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Fish Won't Let Me Sleep: The Obsessions of a Lifetime Flyfisherman

Fish Won't Let Me Sleep: The Obsessions of a Lifetime Flyfisherman

by James R. Babb

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Have you ever been so passionate about something that it occupies your every waking moment? In his latest collection of essays, celebrated writer and life-long angler James R. Babb reflects on his ardent preoccupation with the sport of fishing—one so strong that it often keeps him awake--and further recounts many of his most memorable adventures from a life spent casting flies across the globe. From the majestic lakes and streams of northern Maine, to the smaller brooks of eastern Tennessee and crossing the Atlantic to the lochs of Scotland and the chalk streams of southern England, Fish Won’t Let Me Sleep transcends international boundaries to demonstrate that the joy of fishing is universal.

Fish Won’t Let Me Sleep brims with over two dozen chapters on varying aspects of the sport. In “Roamin' the Gloaming,” Babb hilariously comments on some of the more peculiar idioms of his chosen passion. The aptly titled “Snide and Prejudice,” reflects on the companionship, friendships, and occasional animosities that arise from fishing with others. And in “Simple Gifts,” Babb muses on the eternal bane and gift of all fly fishermen—the weather.

Echoing the tone of great writers such as Mark Twain, Annie Dillard, and John Gierach, Babb’s poignant prose and witty observations are true testaments to the unparalleled wit of an American master.

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ISBN-13: 9781510709829
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 10/25/2016
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
File size: 871 KB

About the Author

James R. Babb is the author of three books on angling and fly-fishing, Cross Currents: A Fly Fisher's Progress, River Music: A Fly Fisher's Four Seasons, and Fly Fishin' Fool: The Adventures, Misadventures, and Outright Idiocies of a Compulsive Angler. He is also editor emeritus of Gray's Sporting Journal. Babb lives in midcoast Maine.

Table of Contents

I Blue Horizons

1 Roamin' the Gloamin 3

2 The Promised Land 14

3 Someone Like Us 20

4 Redefining the Envelope 25

5 Around the Fire 30

6 Camp 35

7 Home Away from Home 40

8 Romancing the Falls 45

9 Gras Saumon, Petite Rivières 57

10 Senatorial Salmon 68

11 My Life as a Dog 74

12 And So It Goes 79

II Life in Miniature

13 Hooking Bottom 87

14 The Persistence of Memory 92

15 Simple Gifts 97

16 Blackberry Winter 102

17 Tangled Up and Blue 107

18 Subjective Fish 112

19 The Sot-Weed Factor 117

III Enabling Devices

20 Misty Water-Colored Memories 123

21 Ultimate Innovation 128

22 The Right Stuff 134

23 The Righteous Stuff 139

24 Extreme Makeover 145

25 The Big Switch 150

26 Enchanted Dragonfly 156

27 The Several Stages of Obsession 161

IV Here be Dragons

28 Snide and Prejudice 169

29 Invisible River 174

30 Treasures of the Sierra Madre 179

31 Dressing for the Thousand Islands 184

32 A Tale of Two Rivers 190

33 Hall of the Mountain King 195

V Once More into the Brine

34 Fishing the Flats 203

35 Cod Stock 208

36 The Vision Thing 213

37 Victory at Sea 218

38 Great Expectations 223

39 Bangor Bonefish 227

40 Years After 232

41 Birthday Bones 237

VI Signs and Portents

42 Sailors Take Warning 245

43 Autumn Leaves 250

44 Upland Heaven 255

45 A Few Prosaic Days 260

46 Locking Up 265

47 A Theory of Evolution 270

48 One More Cast 294

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