From Lost to Found: Giving Up What You Think You Want for What Will Set You Free

From Lost to Found: Giving Up What You Think You Want for What Will Set You Free

by Nicole Zasowski


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Being Lost is the First Step to Getting Found

As a marriage and family therapist, one of Nicole Zasowski’s greatest joys is helping her clients grow in emotional freedom. What she couldn’t see for many years is that she was living her own life outside of that freedom, clinging to behaviors like shame, performance, and control in order to feel valued and safe.

It was only when she was confronted with her own devastating pain and loss that Nicole realized her current way of life was failing her. She then discovered that sometimes God’s rescue looks like prying our fingers off what we think we want so that we can receive what we truly need. And often, on the far side of pain we don’t prefer, we find transformation we would not trade.

In From Lost to Found, Nicole shares her story as she helps us

  • name what we fear losing most,
  • identify how our reactive behaviors are failing us,
  • discover what joy we can find in letting go, and
  • move forward in the freedom God has for us.

God is writing a story of redemption in your life too. Find out for yourself that sometimes the greatest joy is found when we are drained of all misplaced hope and shallow identities. In the midst of pain or transition, discover a surprising path to healing as you lose your grip on comfort and control—and fall right into God’s transformative grace.

Includes discussion questions for individual reflection or small group study

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ISBN-13: 9780785226437
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 01/28/2020
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,208,652
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Nicole Zasowski is a licensed marriage and family therapist, writer, and speaker based in the state of Connecticut where she lives with her husband and son. As an old soul who wears her heart proudly on her sleeve, Nicole loves using her words to help others find an enduring peace and joy outside of circumstance.

Table of Contents

Foreword Elisabeth Hasselbeck xi

Introduction: An Unlikely Path to Healing xiii

Part 1 Called Out: The Pain of Losing What We Think We Want

1 California: Losing Comfort 3

2 A Heart Divided: Losing Security 15

3 A Wedding Invitation: Losing Companionship 23

4 When You're Called: Losing Approval 31

5 J. Crew and Manna: Losing My Vision 43

Called Out Discussion Questions 52

Part 2 Breaking Down: The Failure of Behaviors That Were Never Meant to Work

6 Yogis: The Failure of Control 55

7 Gluten-Free Pasta: The Failure of Perfection 67

8 Waves of Grace: The Failure of Performance 75

9 The Ladies Who Lunch: The Failure of Pride 87

Breaking Down Discussion Questions 96

Part 3 Breathing In: Finding a Lasting Peace

10 Home: Finding Refuge 99

11 Calmed Storms: Finding Peace 107

12 A Bigger Stage: Finding God's Glory 117

13 Enough: Finding Abundance 127

14 Growing: Finding God's Goodness 135

Breathing In Discussion Questions 142

Part 4 Looking Up: Choosing Joy Outside of Circumstance

15 Saturday: Choosing Hope 145

16 Beautiful: Choosing to See What Is Good 153

17 The Good Stuff: Choosing Interdependence 161

18 A Total Eclipse: Choosing Truth 171

19 How Sweet It Is: Choosing to Partner 179

20 Getting Found: Choosing Joy 189

Looking Up Discussion Questions 198

Thank You 199

Notes 205

About the Author 207

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