Forever His: A Promise of Eternal Security

Forever His: A Promise of Eternal Security

by Ron Tobin

Paperback(Security ed.)

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So why a book about “Eternal Security”? Aren’t there plenty, one might ask, or is this another Calvinism vs. Armenian book? My answer comes both as a pastor and, hopefully, a balanced Biblicist opposed to both Calvinism and Armenianism extremes.

In fact, both sides in years gone by have referred to the issue as “Assurance of Salvation.” For the Calvinist, assurance is reached by rising to a level of spirituality. One then recognizes that you are preserved by the grace, provisions of the Lord’s enablement apart from your works. However, your works must prove it. This, of course, is part of their view of predestination and regeneration. For the Armenian, one is also preserved by grace and some human efforts, which one could sin or backslide enough and lose. This then is the evidence of unbelief or fallen grace.

As a pastor, the following can be seen by those who struggle with the concept of eternal security or full assurance. First, there is a level of joy and peace never fully realized. Second, there is the insecure life with a level of constant fear or guilt. It is like a child on a bike being chased by an angry dog. You are always looking over your shoulder to see if some sin, failure, or imperfection is going to catch you. You must keep peddling harder. Finally, there is the unconscious doubt that surfaces. The “am I good enough for God; am I doing enough for God; am I pleasing God enough?” Oh, the emptiness and misunderstanding of His unmovable love which escapes the doubter!

The issue of being Forever Forgiven, Forever Secure, “Forever His” is paramount to “growing in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ” 2 Peter 3:18. It is much deeper than accepting a propositional theological truth concerning one’s salvation. It is more than being a separated (sanctified) believer. Your personal eternal security is the groundwork for a relationship with Christ, our husband, that is the wellspring of an overflowing abundant life. It becomes the joy of liberation in Christ.

So, let us consider the why and the benefits of being “Forever His”.

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ISBN-13: 9781734192711
Publisher: Old Paths Publications, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/17/2019
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Edition description: Security ed.
Pages: 42
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About the Author

Dr. Tobin has served the Lord for over forty years as a Pastor, as well as an educator in college and high school. His passion is the pastorate where he has been involved in church planting of three works and pastoring existing works. It was as a young elementary student that God began to move in his heart to become a missionary and pastor, even while in a Catholic parochial school.
While under Catholic training (Jesuits, Carmelites, and Augustinians), Dr. Tobin initially began to adopt the Augustinian Theology. However, in the turbulent 1960's he turned briefly in the exact opposite direction rejecting God's rules or religion. Instead, Pastor Tobin turned to Marxism, and through that emptiness, he turned to mysticism.
Gloriously he came to know Jesus Christ in the fall of 1971. Since then, his pursuit has been Christ. It was not difficult to fall back upon Augustinian Theology, now considered Calvinism. After many years of study, however, Dr. Tobin was convinced biblically and practically of the extremes or errors of Calvinism. This is especially true today of the New Covenant (Calvinist) Movement.
Dr. Tobin holds undergraduate degrees in the Bible and several secular studies. He also holds an earned MTH and Doctrine of Ministry

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Chapter 1: Who Possesses My Salvation 3

Chapter 2: Salvation Is A Legal Transaction 9

Chapter 3: Salvation Is Our Permanent Possession & Position 13

Chapter 4: Salvation-The Reign Of Grace 17

Chapter 5: Precious Promises 23

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