doesn’t fall back on the couples or Rhi. Speaking of Rhi, there are so many theories concerning her I feel like squealing every time a new tidbit is introduced. The Rhi and Reapers connection is so interesting. I can’t wait until the truth concerning that connection is completely laid out for all of us. I have a feeling we are all going to be blown away by the truth of who Rhi really is. Copy provided for review. Reviewed by Joy for Crystal's Many Reviewers
KatsNook More than 1 year ago
Firestorm is the 10th book in the Dark Kings series and you should read the previous books to get a full understanding of the series. I’ve read all the books and at times I was disappointed in the slow direction of the main plot (the upcoming battle with the Dragon Kings and their enemies). But Firestorm reignited my excitement for this series! I loved the romance, action and suspense of this book! What did I like? • In Firestorm fans see another side of the Dragon Kings. As in the previous books the story centers on a Dragon King finding his mate. Here we meet the Dragon King Dimitri, who has had a hatred for humans. After learning his story, it is understandable why he hates them so much. For the first-time fans get a glimpse of the Dragon Kings past and the family they lost. Not only do we feel his pain but we see the members of their clans. The flash backs were touching and emotional, compared to previous books where the Dragon King told his story. But when Dimitri meets Dr. Faith Reynolds he can’t deny the attraction. Their chemistry is sizzling but Dimitri must overcome his distrust for the humans. Faith Reynolds also has trust issues to deal with so they help each other heal from their painful past. Something evil threatens this couple but they all come together to overcome it. It was a surprising and brought more emotion to their story. • The side stories of Rhi, Balladyn, Con and Ulrik are given a lot of attention in Firestorm and I loved it! There is a lot of twists to the story and alliances being made I can’t wait to see it all come full circle. What didn’t I like? • The pace is slow at some parts. As much as I love this series I do feel each book is getting repetitive – a Dragon King discovers his mate, the mate is shocked to discover dragons exist, the Dragon King explains their history. Since I’ve read all the books in the series this part of each book gets boring. Donna Grant is a great writer and I love her creativity. Her books are always entertaining with romance, action and suspense. I recommend Firestorm to fans of paranormal/fantasy romance.
cscott4_25 More than 1 year ago
This book was big! It answered a few burning questions, but others popped up. Donna Grant can't write fast enough. I want to know how this all ends, but I don't want it to end. So many conflicting emotions!! Great addition to this series.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
I feel bad about giving this one star - as they say, it's not the book, it's me - but if I DNF a book it gets one star, them's the rules! First off, this appears to be the 10th book in a series, whilst I could read the main plot fine, some of the nuances of other characters and story arcs passed me by. Clearly I would not recommend that you jump into the series in the 10th installment although it appears possible to read as a stand-alone. I was hooked by the word 'dragon' in the blurb and failed to register that Dmitri, the dragon in question, is a centuries old guy from a Scottish island. I loath reading the Scottish brogue, love the sound hate it written down - so the constant "isnae" and "disnae" was like needles in my eyes. Also, for all that Dmitri is a shifter, this reads much more like (what I consider to be) old school paranormal - you know where the vampire has lived for thousands of years and hates humans because they tortured his pet bunny rabbit/ wiped out his family yadda yadda, then he meets our feisty heroine (an archaeologist in this case) and suddenly gets all protective feelings. Dmitri is your standard paranormal hero: corded muscles; broad shoulders tapering to the obligatory V; large tatttoo; well-endowed etc etc. Our feisty heroine Faith goes through all of the standard responses to our hero: mouth watering at the sight of his member; clenching; lip licking etc. Overall, if I had read some of the previous books and this was written more in an Urban Fantasy way I would probably have loved it. I blame myself for skim-reading the blurb and requesting a book that, if I had read it carefully, is not a popular genre for me anymore. Recommended for those who enjoy paranormal romance and are looking to branch out into other creatures. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
Love blooms amid revered bones… This is the tenth book in the Dark Kings series. As the king of the white dragons Dmitri sent his kindred over the magical bridge between realms to save them eons ago. He searched for those remaining that needed help to cross and then removed evidence of their existence for those who’d died but he seems to have missed one and the guilt of his failure and how it could have happened drive him for answers now when a skeleton is found on the isle they once called home. Hearing of the archaeological find and recommended by a druid friend of the kings Dmitri is sent as protection for the site and to destroy the remains before the world press learns of valid proof that dragons are real. The female archaeologist is protective of the find and she’s not like most women. Human women have never been of interest to this dragon king preferring the fae when the need arises but there’s something about this woman, how she looks at the world and the reverent care she gives the skeleton that intrigues him and alters his mission. A deep gut feeling led Dr. Faith Reynolds to choose the one cave over others that held a skeleton of a creature not seen before that she believes is that of a dragon and not some dinosaur. Her deceased mom was fond of the mythical creatures having many collectibles of them so if anyone could recognize dragon bones it would be Faith but she’ll have to excavate the full skeleton for proof and that will take time, it’s a delicate and to her loving process that leads her to the truths of the past. What’s different about this dig is the stunning muscular man who arrives to protect them, he’s a delicious distraction. Two forces are interested in the skeleton, the dark want the bones to prove to the world the existence of dragons to help bring them down and the dragons want the bones to continue hiding their existence. To protect the woman and the bones this dragon king might have to share his secret, how will she react? Fate could not have found a better mate for Dmitri than Faith, a child of a woman who loved all things dragon with an unknown father, there’s a mystery to her sire making her genealogy of definite interest to this reader, was it fate or was there some plan at work around her birth? The way Faith looks at the world makes her perfect for a dragon king, what is of utmost importance to her is truth, no matter how outrageous that truth might be she can accept it. Dmitri is a most interesting dragon king, he can easily relate to issues on the sides of the light and the dark yet he’ll honor his oath. Wow! This was a great suspenseful action filled installment with a sweet sexy romance. The intricate background story line continues to unravel and deepen, the more we learn the more questions arise, many things have been set in place that will inevitably collide into a firestorm against the dragon kings, who will be the victor in the coming battles? With malevolent magical artifacts in play the stakes have risen dramatically and there may be a new player on the battlefield. This reader wishes the next book was available now. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher via NetGalley.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
I am hooked on this series and always look forward to reading a Dark Kings book. This story is fast paced and grips you from beginning to end. This read is feed with drama, suspense and passion. I do recommend reading the series in order, you will get more enjoyment out of it. I loved it and am looking forward to more!
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
The next installment of Donna Grant's Dark Kings brings us Demetri and an archaeologist named Faith Reynold. Sound familiar? If you have followed DG, then you know that her Dark Warriors, Aaron and Dr. Veronica Reid's story Midnight's Kiss had the same MO. Demetri is sent to his ancestral home of Fair Isle because reports say that an archeologist has discovered dragon bones. He hasn't set foot there since the Kings sent their dragons away centuries ago and he isn't too happy to be going back. With Ronnie's help he is hired on as protection for the dig site because "the crazies" have been coming out trying to get a look at real dragon bones; what he doesn't expect is to find Faith to be passionate, innocent of anything more malicious than a thirst for knowledge, and Fae trying to get to his dragon's bones. He sets out to find out how he could have possibly left one of his Whites behind to die alone and to protect the delectable and open-minded Dr. Reynolds. Once back at Draegan, things become more clear that there is a new enemy afoot and Demetri has to stop it from destroying his new-found true happiness with Faith. I enjoyed the story, but I always enjoy any DG novel. She blends passion, adventure, interesting conflicts, and she is great at blending subplots that don't leave you thinking "why can't she just stick to the yummy couple". It is fun from the first page to the last and this one didn't disappoint. I love the Dark world and am always happy to return to it.
BooksInBrogan More than 1 year ago
Donna Grant writes a superb urban fantasy and this series is getting better with each book. I love how she intertwines her different book series into one world that keeps the reader guessing and wondering what will happen next, I am completely addicted.
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
Another off-the-charts read by Donna Grant. Firestorm is Book 10 of the Dark Kings Series and this is Dimitri and Faith’s story. I absolutely luuuuuurve this book...might just be my favorite yet. Ms. Grant does a bang-up job with her solid world building, wonderful characters and the kickass storyline she gives us. The chemistry between Dimitri and Faith is off -the-chain gang :p You will have a hard time putting this down. Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
This is the tenth book in the Dark Kings series and I haven’t read any of the previous books but still enjoyed this one! It tells the story of Dimitri, the White Dragon-shifter King, and Faith, and archaeologist who has discovered a Dragon skeleton on Dimitiri’s previous home island. There was a tremendous battle centuries ago between humans and the dragons left this realm, leaving behind their Kings to who were there to protect them. Desperate to prevent annihilation, most dragons were sent by their kings to an alternative, safe realm Dimitri has been sent by the King of all the Dragons to destroy the skeleton so no evidence of their existence is in the human realm. He didn’t anticipate he’d end up protecting the skeleton rather than destroying it because he is so attracted to Faith. Dimitri finds himself torn between his duty to the King and his feelings for Faith . . . . This is a great mix of mystery, mythology, power plays, romance and so much more. It was great to read another story with dragon-shifters as key characters with the Dark Fae also playing important roles. The use of different points of view through the story makes it easier to relate to the experiences and attitudes of the different characters and the ending is brilliant! Many thanks to the publishers for gifting me a copy of this novel, via NetGalley, with no obligation. This is my honest review.