Forbidden Roots: A Memoir of Late-Discovery Adoption

Forbidden Roots: A Memoir of Late-Discovery Adoption

by Fred Nicora
Forbidden Roots: A Memoir of Late-Discovery Adoption

Forbidden Roots: A Memoir of Late-Discovery Adoption

by Fred Nicora


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Everyone learns to accept twists and turns as they live out the daily rituals of their lives. But what happens when an event completely alters one's understanding of their World, Including Who They Are? Forbidden Roots brings readers into Fred Nicora's innermost thoughts as he sees his foundation swept away with a simple slip of the tongue at the age of forty-one while attending a large family gathering. This gripping and true story about being suddenly thrust into the world of adoption explores the expected and the unexpected as he seeks to understand his new identity and reframe his past. Things like this aren't supposed to happen, but they do. Ride along with Nicora on his journey of twists, turns, and bombshells.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781637551875
Publisher: Mascot Books
Publication date: 10/04/2022
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,101,705
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Fred Nicora has followed a path of unexplained restlessness ignited by undisclosed triggers in his efforts to find the right fit for his own identity and seek truth in his life. Careers explored on his journey include health-care administration, architecture, business consulting, teaching, and his own entrepreneurial endeavors, including starting a fitness-based company and now authoring his story of being thrust into the adoption triangle.

Fred holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, a master's in management technology, a master's in architecture, and a secondary lifetime teaching license via a master's program. Following a traumatic, life-altering event, Fred struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol, eventually finding sobriety and a need for spiritual, mental, and physical health.

A father of three grown children, Fred currently lives and maintains a small hobby farm in southeastern Wisconsin.

Table of Contents

Preface: Peace 1

Part I New Realities

Chapter 1 The Discovery (October 2000) 5

The Search Begins 9

Her Partner 15

A New Normality 18

Back to the Search 23

Chapter 2 The Search Must Go On (November 2000) 35

He's Down Under 44

A Visit to Maureen 45

About the Brookshiers 49

The Bastard before You 53

Getting the Brass Ring (December 2000) 56

A Comfortable Diversion 58

Look, Ma. I'm Famous. (February 2001) 61

More about the Brookshiers 62

Chapter 3 Meeting the Relatives

Don's Aunt Ina (MARCH 2001) 63

Adjustments and Aftershocks 66

Brother Tim (July 2001) 74

Brothers John and Guy-Toledo (August 2001) 75

Chapter 4 Mile Markers 83

A Dreadful Tangent (September 2001) 83

My First Anniversary-Alone (October 2001) 85

In Search of Ron and Edna-the Long Haul 88

Part II New Crises, New Lives, New Routines

Chapter 5 Grace's Crisis (March 2003)

Chapter 6 A Little Too Little, A Little Too Late (April 2003)

Life in the Balance (MAY 2003) 111

A Little Help from Some Friends 119

Trying New Identities 123

Life on the Road (August 2003) 132

Shifting into Final Gear 135

Chapter 7 Time to Move on (January 2004) 139

Tish the Dish 145

Putting an End to It 148

Guy and the Avengers 150

Settling into New Digs 155

Chapter 8 The Winds of Change (August 2004)

Part III New Insights from the Past

Chapter 9 Reconnecting (May 2005)

Out of Nowhere (May 2005) 167

More than Answers 169

Summers Loose Ends 173

Chapter 10 A Side Trip into the Past (June 2006)

Part IV Putting the Pieces Together

Chapter 11 Lincoln, Vicksburg, and Ron (August 2006) 189

Chapter 12 It's Time to Bury the Past (November 2006) 201

Epilogue 207

Acknowledgments 209

About the Author 211

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