Going Under

Going Under

by S. Walden

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BN ID: 2940044386044
Publisher: S. Walden
Publication date: 03/18/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 367,376
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About the Author

S. Walden used to teach English before making the best decision of her life by becoming a full-time writer. She lives in Georgia with her very supportive husband who prefers physics textbooks over fiction and has a difficult time understanding why her characters must have personality flaws. She is wary of small children, so she has a Westie instead. Her dreams include raising chickens and owning and operating a beachside inn on the Gulf Coast (chickens included). When she's not writing, she's thinking about it.She loves her fans and loves to hear from them. Email her at swaldenauthor@hotmail.com and follow her blog at swaldenauthor.blogspot.com where you can get up-to-date information on her current projects.

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Going Under 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 48 reviews.
livelife More than 1 year ago
I give Going Under 5 huge, larger than life stars and I need a drink, like a really big one (with an umbrella or something) but like straight vodka. Yeah. But, before I indulge.. Every now and then I read a book that strikes a cord so deep that I have to get my review out as soon as the last word is read. Going Under was one of those books. I cannot eat, sleep, or pay my dogs any attention until I address what an AMAZING and thought provoking book this is. It has the power to change the way you look at books and S. Walden has the ability to make the outside world disappear and allow only her fictional story exist. I have to share this read with all of you before I can move on with my life. Truthfully. So here goes. From the very beginning I knew this book would be emotional and raw. I knew from the heavy subject matter that things were about the get crazy. Brooke approaches her plan for revenge head-on and as a reader it was an unforgettable journey through her approach and her self discovery. The shift in beginning Brooke to end Brooke is massive. So much happens between the pages, some of which I still can't wrap my head around, it's jarring and heartbreaking but at the same time it was kind of perfect, especially in the end. It's the kind of book you find yourself mad at, screaming at and rereading to make sure you got it right; then you find yourself shell shocked and numb. I was a lunatic throughout this book, looney I tell you. Totally murmuring to myself and stuff. Yeah. It'll do that to you. The complexity of the characters and their well thought through (on the authors part) their lives, flaws, and everything in between is what kept me going back in for more. I couldn't get enough of Ryan, I was intrigued and disgusted by the swimmers, and fascinated with this mission that Brooke was on. She was a firecracker determined to set things right. Her plight was a redeeming quality, even when in the beginning she didn't have many of those to me. Her strength and pure force was something I never saw coming. I liked Brooke, throughout the entire book I liked her (even when I didn't) but she really transforms before your eyes. What was sometimes a juvenile story becomes a lot more. Ryan was without a doubt my favorite part of this book. He's mysterious and oh so adorable; he was this complicated puzzle that I tried desperately to figure out before Brooke had the chance but I had nothing, I was stumped. And, I'm so happy for that. The relationship he builds with Brooke is intense and they become cute and comfortable together. I was lost in the passion I had for this book, which ranged from every feeling known to man S. Walden's writing elicited them all. Her twisting and turning events also kept me focused on this book (and nothing else, no really, I don't think I've done anything around the house since I started reading it).""You don't know me from Adam," I said to her. She reached for a paper towel. "But that guy you're with is bad news.""Huh?""That guy you're with is-""No no," she interuped. "What you said before. What does that mean?""What are you talking about?""That thing you said about Adam. Does Adam like me?" she asked, her face flushing a rosy pink.Dear God.S. Walden is kind of hilarious, even in a non-hilarious setting. This book is drama-filled. But, it's well rounded in that we have plenty of opportunities to giggle and grin at her writing as we're allowing our tears to dry. I'd say she's an equal opportunity writer, in that she gives us all a reason to love her; so whether you want to laugh or become emotionally spent, she's your girl. And really, while the entire book has a serious undertone most of the actual suspense and drama occurs more towards the end, there's some deeply seeded things throughout but I fell apart at the end. :) Just sayin. An emotionally jarring, discussion starting, thought provoking, tear jerking book that I believe is a must read. It will sucker punch and blind you, no lie, but in its craziness and brutal force it will open your eyes while breaking your heart. Here's my prediction, this book will rock the charts. It will be big, huge, gi-freaking-normous and you're all going to enjoy it, every bleeping second! While I loved this book, I loved the tears I shed and the emotionally draining yet satisfying story; it is not a story for everyone. It is dark and rough, and it is a topic that not everyone is comfortable reading about. There are plenty of happy moments and some cute and hilarious ones but it handles some intense subjects. I do believe it sheds light in dark places and is overall a story of survival and standing up for oneself. It's a ray of sunshine in a dark corner, and S. Walden did a remarkable job!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Words cannot describe how emotional i feel right now. The book was so good. Definnitly worth the tears.
Nova_Blogder More than 1 year ago
This book is definitely interesting to say the least I loved it in a way where I feel kinda dirty... Going Under tells the story of Brooklyn, a girl who vows for revenge over the group of rapists who were (indirectly) responsible for the death of her friend, Beth. This book is definitely interesting to say the least I loved it in a way where I feel kinda dirty... It's definitely a story that displays the personality of a friend who's messed up, but still plots revenge as an act of guilt mixed with loyalty. Before dying, Beth (Brooke's friend) caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. I really think that this story is one of those that are more on the "erotic" side, but I hesitate to call it that because it really isn't THAT erotic. It's more "sexual content" that is easily skipable without being too confusing. I can honestly say that a few parts made me go like this: Buggy eyed kitty! Those parts didn't seem to faze me that much though. I don't usually read New Adult, but I had an easy time connecting with Brooklyn. It was because of her strong character and her intentions. I really liked her as a character and though I started out hating her, I quickly moved to forgive her and even went as far as to pity her a bit. I don't want to give away the ending, but what she did to avenge Beth also costed her things. She was so brave. I also have to say that this book is one of those that can get either bad or good reviews. It's got a LOT of rape elements so if you are a rape victim, please don't read this. I really don't think it's a good idea. But S Walden has a way of writing this book so I didn't even want to stop, even though there was part of me that thought it might've been wrong to read stories with "these" kinds of elements. The other element that made me kind of wary was probably the swearing. On one hand, the swearing of teens was spot on. Middle/High school is going DOWN the drain. But on the other hand it made me uncomfortable in some parts because there was just SO MUCH! The story went by fast enough so it made sense, but it didn't drag on. A part of me just wishes it was softer, but that's the (old) adult in me talking. The 13 yea old girl liked it, even though I COMPLETELY skipped anything sexual in this story. I would reccomend this book to mature girls who I think can read it and actually understand the in-depth sickness of the story, rather than just going "eww!!". That really isn't the point of the novel and that wasn't what I got from it. As lame as this sounds, I got a lesson from the novel that (sadly) has happened. Girls (and even guys too) are getting raped and this novel is a major dose of reality that some people actually need. I wouldn't say that I need it, but I do want to say that it's an amazing story of the battles that can be found in high school and how one girl can make a gigantic difference. I sound so lame! So, I really like this novel. And the coolest part is that me and S Walden have been exchanging emails! One of the characters in her novel is my real name (take a guess?) and Summer is actually the direct translation of my real (middle) name! AAHH! How awesome is that?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved it
Jayenot More than 1 year ago
*****Thrilling. Riveting. & Not For The Faint Of Heart***** I would like to start off by commending the author on choosing a topic that is disturbing to every female. Ms. Walden did an outstanding job with portraying the lives of many that have been altered by such monstrocities. The story is told through Brooke's eyes. When she decides to embark in a tumulteous journey for self healing and forgiveness. But before Brooke can launch into this journey, she decides that the best way to self gratification is to seek revenge on behalf of her former best friend Beth. But little does she know that the journey has turned into a nightmare. The story touches on a very sensitive subject matter that will leave you shaken to your core. Even I was totally blindsided by the consequences of Brook's actions. And disturbed at how the chain of events lead to such disastrous results. “I’m talking about the kind of indignity that changes you as a person, makes you withdraw, hide from the world because suddenly it’s turned into something frightening—full of dark corners and monsters.” Due to such a heavy topic and sad moments, I was able to appreciate the story for what it was. This isn't a LOVE STORY!! That being said, I really enjoyed Brooke's story and how she overcomes her will for revenge. It was unfortunate that I couldnt connect to the characters or feel the overwhelming love that Ryan had for Brooke or vice versa. Their relationship felt vague and sporadic. But I did enjoy Brooke's strong character and will.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! This book was really good. Loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
megankylene More than 1 year ago
This book is not a light and fluffy romance. If that's what you're looking for you're not going to find it here. This book deals with some heavy subject matter and goes into graphic detail concerning rape. Please note that the author DOES NOT, in any way, glamorize or romanticize rape. Brooke made a promise to her best friend, Beth, to never tell her secret - Beth was raped. The book begins with Brooke attending Beth's funeral. After betraying Beth's trust by cheating with Beth's boyfriend, Brooke is consumed with guilt. Following Beth's suicide, Brooke's guilt only multiplies. She blames herself. Brooke moves in with her father and starts a new school, which also happens to be Beth's old school. Brooke soon uncovers a twisted game being played by the school's swim team, led by Beth's rapist, Cal. As a way to atone for wronging her friend, Brooke decides to seduce Cal, after which she will turn him and the others in. As twisted and convoluted as that idea was, I was interested in how Brooke was going to pull it off. "The idea of letting him have me. Seduce him without him knowing, give him the perfect opportunity to take advantage of me, then make him pay for it afterwards. Could I actually go through with it, though? Could I give up my body as a sacrifice to seek vengeance? Was I strong enough? Crazy enough?" Brooke plans are complicated when she begins to date and fall for Ryan Foster, a classmate and a guy she met at Beth's funeral a/k/a "Funeral Guy". Ryan is somewhat of a loner at school, and seems troubled. It's clear that Ryan and Brooke have skeletons in the closet, and they're sort of each other's therapy. Personally, Ryan and Brooke's relationship seemed to come out of nowhere. Their mutual attraction for each other was the only thing that drew them to each other. Because of this, I didn't feel an emotional connection to them as a couple. Their "love" for each other came out of left field. I am a sucker for flawed characters, and the cast of characters in Going Under were most definitely flawed. Cal, Parker, and Tim were horrific human beings. Cal, in particular, gave me the chills and the creeps. He made the hairs on my arms stand up. I applaud S. Walden on making him (dare I say) charming, yet sinister at the same time. "It was becoming extremely difficult just to be anywhere near Cal. He made me nervous, and he knew he did. We both knew we were playing at some fake friendly game, but neither one of us would voice it aloud." The final twenty percent or so just didn't work for me AT ALL. I found the twist in this story to be very predictable. For me the book was a solid 4-star read up until after "the scene." The whole book had been building to this moment, and everything after that point seemed flat. I get that Walden wanted a HEA, but I felt like the final chapters took away from the story as a whole. It felt rushed. I absolutely did NOT like the epilogue at all. The ending was, for lack of a better word, cheesy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kirstyviz More than 1 year ago
Despite Brooke's attempts at humour to obscure her grief, from the book's first chapter in which she is attending her best friend's funeral, it is evident that Going Under will challenge its reader. Beth has committed suicide, and though Brooke feels guilt because she cheated with Beth's boyfriend, she also knows that Beth was carrying a secret far deeper which was the real reason for her death. What follows is the story of Brooke's quest to seek revenge for Beth and the reader discovers the frightening lengths she will go to in order to capture those responsible. At times we see Brooke slip into a depression and almost a hysteria as she becomes obsessed by the FSL and their activities. As the reader is aware who the group is and the appalling acts they are capable of I think we always fear for Brooke and those around her. Going Under is candid, confrontational and emotional, yet S Walden has obviously researched her topics brilliantly, and I personally felt her need to explain herself in her author's note was unnecessary. I definitely felt challenged by this story but I was also unable to put the book down and I thank S Walden for my review copy.
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
4.5/5 stars Wow, this book. Just WOW. I started it knowing what I was getting into, but nothing could have prepared me for the intensity of this book. I was absolutely devastated that I had to put it down and go to work. DEVASTATED. Prepare yourselves: this book is an emotional one. Yet, as heartbreaking as it was, there were rays of light and hope weaved in- which made all the difference in the world. Keep reading friends. The last chapter and the epilogue make the journey so worth it. Brooke is our main character and we start the book off dealing with the loss of her best friend. The circumstances behind Beth (her best friend)'s death are very sad and tragic. Yet, Brooke blames herself and shoulders a lot of the guilt for her friend's death. I really liked Brooke though- for the most part. There were a couple of times I was screaming at her foolishness and couldn't believe she was doing what she was. After discovering her friend was raped by a popular athlete, Brooke feels it's her job to set things right. She wants justice for her friend and will go to very dangerous lengths to achieve it. Instead of consulting with an adult, Brooke takes on the responsibility herself, at first telling no one her plans. However, after Brooke meets Ryan, a sweet, sexy loner at school, she finds herself no longer wanting to take the course of action she planned. She wants to fall in love with him and have a relationship with him- not deceive him about the plans she is making. However, Brooke is overrun with guilt and nightmares and cannot get her friend out of her head. She discovers this Fantasy Slut League and finds out these guys are getting away with unspeakable things. She knows for the sake of her best friend and all the other girls too afraid to step up, she can't give up her course of action. I like that Brooke is real. She is tough, but at the same time she's hurting very deeply and the guilt is absolutely consuming her. I really feel she is way too hard on herself and my heart ached for her for the majority of the book. No person should feel the way Brooke did. I fell for Ryan almost instantly. He meets Brooke at Beth's funeral and she is instantly attracted to him (and then later berates herself constantly for feeling that way when she should be mourning her friend). Ryan is a loner like I said. He is incredibly good looking and Brooke can't believe that he hasn't been with a girl in over a year. However, Ryan has secrets- secrets that he is unwilling to share with Brooke. I hated feeling suspicious of Ryan the whole time because of the mystery surrounding him and what he wasn't telling Brooke. Yet, watching them together is incredibly sweet and precious- he really cares about her- he doesn't want to rush things like she does with him. He wants to cherish her and show her how much he cares about her before taking that final step of intimacy. Terry was an awesome character. He is a cook at the diner Brooke works at and eventually Brooke asks him for help in uncovering the Fantasy Slut League. He is protective of her and doesn't want her to get hurt, almost acting like an older brother or a father figure to her. Brooke's own father was great too and I like that we actually saw them interact. This is Brooke's first time living with her father since she was younger and my heart really went out for him because you could really tell how much having his daughter with him meant to him. This book deals with a lot of heavy, serious topics that should absolutely not be taken lightly. Suicide, rape, drugs, and death all play a role in this book and this book is not suitable for younger readers. I believe Walden did an excellent job of writing about such sensitive topics- I don't feel she glossed over them and handled them in an appropriate manner for the book. Will Brooke get to the bottom of the FSL and seek justice for her best friend and countless other girls who have been violated and are too afraid to stand up or will she end up as victim for not being able to mind her own business? *Received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Teelovesgio More than 1 year ago
Amazing Story That Will Captivate You! Where to start this review? This book was an amazing shock to my senses. I mean I was so caught up in the story about brokenness, rape, death, friendships, and everything in between. This is such an amazing story about one girls journey to right a wrong that was done to her best friend. We get to meet Brooke who is in her senior year of high school and all she wants to do is move on from her past and stay out of trouble. This seems like it should be easy peasy but Brooke will soon learn some things are easy in life and some are not. Trouble finds her and all she can do is roll with it. As Brooke is gearing up for a great year she discovers a secret club at school that is connected with the death of her best friend. At first Brooke is outraged by then revenge sets in and she decides that she will get revenge and put this little club out of commission so they don't hurt another girl. See the club members have sex with the girls and rate them and then discard them like they never ever existed. Once Brook starts on her plans for revenge against the boys she is met with a lot of fight on their part because they are determined not to let her destroy the club or out them to anyone. Along the way Brook also starts to fall for a guy and that complicates things because she never thought she would fall for this guy. But Brooke is determined to take this club down and no matter what she will stop at nothing to get justice for her friend. Can Brook succeed in taking down the club or will they take her down? Will she be able to give her heart over to the one she loves?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must read. I could not put this book down. A must read. Word cannot describe how i feel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DKnowsBest More than 1 year ago
Warning: this is a story that contains controversial topics including rape. Going Under tells the story of Brooke, a high school senior trying to learn to deal with the guilt of of betraying her best friend Beth, shortly before Beth commits suicide. Brooke blames herself, but she knows there is more to the story and she vows to avenge her friend's death at her own expense to assuage her own guilt and find peace. In her quest for justice, Brooke finds love and discovers secrets behind Beth's suicide that are beyond what she could have ever comprehended. She realizes that exposing secrets may bring about consequences more dangerous and sinister than what she is prepared to handle. Brooke meets Ryan, someone who is wise beyond his years but seems to be harboring deep secrets that could possibly shed some light on what happened to Beth. This story runs the gamut of emotions - betrayal, guilt, shame, conviction, love, resilience and forgiveness. It teaches a lesson (or maybe several of them) while evoking real emotion and documenting the painful process of healing. The story is told in the voice of a teenager, so some of the behavior may seem juvenile, but is appropriate for the setting. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a deeply touching and moving story that contains elements of mystery and romance. The author was able to evoke intense and gut wrenching emotions that were authentic, and I look forward to reading more books by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really don't write reviews because i'd rather just read them but I had to share my feelings of this book. Going under is the best book I have ever read and that I think I will ever read! I try to think of things that could be improved or things I didn't like about it but I can't. I how it touched the subject of rape because its so important! And omg ryan... I loved him he was by far my favorite character. He was so kind and gentle and loving! Gretchen was so funny and brooke..I loved her she was strong when she needed to be but we also got to see her break down like a normal human being! I cant wait to read more from s. Walden!
ci7 More than 1 year ago
This one is a good slow read. That doesn't mean its bad, I loved it. I just think it could have had less thinking parts. More story, but, all in all a wonderful book.
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
This is a book that will destroy you. Absolutely freaking destroy you. It's a very tough subject matter and it's definitely not for the weak. Brooke Wright is devastated when her best friend, Beth, dies. She wracked with guilt over the part she played in their falling out right before she dies. Starting her senior year at a new school, the school Beth attended, she's hoping to get to the bottom of what happened with Beth. When she discovers a secret club, who's members make up some of the most popular boys at the school, she's determined to get to the bottom of what they're doing, she just didn't plan on them trying to stop her. It's hard to write a review for this story without spoilers. But I will tell you that Brooke Wright is one brave girl. She was determined to make sure nothing like what happened to Beth happened to someone else. She put herself on the line over and over again in the name of justice. It was absolutely awe inspiring, while at the same time frightening because of the lengths she was willing to go. This is a really hard read, but one that ends with Brooke being exactly where she was supposed to be. S. Walden takes readers on an emotionally challenging read, but it's also one the reminds us that we should always stand up and fight.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago