Forever Healthy: A Program for a Longer, Better, and Healthier Life

Forever Healthy: A Program for a Longer, Better, and Healthier Life

by Anthony J. Alosi MD

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If you are trying to overcome addiction, obesity, fatigue, and other medical problems, then it’s important to look at all options, including alternatives to traditional medicine. Dr. Anthony J. Alosi spent almost forty years as a medical doctor in private practice, but now he also helps his patients through alternative means. Hypnosis, hypno-birthing, relaxation techniques, proper nutrition and exercise, and looking after the body as a whole instead of individual parts are often the best ways to solve difficult ailments. The knowledge and advice in this guidebook can help you stop smoking, lose weight, give birth without feeling pain, reduce or eliminate back and neck pain, and overcome insomnia. By taking an integrated approach, it’s possible to solve a multitude of physical and mental problems. Sometimes, you can eliminate problems altogether just by changing how you think about things. Take action now to eliminate the obstacles that prevent you from fully enjoying life with proven guidance that will allow you to be Forever Healthy.

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Publication date: 09/07/2011
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Forever Healthy

A Program for a Longer, Better, and Healthier Life
By Anthony J. Alosi

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Anthony J. Alosi, MD.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-4278-4

Chapter One

The Many Faces of Relaxation

What is relaxation? According to the Tao, "relaxation" means total peace. One should return to the relaxed state on a regular basis. Relaxation simply renews us, purifies us, and leaves us with a profound state of serenity and tranquility. It is a wonderful state, away from problems. Relaxation is letting go of tension. Tighten your fist and let go completely.

Diaphragmatic breathing, or abdominal breathing, is most relaxing. Focus on your abdomen and breathe through your nose; inhale and allow your abdomen to rise. The diaphragm falls; exhale and allow your abdomen to fall, then your diaphragm rises.

All babies breathe abdominally. It is a natural technique.

When under stress, you breathe with your chest, very rapidly. When relaxed, you breathe slowly and regularly.

Let us talk about people who have contributed to physical relaxation. In 1920, a French pharmacist, Emile Coue, came up with a famous aphorism that became all the rage in Europe: "Day by day in every way, I am doing better and better. Day by day, I am more and more relaxed in every way."

My favorite technique for deep relaxation is the "5 to 1." Take a deep breath through the nose and count down from 5 to 1; with each decreasing number, become more and more deeply relaxed.

Take a deep breath though the nose and count on the out-breath 5, deeply relaxed; the deep breath 4, deeply, deeply relaxed; then deep breath 3, deeply relaxed; deep breath 2, deeply relaxed; then deep breath 1, at the bottom, the basement of relaxation.

Dr. Schultz, a German psychiatrist in 1880, developed autogenic therapy: "My arms and legs are heavy and warm. My arms and legs are numb, my heartbeat is calm and regular, my breathing is free and easy, my abdomen is warm, my forehead is cool, my mind is quiet and still."

Using these techniques, I can regress and relive my days in grade school. In 1933, I was a student in the Edgar Allan Poe Elementary School in Philadelphia. I was twelve years old, and my teacher was Mrs. Weiss, who was friendly and compassionate. I enjoyed her class very much. The school was located in South Philadelphia, at Twenty-Second and Ritner Streets.

I am now seated in the classroom; in front of me is the blackboard, with the alphabet on top and a tray at the bottom with a piece of white chalk. I pick up the chalk and write on the blackboard as I say, "I can relax." I again pick up the white chalk and write as I say, "I will relax." Then I take the chalk and write on the blackboard as I say, "I am relaxed." The ultimate of relaxation is one thought, one idea, and one task.

I am now completely relaxed. I allow the relaxation to flow to the back of my head, forehead, face, and nose; I drop my chin. All tension melts away.

I allow the relaxation to flow to my neck, right shoulder, arm, forearm, hand, fingers, and into the air.

I allow the relaxation to flow to my left shoulder, arm, forearm, hand, fingers, and into the air.

I allow the relaxation to flow to my chest and in between my ribs. Next, the relaxation flows to my abdomen.

Now, the warm relaxation flows to my right hip, thigh, patella, front of my legs, back of my legs, and the Achilles' tendon. Relaxation flows to my left hip, thigh, patella, front of my legs, back of my legs, and the Achilles' tendon.

In a moment, this warm relaxation flows from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. My entire body is encapsulated in a warm blanket of relaxation. All my muscles are completely relaxed.

Thoughts for a better, longer, and healthier life:

My brain is involved in everything I do. It weighs three pounds. My brain is electrical and has the electricity of a 25-watt bulb. The cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) of the brain is powered by 9 volts. Every morning I attach the electrodes with the felt pads to each ear. I stimulate my brain for twenty minutes.

The alpha stimulation causes a profound state of relaxation: the brain waves may go from alpha to theta waves. In addition to the deep relaxation, the CES takes care of depression and insomnia. I can do the electrotherapy stimulation of the brain for up to one hour. I enjoy this deep state of relaxation; when the electrodes are removed from my ears, the relaxation remains.

Chapter Two

On Becoming a Millionaire

I want to make a difference (one of my values).

I want to give everything that people want and get what I want; this is the golden rule in action.

When I do the things that I love and I do a good job, people appreciate it. When I do the things I love, I have happiness, joy, and peace of mind. If the thoughts, words, and actions as input are positive, the output is positive.

You must be before you can do, and do before you can have. If I am being abundant, and open the door to abundance and money, and do things that make money, I end up having peace of mind and happiness.

Abundance is everywhere in nature, in the fields, air, sky; it is also in relationships and friends.

I can create money by developing different strategies and using them, such as real estate, stocks, covered call options, hedge funds, fixed annuities, index annuities; I can also earn money by lecturing on health and counseling on psychological and physiological problems. I enjoy helping people and generously giving of my time-to give is to receive. If I contribute, I will be rewarded many times.

Let us talk about compound interest. Money is made by compounding it. If you take one dollar and compound it daily, in twenty days you will have one million dollars.

How long does it take to double your money? The rule of 72. The higher the interest rate, the less time it takes to double your money.

For example, a 10 percent interest rate divided by 72 equals 7 years to double your money; 6 percent divided by 72 equals 12 years; 2 percent divided by 72 equals 36 years; 20 percent divided by 72 equals 3 years plus; 8 percent divided by 72 equals 9 years.

If you want to be a millionaire in four years, you would have to put away and keep $250,000 a year. Pay yourself $250 an hour, according to Dr. Kappas (Success Is Not an Accident); identify your goals, prepare, and plan; list the benefits and the obstacles; and set a specific date that you expect to have the money.

Harvard University did a study to see how many people are independently wealthy by age sixty-five. The answer? Only 2 percent. The study revealed that those who were independently wealthy by age sixty-five all followed the habit of paying yourself first.

Chapter Three


I first learned self-hypnosis in 1968, when I took a six-month course at the University of Pennsylvania, and I have been teaching self-hypnosis for forty years. I used self-hypnosis in my general practice of internal medicine.

Every woman who enters the delivery room can be helped by hypnosis, and many can have complete freedom from discomfort. I believe that the ideal time for conditioning the patient is about the sixth month.

I give this kind of talk to expectant mothers: you are here for a very important reason, so that you can have your baby without feeling a thing, so you can have your baby with a great big smile on your face, so that you won't feel a thing, and so that the delivery of your baby will be a wonderful experience.

There is only one thing that will interfere with a pain-free delivery, and that is fear. Fear causes insecurity; everyone needs and wants to be secure. Fear immobilizes; when you are relaxed, you can't experience fear.

You may wonder, what is hypnosis? All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. There are many definitions for hypnosis. In the late 1800s, Dr. Bernheim called it "heightened suggestion." Some say it is a communication of ideas to the unconscious. The definition I like is this: hypnosis is a state of mind whereby you bypass the critical factor and replace it with selective thinking. The selective thinking can be a suggestion that you will not feel any pain.

When the time comes, you will have been conditioned for a pain-free delivery. At the time of delivery, you must be absolutely free of fear and worry. There should be only one thought on your mind: that in a little while, you are going to see your baby-the baby you have been waiting for.

If anything is bothering you, you should tell me about it. Is it possible that you won't get the state that we're working for now? I don't know; that is up to you. You must give your consent and follow the instructions. If you have to go to the bathroom, go now. All right, we will now get started. Please follow my instructions, and you will have a wonderful experience ahead of you.

Now the doctor or midwife can begin preparing the patient for hypnotic delivery. This can be done individually or with a group of women. The patients must be led into true somnambulism, otherwise the instructions that follow will be ineffective. It is only in true somnambulism that the patient will accept these suggestions.

There are three parts to the process: eye lock, relaxation, and numerical amnesia. In somnambulism, we have both physical and mental relaxation. The induction is as follows: "Now take a long deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. As you exhale this breath, allow your eyes to close. Just let your body relax as much as possible right now.

"Now, place your awareness on your eye muscles and relax the eye muscles around your eyes to the point that they won't work. Now when you are sure that they won't work, then test them to make sure that they won't work. When you test them, with your eyes closed, allow your eyelashes to go up and down three times; just let this quality of relaxation flow through your whole body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Now we can deepen this relaxation much more.

"In a moment, I am going to have you open and close your eyes and allow the warm relaxation to flow from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Now open and close your eyes and allow that warm relaxation to flow from the top of your head to the tips of your toes; double the relaxation. Now, once more allow the warm relaxation to flow from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Double the relaxation once again. Each time you do this, you will do better and better. Let us test the relaxation. In a moment, I am going to lift your hand by the wrist just a few inches and drop it, and it will plop down. Let me do the lifting.

"You have already proved that you can relax physically, now let me show you how to relax mentally. In a moment, I am going to ask you to begin slowly counting backwards, out loud, from 100. With each number you say, let your mind become twice as relaxed. Now if you do this, by the time you reach 98 or less, you will have relaxed all the rest of the numbers out of your mind.

"Now, say the first number, 100, and double your mental relaxation. The numbers are fading, disappearing; 99, twice as relaxed, all gone, lights out. They are completely gone.

"Now I want to tell you the benefits of relaxation. You know very well that if you were tense and I had to give you an injection, you would feel the entrance of the needle very sharply because of the fact that you were tense, wouldn't you? If you were completely relaxed, you would not feel the entrance of the needle. You can reach such a state of relaxation so that you have no discomfort at all at the time of delivery. It is in this state when you are physically and mentally relaxed that it is so easy to have a baby. It is in this state that the contractions, or surges, instead of being unpleasant, become very pleasant."

The average mother-to-be has heard talk from friends or relatives that having a baby is a terrible ordeal. So she looks forward to what she has heard described as labor, labor pains, or hard labor. There is no such thing as labor, labor pains, or hard labor.

But we can change that to the right attitude by explaining to patients just what happens when a baby is born. Nature has a method of making the birth of a baby possible by contractions. In the uterus, there are circular and longitudinal muscles that push the baby forward (similarly, in the intestines, there are circular and longitudinal muscles that push the food forward). Peristalsis is a wave of contraction, followed by a wave of relaxation. The longitudinal muscles in the uterus contract, and push the baby forward so the baby can be born very easily. In the first stage of labor, there are contractions and relaxation. With hypnosis, there are still contractions, but you don't have labor pains or hard labor.

And the odd thing about these contractions is that if you look Forward to them pleasantly and know that they are going to be something nice to have, you won't mind them at all. I will be there to help you with the birth of the baby, but until I get there, I want you to relax as you are relaxed now. One of the wonderful things this relaxation will do is to shorten the delivery period tremendously. It can shorten the delivery time by as much as three hours. With each contraction, you will feel more and more relaxed. By the third or fourth contraction, you will be smiling and looking forward to the next one, as you say, "I am much closer to the birth of my baby."

Remember that this relaxation that you are feeling now is going to be used in addition to all the aids that medical science has invented, such as caudal anesthesia and nitrous oxide (nitrous oxide is sometimes used when there is complete dilatation of the cervix and the baby's head is pushing into the dilated vagina).

After the baby is born, you will feel so good. A few minutes after the birth of the baby, you will be able to use the telephone to call your friends. You will be just as strong then as you are now. Your strength will be complete, your feeling of well-being will be complete, and you will recover much more quickly than you ordinarily would. Then if you want to nurse your baby, this relaxation will make it possible for you to do so very, very easily.

I want you to practice relaxation, just as you are doing now. Learn how to relax at home, so when your baby comes, you will be all ready for it; you will feel so wonderful on the day of delivery, during the delivery, and after the delivery. Notice how the feeling of relaxation holds on and makes you say to yourself, "Motherhood is going to be a glorious adventure for me. I'm going to love every minute of it."

Dr. Milton Erickson's hand levitation is one way to numb the jaw and produce dental anesthesia. Place your right hand on your lap and, with your left hand, raise your right hand and allow it to rise toward your face; with each breath, the hand will rise higher and higher. Sometimes I attach a balloon to my wrist to speed up the ascent to my face and jaw. When my right hand reaches my jaw, I will be twice as relaxed and my jaw will be twice as numb, then ten times as numb, just as if I was injected with Novocain. My jaw is now numb, and I stroke my jaw three times and take the numbness and transfer it to my abdomen. This numbness in my hand is referred to as glove anesthesia. I can numb a patient's uterus by transferring the numbness to the abdomen by stroking it three times, and pressing on the abdomen with my right hand. Dr. Bill Kroger, an obstetrician, uses glove anesthesia to numb the uterus, vagina, and perineum.

Once you have produced numbness, you can transfer it to any part of your body. The numbness will neutralize discomfort in any part of your body, so that you will hardly feel anything. Remember, your right hand will carry and transfer the numbness wherever you need it.


Excerpted from Forever Healthy by Anthony J. Alosi Copyright © 2011 by Anthony J. Alosi, MD.. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Many Faces of Relaxation....................1
Chapter 2 On Becoming a Millionaire....................4
Chapter 3 Hypno-Birthing....................6
Chapter 4 Health and Healing....................11
Chapter 5 Smoking Cessation....................13
Chapter 6 Buddhism....................15
Chapter 7 Alcohol Addiction....................17
Chapter 8 Fear and Love....................21
Chapter 9 Change....................24
Chapter 10 Letting Go of Resentment—Dedicated to Mary McNamara....................27
Chapter 11 On Asthma, Hypertension, and Healing Chronic Back Pain....................28
Chapter 12 Obesity....................31
Chapter 13 How to Handle Pain....................34
Chapter 14 Wholeness and Oneness....................36
Chapter 15 Success....................38
Chapter 16 Who Am I?....................44
Chapter 17 Aloe Vera....................48
Chapter 18 Alzheimer's Disease....................50
Chapter 19 Secrets of Hypnosis....................61
Chapter 20 Self-Talk....................65
Chapter 21 The Power of Thoughts....................67
Chapter 22 On Becoming Eighty....................71
Chapter 23 Prostate Cancer....................73
Chapter 24 Breast Cancer....................74
Chapter 25 Emotional Freedom Techniques: Acupuncture without Needles....................76
Chapter 26 2003 World Tour in 107 Days....................78
Chapter 27 Lifestyle Degenerative Diseases Can Be Prevented....................83
Chapter 28 Heart Disease....................92
Chapter 29 The Mind....................95
Index Part One....................55
Index Part Two Breast Cancer....................60

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