First Casualty

First Casualty

by Andy Maslen


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When Gabriel Wolfe, a government assassin afflicted by PTSD, travels to Africa to recover the body of a former SAS comrade, he has the backing of the British prime minister. But every favour comes at a price.

And now Gabriel has to complete another hit before he can continue his search for salvation.

What he discovers next shakes his faith in everything he trusts. He has marched headlong into the heart of a corrupt web of land deals, blood diamonds and the global arms trade. At the centre of the web sits someone Gabriel can hardly believe is guilty. Someone he'll need every ounce of his skills and resolve to defeat.

Standing between him and the truth are tooled-up mercenaries, a local warlord and his machete-wielding 'Rock and Roll Boys' and a mysterious assassin who anticipates his every move.

"A Cross Between Bond and Reacher"

This complex and breathtaking action thriller is the fourth novel in Andy Maslen's Gabriel Wolfe series. First Casualty begins in the middle of a firefight in Africa, where Gabriel and his partner, Britta Falskog, are facing a crew of bloodthirsty militia fighters commanded by the terrifying Mama Chissano.

The action moves between London, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Hong Kong and never lets up. As he begins to uncover the truth, Gabriel sees that his adversaries have spun a web of betrayal that stretches right back to his last, fateful mission in the SAS.

Fans of Andy McNab, Chris Ryan, Lee Child and Daniel Silva are saluting Maslen as an author to watch.

If you like your heroes flawed as well as resourceful, you'll love Gabriel Wolfe. He's been called "deadlier than Bond", and "more human than Reacher".

Praise for Andy Maslen's Gabriel Wolfe books

> Condor

"Oh! I love this series. Gabriel's latest excursion dealing with terrorism and a religious cult is thrilling from the very first chapter until the last. Andy Maslen has created a gem of a character and I hope it won't be too long before I get the chance to continue reading about him. I love out of nowhere how the plot develops and surprises. No spoilers from me. Just go ahead and read for yourself. You won't regret it!"
Paul Smith | Verified Purchase

"The pace of the narrative is fantastic and draws you right on to the next chapter. I really like the way Andy Maslen creates his locations. Whether the hero is in Oxford Street or in the jungle or the English countryside, he somehow manages to conjure up all the sights, sounds and smells to convince you it's real. If you love a good action thriller, I can totally recommend Condor."
HV Sherborne | Verified Purchase

> Blind Impact

"... continues to develop its rugged hero."
Kirkus Reviews

"There's so much energy in this story, you're hooked from the start and can't help but race through it. I'd love to see this series made into a film franchise!"
VR |Verified Purchase

> Trigger Point

"Action, double-crosses, villains galore... a rattling good thriller! Early Bond meets Jack Reacher - a thrilling debut outing for a new action hero."
Damien Seaman, author of The Killing of Emma Gross, on Trigger Point.

"A pacy and entertaining read, with plenty of action, genuine suspense and good snappy dialogue. Gabriel Wolfe is a great new addition to the world of thriller heroes."
bookworm51|Verified Purchase

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ISBN-13: 9781539048404
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/23/2016
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.78(d)

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