Fortnite: The Essential Guide to Battle Royale and Other Survival Games

Fortnite: The Essential Guide to Battle Royale and Other Survival Games

by Triumph Books


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Fortnite: Battle Royale is taking the world by storm, combining the high-octane action of traditional shooters with the creative construction elements of sandbox games like Minecraft. With 40 million players and counting, competition is fierce, and strategy is essential. Once you jump from the Battle Bus onto the island below, there can be only one goal: survival. This guide has all the tips and tricks you need to master the melee, whether you're playing on a console, PC, or your phone. Illustrated with dozens of full-color screenshots, find essential information on big-picture offensive and defensive tactics, best practices for building, and indispensable combat techniques. Learn all about uncovering loot, optimizing weapons use, exploring map locations, establishing a fortress, completing challenges, and more—in solo, duo, or squad mode. 

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Starting Out

Fortnite: Battle Royale came in with a BANG and immediately began offering the same sort of gameplay that PUBG was already famous for. It's important to note that Fortnite does also have some big differences that really help it stand out, and that have actually made the game more successful than PUBG.

By knowing the differences between the games, and learning how Fortnite actually works, you can be sure to collect the best gear and equipment. With a bit of reading you'll be kicking butt, taking names and you'll only get better as you learn many of the best kept secrets from some of the best players of Fortnite out there.

Be a player in charge of your own domain, learn what you need for success in Fortnite and become the skilled player that you've always wanted to be with this helpful getting started information.

Mission/overall game structure

Fortnite is structured much like a battle to the death and works in a way similar to Hunger Games if you're familiar with the books or movies. When you get into the flying bus, you have to be the one to choose a spot to land and fight your way to the end of the match. You cannot just hide to win the game though. You have to actually fight your way to the end. The map is considerably smaller than it is on PUBG, and you're much more likely to get into the action before the end of the round in Fortnite.

Your mission, should you choose it, is to be the last one standing if you're in that mode. There are three different modes. The only difference between them is whether or not you are alone. Some enjoy the solo modes, while others prefer people to pair up with.

Get on the bus, choose a destination, soar down to it and loot. Once you've looted, you run around, taking out people, staying within the storm's eye and making sure to stay alive. Each game depends on you strategizing your way to victory, but once you do, you will feel proud being able to make it out at the top over 100 other players.

Remember, you have to loot unless you're going to get everyone with the pickaxe that you start off with! Your first priority should be to pick up ranged weapons, shield and ammunition when the round gets started. These items are stored away in crates, hidden within buildings and in the backs of trucks. It's up to you to get moving quickly and to track down what you need to win each round. So get moving and track down the equipment that's going to lead you to victory!

Differences between solo, duo, and squad modes

There are a few different modes to be aware of when you're playing the game. Each one changes just a bit, but the game remains the same. You still have to battle your way to the end to win and you cannot just camp out.

Which mode you choose to play depends on whether or not you want to play alone or with others that are also playing to win. You can team up with those that you actually know or regulars you play around or you can have a random group of people playing chosen for you.

SOLO: Solo mode enables the player to play on their own without any teammates to work with to win. The player must make it to the top above 99 other players without any help.

DUO: Duo mode brings together a pair of players. They work together to bring the others down. They are then victors at the end together, not separately.

SQUAD: Squad mode is more of a team match than anything else. It splits the round up into two groups of 50 that have to overcome another group. Try out this mode if you want to learn what it means to work as a huge team, and experience the fun of overcoming another huge group of people. This is a good mode for making new friends as well!

Jumping from the Battle Bus/choosing where to land

Jumping from the battle bus is a must. You have to get off of it before it gets to the end of the map. It will warn you when it is about to do this. You can see all of the cities below since they are mapped out for you and each place has its name above it. You want to land in the area that you feel the most comfortable landing. Some of them have more loot, others have more shelter, many of them have more people. The choice is ultimately yours and it's a strategic one so start trying out spots and figure out which one is best for you!

Know how to get down there, know where to go and know which spot offers what. Having this information is going to help you out immensely each time you try to win at Fortnite. This expertise takes time to develop, but with experience you'll begin to get more comfortable with particular spaces and that's when you'll begin to enjoy success as well.

How to get to ground fast

Getting to the ground fast is something that a lot of people don't know how to do or realize is important at all. You want to use the glider as much as possible when you jump from the bus in the sky. You need to move yourself to where you want to go while also trying to drop quickly.

Depending on the console you're playing on, you can navigate your way by using the keys on the keyboard, the joystick on the console or even the mouse. You can then press down on these to move yourself closer to the ground and fall quicker.

To fall with as much speed as possible it's important to avoid popping your parachute until the very last minute. Instead angle your character down at the ground and drop with as much speed as you can. If you don't pop the parachute yourself the game will deploy it for you, so you never have to worry about crashing to your death.

Try to make it down there as fast as possible, especially if you're going to a well populated, high looting area. You will want to grab all of the good loot before everyone else so you're ready to begin the fight for your life.

Pros/cons of crowded areas vs. wilderness

Crowded areas and wilderness spots with small shacks and cabins are both options throughout the map. When you are choosing the best place to land, you'll need to choose one or the other. Which one you choose depends on you and what you want out of each one. They both have pros and cons, which means that you have to either check out the pros and cons on your own or you have to try each one of them out on your own.

The Wilderness: Some like to drop into the wilderness where there are cabins and small homes to loot. These areas are more peaceful because fewer players drop here, though nowhere is safe throughout the entire game. You just have less looting, which means less people. You will have to run farther to avoid the storm in most cases when out in the wilderness, but this gives you time to look in all of the cabins and come up with a strategy while you let everyone else thin the herd during the initial chaos of the match.

Not everyone enjoys dropping into the wilderness though because you never know what you're going to find lootwise, and some players prefer to be in the thick of the action. That's why many of the players turn to more crowded locations around the map instead.

Crowded Areas: A lot of people choose crowded areas for one reason and one reason only, to get the best loot. When you get the best loot, you can ensure that you take out some of the other players, since you have a better gun, right?

If you're not one of the very first players to hit up these heavily looted locations, you're likely to get taken out. With any of the cities on the map there's a great opportunity to grab the best loot in the game, but the risk of being killed off early on is much higher than it is for players out in the wilderness.

One good strategy that many players use initially is to run around like wild while listening for crates as they go. They will sing to you and they are not necessarily in the highly crowded areas either. They are anywhere and everywhere throughout the map and they will change every time. You need to listen for them and then follow the singing to epic loot opportunities. They change the loot that is inside them, providing a lot of high quality choices that cannot be found in other areas.

Where you drop doesn't have any deciding factor on the class of items that are found there, since this is always a random thing that happens, including in the drops that are made. The only difference is that the cities have more loot, so the chances of finding better stuff is higher.

Some of the best spots to land

Landing is a big decision to make. You want to land in the right area and depending on what your situation is and the skills that you have, you might want to take a different angle when landing. You should choose an area that you feel the most comfortable with and that is going to provide you with the most in terms of benefits and value for your survival in Fortnite.

Following are some of the best locations on the map to check out. Get familiar with each of these spots and you'll soon decide which you like and which are best avoided for your personal playstyle.

Keep in mind that the map has been updated and continues to be updated. While this is the most current map information now, it might not be in a few months since new locations are constantly being added, as well as changes in the places where loot and other items spawn.

Haunted Hills & Junk Junction (Top Left Hand Corner of the Map) If you're looking for an awesome place to land that comes with some pretty awesome loot chests, then falling just to the right of these two places in the broken down houses next door is where it is at. You can find loot up to your ears hiding here.

Once you're done looting the houses, you can move over to the actual towns and find out what other loot (or players) are waiting for you there.

Flush Factory & Those Shifty Shafts (Between the Two Places) If you want to gear up quick and have gear that actually gets the job done then this quiet area between two larger areas is where to go. A lot of people go to the larger areas, which makes it easier for you to survive in this less frequented location. In here you'll find plenty of loot lying around, and there's an abandoned house Awith more guns for you to pick through as well. You will be set to take on the larger areas when you check out this smaller, broken down, quiet area first.

Flush Factory 2 (To the Right of Original Flush Factory) Overcrowded is probably a good word to use for this place — both players and loot. It is like everyone went crazy and wanted to give out a bunch of stuff to everyone.

This zone is great for wood from the pallets that are everywhere, but also for golden singing chests. In cars, in between buildings, on top of poles, you name it — listen and they will find you!

Anarchy Acres (Motel Located Here) The trucks and motel in this area all have golden chests to look out for, which makes this a must-see location on the map.

Go through the houses on the outside perimeter to find anything located here and then make your way to the hotel. You want more than your pickaxe when you make your way into the hotel itself since everyone likes to go to this area. Many chests are waiting with awesome loot, so it is important to go in locked and loaded for a fight for the good stuff!

Tilted Towers (Motel Located Here) Centrally located, if you want to be in the thick of it all but also have access to a huge amount of loot, then this is where you want to land. With crates everywhere and a pile of chests, everyone stops here on their journey through the land.

You want to keep in mind though, since everyone stops here, you will definitely have a fight on your hands so use the ample cover of the area to stay out of someone else's crosshairs while you gear up for the fight!

Reading the map and staying within the Storm Eye

Storm Eye

As you play through round after round, one important task you need to keep up with at all times is staying within the eye of the storm. The storm is a very real danger, and it can take you out of the game before you even have a chance to encounter another player. The game gives a warning when the eye is about to move in, so you want to keep your eye out for this as you play. Once it does, check the map to see where you need to run and how far to be inside the eye. You'll have a timer for how long you have to make it to the new safe zone, move quickly but keep an eye out for other players waiting for you to run in.

Take a look on your map on your right hand side and you will notice that there is a white circle. If you stay within the white circle of the storm then you are safe from any damage that might come your way outside of the storm. You should always make sure to refrain from being outside of the white, since the blue circle that you see on the screen is the storm.

The screen will also give a big warning every time the eye of the storm is about to move in on you. You want to make sure that you are paying attention to where the white circle is. If it is moving in on you, then you have a short time to get into a safe spot within the eye once again.

Always keep your eyes on this circle, as it continues to get smaller throughout the entire game. If you're left on the outside the circle then you will continue to take damage until you go to the inside of the circle. Eventually, staying outside of the circle will kill you.

Managing inventory/how to acquire weapons and other items

You have an inventory and you have to make sure that you acquire the right items as you go along. Many players go into Fortnite worried about holding too many items, with the belief that too much will slow them down like being overburdened does in other games. Unlike some of the other games out there, such as ARK, you do not have to worry about being weighted down, even if you're carrying around four trees worth of wood.

You have slots where your items but there is no quick way to rearrange items in slots, so it is important that you go somewhere safe while you go through your items and switch them around to make them easier for you to access while playing the game.

Bear in mind that you do not have a lot of space for everything. You cannot possibly keep it all with you, so you have to make way for more items by removing those that you do not need. Using some of the items, such as the shield potions, as soon as you get them can help you reduce the amount of spaces you use in your inventory for all of the items that are being found.

TIPS FOR MANAGING YOUR INVENTORY Here are some pretty awesome tips for managing the inventory that you do have. Using these tips will help you become more efficient and lethal in each round of Fortnite, which will result in more wins for you!

Don't Hoard: This is a must in real life, as well. You don't want to have an overabundance of items that you have to get rid of. If you don't need it, don't take it or put it down. Keeping lower quality items or duplicates that you won't use offers you no benefit. Shed the excess and keep grabbing the loot that matters while ditching the rest.

Storm Shield Inventory Slots: They're a real thing and you want to make use of them as much as you can. This is not a space that you can use right away but eventually it will open up for you. Once it does, you can keep items you want to hold onto for a rainy day. You can literally only carry five things. It can be found in the terminal for the storm shield after a while of being in the game.

Item Stacking is Possible: Not many people know that item stacking is possible in the game. You want to check out ways that this can be done and if you have two or more of the same item then make sure they're stacked on one another. This will save you space and also help you grab the items you need quicker because they're all neatly tucked away in one area. This does not work with weapons, but many other item types.


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