Forgiven Sinner: God'S Last Savior

Forgiven Sinner: God'S Last Savior

by Les Jensen
Forgiven Sinner: God'S Last Savior

Forgiven Sinner: God'S Last Savior

by Les Jensen


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Humanity has prayed for the end of suffering for generations. And yet it still exists today on this planet. There must be something that is not quite right. With all the saviors of all the worlds religions, having each come to earth and having each fulfilled their individual calling, why is it that there is still suffering on this planet? Is it that the saviors didnt teach us all the right messages? Is it that we, the followers, didnt actually learn the lessons? What is it going to take to actually end the suffering and bring us our salvation? If the saviors are here to save us, what then are the missing elements to actually being saved? There must be a way to our salvation. There must be a way for our prayers to be answered. If God is holding the answers, where is our role in the salvation of humanity? What did the saviors know that perhaps we have missed? What is our own personal role in fulfilling the saviors teachings? In his latest book, author LES JENSEN takes a closer and compelling look at the role of the savior and how we, the seekers, can fulfill our part. There is a path to the salvation of humanity. There is a role for you to play out in this lifetime of yours. How can we come to terms with our sins and actually fulfill the dreams of our ancestors of bringing Heaven back to Earth? When we have truly learned the teachings of the saviors, we will be saved. What is your part in it all?

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ISBN-13: 9781982205294
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/11/2018
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

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The helicopter pilot was not about to land. We were arriving at the very top of a mountain during the winter, and the pilot had no idea just how deep the snow might be. He was there to drop me off so that I could man the television transmitter site, alone, for the following week. He would hover with the helicopter skids just touching the top of the snow while I jumped out, waded through the snow, opened the door to the transmitter site, and then made several trips to unload my week's worth of provisions.

Even though I was new to the broadcast television industry, my company chose to include me to help cover the television transmitter site for one week of the duration of the 1984 Winter Olympics, a sizable opportunity for added revenue. Not only was this about sizable advertising dollars generated for the Olympics. It also had to do with television ratings. A period of time when the number of viewers is tabulated to determine the percentage of the audience that is watching your channel.

To be "off the air" could be very expensive in many ways. My job was to keep us on the air, 24/7, throughout the week. The reason I was being flown in was because the site, the television transmission site, was so difficult to get to during snowstorms. Snowmobiles, and even the big snowcats, could not get enough traction to overcome the steep vertical inclines. Even hiking with snowshoes was not effective. And winter storms are prime vulnerabilities for off-air outages.

By manning the site all week long, if a storm knocked us off the air, they, the television station, would have an engineer (me) on-site for immediate repairs. Little did I know I was going to be on call 24/7 for more than three decades in that industry. Perhaps a bigger element at play here, that I didn't have any clue about at the time, was what I would learn from working on high-power television transmitters, and how that would relate directly to our own human consciousness.

In hindsight, I can see that when my soul chose my life-path, it put me in front of high-power television transmitters so I could start to understand the nature of power that was not perceivable by our five senses. This would become a core aspect of what I was here on Earth to teach and write about.

And I would also have a life-changing event later on in my life that would require an already existing understanding of power and the mechanics of how it all works. These early days of my career in broadcast television were setting me up for a much bigger and much different life-path awaiting me later in my life.

But I digressed just a bit. To get back to the very beginning of my story ... it was time to make the big move. I jumped off the skid of the helicopter into snow that was over waist-deep. I am just over 6-feet tall. So the snow was plenty-deep. I could feel the crisp snow surrounding my legs and feet. I waded over to the door of the transmitter building, what I would be calling home for the next week, and scooped the snow away from the lock, unlocked the door, and walked into the site.

The helicopter hovered until I could get my supplies unloaded. And then it left. I was the only person on top of the highest peak of the Oquirrh mountains, Mount Nelson, just west of Salt Lake City, Utah. And I was there to babysit a high-power television transmitter.

Little did I know at the time that this scenario would be playing out all through my life. And during the upcoming week I would have opportunities to make decisions that were not able to be made while back in civilization. Spending that week alone on top of the mountain was a beginning, of sorts, for where my life was to take me. I didn't know the bigger part of my story at the time.

And now, as I look at the upheaval of our culture and the struggles it is going through, it can be easy to lose any sight of our future path. But to be here now, we are the ones brought here to actually shape the future, and all of the immense opportunities it holds for us.

When we look at what is happening in the world, we can take on that view of concern, and perhaps even hopelessness too. Like there is something that is happening that we can't really do anything about. Like there are some fundamental problems with humanity that have us feeling a sense of peril in our lives. But there is something we can do. There is something that is just the perfect thing for us to do right now. And we have everything we need to get there too. The opportunity is ours. And there for the taking.

The current upheaval that is happening in our culture is based on centuries of very deep karmic imprinting on the collective consciousness of all of us. Including us, as individuals, too. When I talk about the "collective consciousness," I am talking about humanity as a whole. The collective story of all of humanity. On many fronts, we have been entrenched in a karmic peril of sorts. We, as citizens of the world, have watched as so-called leaders have created a history of war and confrontation between our various governments.

We have been living in a shared karma of sorts when it comes to so many of the fundamental aspects of our culture. Our currencies. Our economic systems. And the notion of being patriotic and loyal to our respective governments. Our religions have taught us the nature of God, and how we are to behave in order to find favor in this God that they have peddled on us. And that our school systems have taught us, theoretically preparing us for our future.

And yet, here we are. Living in a world that is full of turmoil and seeming despair. We are confronted with so many different aspects of our culture which do not promote any sense of harmony or prosperity for all. In many ways, we, the people, have been exploited and taken advantage of. There are those people who have sought to undermine the will of the people, and establish their own systems of control, to their own personal advantage. If you were to take a step back, and look at what is happening overall, who would you label the villains of this chapter? Which people stand out in your mind as those that have created atrocities in our collective storyline?

In the first part of any hero movie, the storyline has to establish a villain. The first part of the movie sets up the villain, and the imminent peril, that is certain to fall upon the people. The villain has to be terrible. The villain has to be bigger than any mere mortal could even conceive of confronting. That's the whole idea of a hero.

So many of us want change. Change for the better. I certainly do. And I suspect you want change for the better too. What are we to do? How has our culture prepared us to take on the villains of the day? Who are we to think that we can change the way things are? I mean, the corruption of our established systems of governance is self-evident. How can we, the people, play our best hand when it comes to bringing about change?

This dialogue itself could be viewed as a karmic unfolding. Mental and emotional karmic tendencies would dictate most of the probability of what is going to unfold in our near-future experience. And yet the heart and soul can pull from infinite varieties of possibilities in each and every moment. And if the ego is in step with the heart and soul, then anything is possible in this next moment.

What I am talking about here is your own personal freedom. In the sense that the universe has no karmic momentum of its own. We are given total freedom to create whatever we can. The process of creation is unbiased. It is our own skill alone that will decide what we can, or cannot, manifest over time. Each one of us has an infinite well of inspiration located within us. Where we can be inspired, in the moment, with the new idea that can bring a totally new outcome.

This is the gift of the Divine consciousness present in you now. Your ability to fetch any solution to the paradigm at hand, and then bring it into action in your life, is the process of creation itself. And what your inspiration brings is not bound by any tether or constriction. You are free to choose from an infinite variety of possibilities. But there are some skills involved in being able to recognize, and then to manifest, that Divine inspiration.

Often it is our mind which is the filter for what these new ideas mean to us. Based on what I have seen, I would suggest that countless solid ideas are lost to our mental habits and patterning. Where, the very next thought, after the inspiration itself, is one of our rational mind discounting how the idea will not work. Where we start to pick the inspiration apart. And discount any value it might have for us.

It can take a creative mind to be able to recognize the value of the inspiration itself. This is where the arts and cultural imprinting can afford an advantage. The arenas of art, music, dance, and other such creative modalities of the soul, allow for inspirational exercises to be carried out that can capture, and then honor, the Divine inspiration of the moment. To master this within yourself is for you to master your own divinity.

The mythology of our human history has many fingers pointing to the Divine within every one of us. This includes language such as, "The kingdom of heaven is within you." And, "I and my Father are one."

These teachings of our past suggest that there is a divinity within each one of us. Each one of us. All of us. That there is a Divine Spark at the core of who we are. I would suggest this Divine Spark is behind all consciousness. The perfect, whole and complete personification of the God Consciousness behind all consciousness. Giving you the consciousness in this moment, to understand this thought.

The great spiritual geniuses, whether it was Moses, Buddha, Plato, Socrates, Jesus or Emerson ... have taught man to look within himself to find God. ~ Ernest Holmes

These teachings would suggest that, as a Divine personification, you are the vehicle of God. You are the vessel of the Divine, expressing through you, as you, in this moment. And all of your history is perfect. Your past is a perfect personal history, leading up to this moment, affording you this "now," as an insertion-point of new Divine persuasions.

As you can teach your ego to be still, and to trust the Divine inspirations that are flowing through you, then your ability to make changes in the moment quickens. And there is more of a Divine influence in you, throughout your days, weeks, and beyond. Divine human living.

When I look at my life growing up, I can see that everything I had been taught had not adequately prepared me for the perils I would encounter. And I write this book for you, that you may hear what I would have loved to have heard while growing up. The need for change seems timeless. The endless chant of the human heart.

The longing of the ages. Our collective past has so many stories of suffering and pain. We have spent countless generations struggling through our lives.

And even today there are so many of us that are struggling. Pain and suffering is still quite present on Earth today. But how can we bring our collective story around to all of us living a life of peace, prosperity and happiness? We all have something to contribute. We all have a reason to be here now. We all have our own unique place in this chapter of our human story. We all have more that we can be in order to make the changes happen in these next chapters of our human story.

No matter what your age, you can start today, and move your life in a positive and more powerful position. It turns out that we all have the ability to create new outcomes. We all have the Divine Spark of consciousness within us now. And learning, and then practicing, the principles of leveraging those innate human attributes is exactly what can bring the changes we seek, into a creation process for our future.

These principles are timeless. Awaiting your understanding and mastery of them. Timeless principles have something to offer you. Once you come to understand those principles, then you too will find those results as well. If you commit to it enough.

The traditional ways of being raised as children in the United States failed to mention very critical aspects of ourselves. All of us who shared the collective storyline have critical arenas of education that were missing, that we can always fill in as we grow.

This book is talking about our human potential. Any human, anywhere, shares these fundamental human attributes. The traits I talk about here are so universal, I wouldn't be surprised that once we travel to other solar systems and planets like Earth, those beings living there would agree to the fundamental principles being presented here. Universal truths. Truths of how the universe works from the perspective of our human ability to shape our own future.

In order to get to the core of what it is about us that decides what we will actually manifest, we need to look at the creation process from the most fundamental process of creation itself. I suggest that would mean to consider the creation process as an energetic event. Pure energy interaction.

As it turned out, the root of my career in broadcast television was working directly with energy. On such vast levels. Over countless frequencies and spectrums of expressions. Creating, purifying, and broadcasting pure energy. We used crystals to generate specific frequencies. And we used electricity and electronics to magnify, and then broadcast, those frequencies at very high power levels. Conveying the television programs that were produced at the time.

It was the model of how electricity and RF (Radio Frequency, which refers to the signals that TV and radio transmitters are broadcasting out of the antennas) model the nature of our own human experience with power. And how mastering this energy is what can make us very powerful. That energy is consciousness itself. Human consciousness specifically.

So sit back and enjoy the read. We are going to talk about you as pure power. And what you can do with that idea, to make your life exciting and rewarding too.



I slammed the front door, after storming out of the house. Fuming mad, I walked over to my motorcycle and started it up. As I revved the engine I took off into the street. And as I felt the handlebars pulling me forward, I could feel the cool crisp night air on my skin. I was so mad with my father. Such a stubborn man. I just couldn't handle his indifference to seeing a new perspective for the moment.

It was the first and only time I can remember where I left the house madder than hell. I had been arguing with my father. I was about 17 years old. I was so frustrated with him. And I got on my motorcycle and took off for Main Street. Little did I know my night was about to get real.

As teenagers, we would "drag" Main Street. Which means we would drive down Main Street, get to the end, turn around, and drive back to the other end. A social ritual of sorts. To see others, and to be seen as well. We would repeat this until it was too late to stay out. "Dragging Main" was a ritual with all the kids. A ritual that was repeated all over America during that era.

But this time was to be different. That night I was in for a surprise. As I was riding my motorcycle, still fuming over my argument with my dad, I came up to a red light and stopped. I noticed the car behind me had its high-beam headlights on and was coming right up to my rear tire. I pulled forward a bit, and it did too.

I grew up in a farm town. There were plenty of tough guys from the farms nearby that liked to harass the city kids. Or maybe it was just a bored high-school senior looking to give me some grief. Either way, I didn't want to find out. "I'm outta here," I thought.

I made a quick right-handed turn and then cut left into an alley behind the malt shop. I cut left again passing through their parking lot, now facing Main Street again. Right where the highway comes into town. A semi-truck was coming in from the highway. I could make it, getting completely in front of it, if I accelerated right now. I revved my engine, accelerated very quickly, and cut in front of the semitruck. I'm sure the driver thought I had a death wish for myself. I cut in front of him and turned right, up the first street, and then turned left again. I looked behind me and saw nobody. Lost them ... or so I thought.

As I went through the next intersection, I noticed police cars. With their lights flashing, following me one block to either side. I looked behind me again. There was that same damned car. What the hell? I looked again. That car that was hassling me to begin with, had a flashing red light on its dashboard. As it turned out I was trying to ditch cops, in an unmarked car. I pulled over and was quickly descended upon by all the police vehicles.


Excerpted from "Forgiven Sinner"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Les Jensen.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Preface, vii,
Acknowledgments, ix,
Chapter 1 Is It Safe to Land?, 1,
Chapter 2 Not Always What You Wanted, 9,
Chapter 3 There Would Be No Going Back, 19,
Chapter 4 Invisible Power, 25,
Chapter 5 My Invisible Self, 31,
Chapter 6 The Spectrums of Our Human Condition, 37,
Chapter 7 Cheating Death, 41,
Chapter 8 Getting Cracked Open, 55,
Chapter 9 The Journey of a Soul, 65,
Chapter 10 Into and Out of Karma, 77,
Chapter 11 Finding the Light Within, 89,
Chapter 12 Waiting for Salvation, 95,
Chapter 13 Where Is Heaven?, 103,
Chapter 14 Your Relationship to God, 111,
Chapter 15 Honoring Our Divine Potentials, 115,
Chapter 16 Purity Is the Place of Heaven, 121,
Chapter 17 How Do We Enjoy the Journey?, 129,
Chapter 18 The Journey Within, 137,
Chapter 19 Love Actually, 141,
Chapter 20 Where Is the Truth?, 155,
Chapter 21 Sifting Through Our Mythology, 163,
Chapter 22 So ... What IS a Divine Humanity?, 173,
Chapter 23 Forgiving God, 179,
Chapter 24 The Divine Human Being, 189,
Chapter 25 As We Believe, 195,
Chapter 26 The Dreams of Our Ancestors, 203,
Chapter 27 Our Next Chapter of Possibilities, 213,
Chapter 28 Frequency, Energy and Power, 217,
Chapter 29 Forgiven Sinner, 227,
Chapter 30 Bringing Heaven Back to Earth, 231,
About the Author, 241,

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