by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller
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Fledgling by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Theo Waitley has lived all her young life on Delgado, a Safe World that is home to one of the galaxy's premier institutions of higher learning. Both Theo's mother, Kamele, and Kamele's onagrata Jen Sar Kiladi, are professors at the university, and they all live comfortably together, just like they have for all of Theo's life, in Jen Sar's house at the outskirts of town.

Suddenly, though, Theo's life changes. Kamele leaves Jen Sar and moves herself and Theo back into faculty housing, which is not what Theo is used to. Once settled back inside the Wall, Kamele becomes embroiled in faculty politics, and is appointed sub-chair of her department. Meanwhile, Theo, who has a notation in her file indicating that she is "physically challenged" has a series of misadventures, including pulling her best friend down on the belt-ride to class, and hurting a team mate during a scavage game.

With notes piling up in her file, Theo only wants to go “home,” to the house in the suburbs, and have everything just like it used to be.

Then, Kamele uncovers evidence of possible dishonest scholarship inside of her department. In order to clear the department, she and a team of senior professors must go off-world to perform a forensic document search. Theo hopes this will mean that she'll be left in the care of the man she calls “Father,” Professor Kiladi, and is horrified to learn that Kamele means to bring Theo with her!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781439133439
Publisher: Baen
Publication date: 02/23/2010
Series: Liaden Universe Series
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 528
Sales rank: 489,831
Product dimensions: 4.26(w) x 6.84(h) x 1.11(d)

About the Author

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller live in the rolling hills of Central Maine with two insistent muses in the form of cats and a large cast of characters. The husband-and-wife team's collaborative work in science fiction and fantasy include twelve novels and numerous short stories in their award-winning Liaden Universe®. In addition to their collaborative work, Steve has seen short stories, nonfiction, and reviews published under his name, while Sharon has seen published short stories, newspaper pieces, and two mystery novels.

Steve was the founding curator of the University of Maryland's Kuhn Library Science Fiction Research Collection and a former Nebula juror. For five years, Sharon served the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, consecutively as Executive Director, Vice President and President. Sharon's interests include music, seashores and pine cones. Steve also enjoys music, plays tournament chess, and collects cat whiskers.

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Fledgling 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
RedPimpernel More than 1 year ago
Young Theo Waitley's life is being turned upside down. On the matriarchal academic world of Delgado, Theo is forced to move with her Professor mother Kamele, away from the only home she's ever known, the man she calls father, and the family cats, into much smaller Academic housing. Theo is also feeling estranged at school, being called clumsy, physically challenged and worse, she is losing confidence in herself. Suddenly, mom Kamele is going off-world for 6 months, chasing a dangerous case of scholarly misconduct with potential world-wide repercussions. Instead of leaving Theo with her father, in her old home, as Theo desperately wants, Kamele decides to take Theo with her, as a "learning opportunity". As they travel by luxury space-liner Theo meets a few people who could change her life forever. Facing new challenges, will Theo be totally ostracized, or will she find out more about herself then she thought possible? While this book maybe be considered YA, as an adult Science Fiction fan I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the characters and their interactions, the tension in the plot, and the action. If you've enjoyed any of the other books in Lee & Miller's Liaden Universe, this is a must read!
Jvstin More than 1 year ago
For years, the team of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have been turning out character-oriented science fiction in what is termed the "Liaden Universe", a future space opera universe where alien species and several factions of humanity jostle against each other. In such a universe, there is limitless room for characters and stories, and the writing team has been filling in that universe eagerly. Fledgling is the latest effort in this vein and a bit different than some of their previous work. Fledgling takes the story of a character who shows up in I, Dare, Theo Waitley, and shows us her origins. While Delgado is not precisely an isolated world, its isolated from the culture of much of the rest of the galaxy by its restrictive, safety oriented society and local customs. The reader is plunged into this world, and some parts of this work better than others. Some changes in language and diction felt too artificial to me, as if Miller and Lee wanted to use neologisms for common words, ideas and phrases in modern English. While the intent was to make this an alien world, some of them felt like they were using a new word for the sake of a new world. Also, the character arcs of Theo's estranged parents does not work that well, either. While the revelation about the change in their relationship is written very well, what works less are other aspects of their personality. There are some flashbacks to their first meeting years ago, for example, but it doesn't feel as fully written as the main plot of the novel, and it seems to just end. I think I understand why they included it, but I think it might have been excised or truncated further without harming the novel. Also, in their individual arcs in the present time, Kamele and Kiladi don't come across quite as well as Theo does. They are not poorly drawn, just not as well developed. What works better, especially once she leaves her world, is the character arc of Theo Waitley herself. The title, Fledgling, is telling. Theo starts off as a clumsy girl, and learns to spread her wings, in a more than metaphorical fashion. Especially once she leaves the stifling, stuffy world of Delgado, Theo's personality, skills and talents come into full flower. The latter portions of the novel that focus on her are the strongest parts of the entire book and make the previous portions of the novel worthwhile to read through to get to. This is the story that any and all Liaden fans will relish and enjoy. I think the slowness and difficulties early in the novel are a bit offputting, but by the end of the novel, I was reasonably satisfied with the novel. Liaden fans will want to read this story to see Theo's backstory, of course. YA readers looking for a SF novel could do well here, too. I don't think that an adult reader of science fiction who wants an entry point into the Liaden novels are best served with this book, however. Overall I recommend the book wholeheartedly to Liaden fans (who will not need my blessing to do so), and to a lesser degree to YA SF readers.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Theo Waitley has lived a contented life on the matriarchal run "Safe World" Delgado with her mom Kamele and her mother's onagrata Jen Sar Kiladi; both of the adults are professors. However, life abruptly changes when Kamele suddenly leaves Jen Sar and taking her daughter with her relocates into a smaller family housing unit. Professor Kamele adapts and quickly becomes a department sub-chair while Theo struggles with new friends and feeling clumsy and awkward residing inside the Wall after years on the outskirts. She also misses Jen-Sar whom she considered her father. Matters change even more abruptly when her mom informs her she is going off planet for a half year to investigate a nasty accusation of scholarly misconduct that could shake several academic worlds. Ignoring Theo's preferences to stay behind with her father, Kamele takes her daughter with her on a forensics documents search. Theo will either adapt or face much more shunning than just being considered physically challenged. This is a stand alone Liaden Universe coming of age tale targeting young adult readers. Theo is a delightful center holding the story line together; ironically fans of the saga will know her true roots that have been hidden from her. With a strong cast and a solid forensics subplot, readers will enjoy the escapdes of the FLEDGLING whose life has changed dramatically (in her mind not in a good way since she misses her "father" and their suburban home) as she nears her fifteenth birthday. Harrier Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been reading Lee and Miller Liaden stories since the early eighties and this latest edition has lived up to their own high standards. Their characterization is dynamic. This heroine is likably flawed and the background information helps fill in the holes from prior novels. I have since purchased and read Saltation with great delight. I look forward to the continuation of Theo's story.
madame_librarian More than 1 year ago
I simply adore the Liaden universe. I have always hoped that we would find out what the complicated problem Daav's daughter has at the end of I Dare. This book started as a web serial, so I read it online as it was posted. I thought it was okay. Now that the sequel has come out I decided to reread this one. I'm really glad I did, reading it in print format was more enjoyable than online. I think that might have been because I could just fly through it instead of waiting for the next chapter. Even though this story was not fully Liaden we still got pieces of their culture with Win Ton and Scout Cho, so it still felt like it was in the Liaden world. Theo is a very likeable character and it was fun to see her grow. I can't wait to see what happens when her Liaden heritage is fully discovered. She will probably fit right in with Korval's "oddness". I'm also excited that we get to see Daav as he pursues balance. Even though he is under an assumed name and perhaps a "quieter" personality, there were still moments that just felt so Korval. It was great.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed visiting the Liaden universe even without Clan Korval. It made me go back and read the past books still in my library. This book will be one I re-read, and await the next installment. Its an easy read and one that can be enjoyed by young and old.
JennieDee More than 1 year ago
Fledging is a charming,heart-felt and fast-paced addition to the Liaden Series, taking up where "I Dare" ends with a look at what, precisely, the long-missing Liaden Scout Daav yos'Phelium has been up to. While it is clearly targeting young adults, the book's complex plot, unusual worldbuilding and mature characterization make it a pleasure to read for the young at heart as well. Could stand alone but I do recommend reading the entire series, which starts with Conflict of Honors and an introduction to the Korval clan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book in the Korval tradition!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you haven't read anything by these authors,you really need to start. It helps if you have read the Liadan novels already published but this one still works as a stand alone novel also. These authors excel at drawing you into the characters. In this novel, Theo Waitley is the focus but you are also drawn to Kamele's dilemma and Jen Sar plays a subtle counterpoint.I'm not going to go into the story line so as not to give anything away. Once I started to read this book,I didn't put it down until the end. I am very pleased that Baen books has taken on these great authors and hope we see more from them. A great read.